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How You’d Celebrate New Year’s Eve, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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New Year’s Eve comes with high expectations. Here’s how you’d spend your night, based on your zodiac sign:


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You’re a party animal so you’ll most likely be out late with friends at a party, a club, or bar hopping. You’re impulsive too and have no problem kissing a stranger at midnight!


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You’re more reserved than most, which is why parties aren’t your thing. You’ll still attend them, but you’d probably sit by the snack table with one or two friends the whole time.


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As the social butterfly you are, you are hopping around from party to party. You’re ringing in the New Year with new people and old friends because to you, that’s what life is all about.


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You’re the homebody of the zodiac. You’d prefer a quiet night in. You might have a few close friends over if you’re feeling up for it, but you’re asleep in bed before midnight.


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You’ve got an over-the-top personality which is why NYE is a fun time for you. You love the dramatics of it all and love being the center of attention just the same, which is why you’d probably throw an over-the-top party.


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As a perfectionist, you love to plan a good party. You like being the host because then you get to be in charge. You’d enjoy throwing a party in your home so long as people don’t make too much of a mess and be out by 2 am.


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There is nothing you love more than an excuse to get all dressed up and party. You love the extravaganza of it all, so you’ll most likely be found at the party that feels the most luxurious and entertaining to you.


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You’re mysterious and passionate, which is why you’d probably show up toparty at the last-minute, and most likely with a crush. You might even do a hard launch tonight on Instagram too!


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You are always on a new adventure and looking for an excuse to get out of the house, which is why you’d be found out and about. No matter if it’s a bar, a club, or a party, you’re having fun with your friends!


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You’d probably have a small get-together at home. You want to have fun and be surrounded by your friends on NYE but you also want to be close to your bed because there’s nothing you appreciate more than a good night’s rest.


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As a unique individual, you want to create memories and do something different from others. So you’d be the type of person to ring in the New Year dancing on the beach or something.


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You’re all about spending quality time with your loved ones. You’d most likely be with a small group of friends on a getaway, making memories and ringing in the new year away from home.

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