Zodiac Signs

How You’ll Become Rich, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


You’ll take a risk no one else will. Aries can be incredible (or terrible) investors, gamblers, and entrepreneurs because their adventurous nature allows them to have balls of steel and take a leap when no one else will. You’ll make a well-deserved fortune by betting on something everyone else is scared to do.


Your lazer focus will allow you to do something no one else could pull off. Tauruses are fiercely independent — they don’t need other people around for company or to approve of them. This frees up their time and energy to devote it fanatically to the projects of their choosing. When they decide to do something, the decision is over and a Taurus will see it through until it’s completed to their (very high) standards. When a Taurus gets rich, you know that they’ve really earned it because whatever happened, it was a project they pushed through with their own blood and sweat (but no tears because…they’re a Taurus).


You’ll (finally) turn one of your passions into a wildly successful business. If there’s one thing Geminis have no shortage of, it’s ideas. Every day they have fifteen different ideas about how they’d like to spend their time, and they’re just as passionate about each and every one of them. Somewhere in there, is an idea that’s gold, all it takes is enough focus to get the right people to pay attention to it.


This is a tough one because of all the signs, Cancers really don’t care about money. They like money because they understands that it represents love for some people. A boss won’t tell you she loves you, but she’ll pay you an amount that lets you know you are valued without question. So, either they become addicted to their jobs and rise through the ranks because they come to love the objective affection money has to offer — or — they do the very un-feminist but very Cancerian thing of being the world’s best support system to their partner — allowing their loved one to rake it in big time.


You’ll leverage your ability to entertain people. Leos love to be the star of the show, which means they’ve grown up learning what entertains people. This is a rare (and valuable) skill. Whether it’s through writing, performing, or just knowing how to create advertisements that people pay attention to, your thirst for attention will be end up being a lucrative attribute.


You’re so put-together that it’s almost impossible for you not to figure out how to make a lot of money. Virgos are insanely good at most jobs other people think are too boring to consider. Which is great for Virgos because their ‘undesirability’ or difficulty mean they pay well. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure…


You’ll turn your ability to get people to trust you into a valuable business partnership. That, or one of your friends will win the lottery and shower you with money because they love you so much. Libras have a mesmerizing ability to make people love them, and it’s not in the fake salesperson way, they’re literally just very, very good at building relationships. One day, they’ll make that connection with the right ($$$) person.


A Scorpio is confident to the point of aggression. They could sell anyone on anything, so their fortune will be made convincing other people to see things their way. Whether it’s wooing investors or making a career as a salesperson, marketer, or lawyer a Scorpio has the luxury of having many paths to success available to them because their personality is so likely to dominate them all. You’ll likely make your money the old fashioned way, by being a little bit of an asshole but smart enough to pull it off.


You’ll use your humor to your advantage. Everyone knows Sagittarius is the funniest sign in the zodiac. One day this will play out in a major way. It might not be getting your own show on Comedy Central, but your humor is what makes you so likeable, and doors open for likeable people. Whether it’s a promotion, an amazing job, or the right partnership — the opportunity will be a result of your ability to make people laugh.


Your shrewdness will allow you to do what others can’t (or won’t). Most people get stuck behind their ideals and they can’t see the forest through the trees. They want to be a lawyer because they saw Allie McBeal or they want to be an FBI agent because it looked cool on X-Files. Capricorns have the gift of being hardcore realists and they don’t think this way. They’ll see a hole in the market and they’ll attack.


You’ll become the well-paid executive director of a non-profit or start a business that centers around helping others like Tom’s shoes or Umano. In short, your gigantic heart and love for helping others will reap financial returns. Of course, that’s not why an Aquarian sets out to help people, but it’s nice to know that karma works sometimes and that good things happen to good people.


You’ll create viral artwork. Whether it’s a popular book, song, restaurant or craft of another kind, Pisces are born artists. They’re often content to make almost no money as long as they get to do work that seems meaningful and makes them happy. Even Pisces with professional jobs feel most themselves when work is over and they get to work on the side project they’re truly passionate about. This is why most successful artists are Pisces: whether the money ever comes or not, they’d be doing the same thing.

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