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How You’ll Know They’re Worth A Second Date, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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When they can keep up with you. From the talking stage, the phone calls, to your first date, they’ll be able to keep up with your sense of humor, but they are a shoo-in if they can do that with every other topic of discussion. They’re going to be funny, ambitious, passionate, and well-traveled.

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When they’re consistent. You’ll always appreciate someone who puts in the effort to pursue you. So, from the moment you meet to feeling that spark of an official budding romance, how they make you feel matters. They’ll be as grounded as you, see the beauty in simple things, and will be more than willing to unplug from social media regularly.

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When they’re interesting—incredibly. From the minute you laid eyes on them to your regular late-night chats, you’re all in if they’ve excessively piqued your interest. You’ll see them again if they’ve got a good style and a bold personality to go with it.

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When they make you feel emotionally secure. As a water sign, you’re not looking for a quick fix. So, if they can make you feel supported and heard, it’s a definite yes from you. From the first conversation to your 20th, you’ll surely want to see them again if they can make you feel those small glimpses of home.

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When they only have eyes for you. It may be others’ confidence and charm that grabs your attention, but the one who makes you feel like the only one is who you definitely want to see again. Nothing rubs you the wrong way like an indecisive date, so once someone starts to show promise, you will waste no time anticipating what both of you will be doing next.

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When they are pleasant to be around. Not the biggest fan of drama, it’s a dealbreaker for you if your date isn’t the nicest to spend time with. You believe in starting a potential romance on the right foot. So, you’ll see them again if you sense that they’re reliable and not afraid to be themselves.

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When you can talk to them for hours. You’re a natural chatterbox, so it’s an automatic yes from you if your date is one too. From your early stages of flirty texts to your late-night conversations on the phone, they’ll ultimately be the type to keep up with every single topic of discussion.

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When they’re as committed as you. As the most intense sign of the zodiac, you have no interest in short flings or complicated situationships. You know you give your all to anyone who sparks your interest. So, if you can sense that your date matches the effort you usually bring, you’ll no doubt want to see them again.

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When they’re fun to be around. As generic as it sounds, only you can see the wisdom in why your date has to have this trait. To you, life should stay fun. So, if they’re spontaneous and confident, you’ll absolutely want to see them again.

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When they have goals and dreams. As naturally ambitious as you are, someone who dreams big is a shoo-in with you. From your first chat to your present one, they probably haven’t stopped telling you all the projects they plan to do. And that is one of the many reasons you’ll definitely see them again.

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When they’re independent. No doubt, they’ll be interested in you, but they won’t wait for your call. You’ll be impressed by how much they know who they are and their level of self-confidence. It’s a definite yes from you if they’re also more than just a pretty face.

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When they are kind. They will be a fellow dreamer as creative as you, but it’s their compassionate side that scores the most points with you. It will tell you how emotionally in tune they are and will definitely have you hoping to see them again.

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