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How You Deal With Emotions Based On Your Moon Sign

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Many are familiar with their sun signs and the traits that define them, yet remain unfamiliar with their moon signs. Your moon sign lets you dig a little deeper into who you are. Moon signs show us how we handle our emotions. Knowing your moon sign helps you understand your inner workings better. You can find your moon sign by looking up your astrological chart.

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If your moon is in Aries, chances are you’re a bit of a firecracker. You likely have a passionate side and show your emotions outwardly. You might be an enthusiastic person who enjoys independence. You just need to be careful not to take your emotions out on others.

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Those with their Moon in Taurus tend to be calm, down to earth, and sensual. If your moon is in Taurus, you might be a romantic person who enjoys the simple pleasures life can bring. You deal with emotions by indulging in things you like. You may also experience moments of stubbornness, during which you resist sharing your emotions due to your reserved nature.

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Gemini moons are great communicators. If you have this moon, you might talk about your emotions and analyze them (rather than feel them). Chances are you likely vent to your friends when you are going through something.

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Cancer Moons are very emotional. If you have this moon, you tend to be in tune with others’ emotions and want to nurture those close to you. You are likely creative, kind, and sensitive. You are not afraid to feel your feelings and let out a good cry now and then.

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If you have a Leo Moon, you are likely bold, bright, and warm. You have a big heart for others, and people enjoy being around you. You can have a sensitive side, especially if you feel insecure and need validation. You might deal with emotions loudly if you are around trusted loved ones. However, if you are feeling vulnerable, you might not share your emotions as easily.

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Virgo Moons tend to deal with emotions in a more reserved manner. You might struggle to process your emotions appropriately due to your perfectionism.

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If you have a Libra Moon, you may be a peacekeeper. You are likely social and unafraid to share your emotions with trusted loved ones. However, you might struggle with indecisiveness — as you fear making the wrong choice.

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Scorpio Moons tend to be mysterious, intense, and passionate. You might have vivid emotions if you have a Scorpio Moon. You feel your emotions deeply but tend to only share them with trusted people due to your guarded nature. You’re not afraid to feel the tough feelings and deal with them in passionate ways (perhaps using your creativity).

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Sagittarius Moons are loud, proud, and adventurous. If you have this Moon, you might deal with emotions by sharing all the details of what you are feeling. You enjoy talking with almost anybody. Your Sagittarius Moon also wants others to be honest with you. Despite your fiery temper, you are an optimist with a lot of energy.

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If you have a Capricorn Moon, you might try to deflect your emotions with your dry sense of humor. You might not like talking about your feelings — afraid they may detract from your desires and goals.

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Aquarius Moons might not always understand emotions, especially their own. If you have this moon, you might be more analytical and observant. You tend to deal with emotions by pushing them down. You don’t think they serve a purpose in your daily life.

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Pisces Moons are intuitive and sensitive. You might be very empathetic, approaching others with compassion. With this moon, you might be a mind wanderer and have imaginative thoughts. You deal with emotions by immersing yourself in each one.

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