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How To Stop Attracting Toxic Partners, Based On Your Zodiac + Tarot


Your Card: Nine of Swords

To attract the right partner into your life, you’re going to have to let go of the past. This means releasing baggage from past relationships—pain, guilt, shame, fears, insecurities. Until you do, you’re going to keep attracting the same kind of person and reliving your old relationship. Work on healing yourself and breaking the cycle, Aries. You deserve someone you can trust. You deserve someone who makes you feel safe. You deserve someone who doesn’t bring you anxiety.


Your Card: The Lovers, reversed

Taurus, you keep going for emotionally unavailable people who leave you wanting for more. As the fixed earth sign of the zodiac, you’re stubborn and incapable of giving up, even when throwing the towel in is for your own good. You need to learn how to let go of what isn’t meant for you, if you want to attract the right partner. You deserve that love who you can call home. The detached person you keep trying to make it work with isn’t going to give you that soul connection you desire.


Your Card: The Tower

You need to take off the rose-colored glasses and see people for who they are—not for who you want them to be or who they could be with your input. Open your eyes and look at the reality of who someone truly is before lightning strikes and you get hurt. You live life in a constant state of excitement, and sometimes that gets you in trouble. In romance, it can make you impulsive and move too quickly with someone. You tend to ignore red flags, only to end up disappointed later. Take your time, Gemini. Get to know the other person and be really certain about them before getting emotionally invested.


Your Card: Three of Swords, reversed

You’re such a nurturer by nature. You can’t help it, Cancer. You have one of the biggest hearts out of all the zodiac. Other people can sense that in you. Often, this means that you attract people who still have a lot of healing left to do—people who deplete you emotionally. You take care of them and they don’t reciprocate. You deserve someone who fulfills all your emotional needs—it’s truly the bare minimum. Be careful of who you give your love away to. If you sense pain or darkness in someone, be wary. It’s not your job to heal them.


Your Card: The High Priestess, reversed

Just because someone knows the right words to say and how to make you feel good, doesn’t mean that they have your best interests at heart. They just know how to work you, Leo. Listen to your intuition and trust your instincts when it comes to picking a romantic partner. Be careful of those who are willing to stroke your ego, but fail to follow through with action. There may be undeniable chemistry between you, but can they connect on a deeper, more emotional level?


Your Card: Judgment

You bring so much value into their life, but do they bring any into yours? Admit it, you have a habit of attracting partners who allow you to do all the heavy-lifting in the relationship—and in their personal life. You take a sort of parental role managing them, organizing their life, motivating them, and even cleaning up after them. There’s never been a project or problem that needed solving you could refuse, but in love, you deserve more than just a fixer-upper. Stop looking at a person’s potential and judge them for they truly are and what they add into your life.


Your Card: Justice

As a Libra, you deeply value balance and harmony, but you can also let love get in the way of that. This is because there’s also nothing your zodiac sign desires more than to be part of a “we”—you value partnership just as deeply. This can mean that you sacrifice your own needs, bite your tongue, and make yourself small in relationships. You want to keep them, so you keep them happy, even to your own detriment. You can stop attracting these kinds of partners by learning how to assert yourself more in the beginning. Don’t accept anything less than what you want and deserve. Run away at the first sight of a red flag. Learn the difference between sacrifice and compromise.


Your Card: Eight of Cups

In order to stop attracting toxic partners, you’re going to have to stop going for people who are avoidant—and learn how to rid yourself of your own avoidant behaviors. You tend to get involved with this type of person because in a way it feels safer. There isn’t true vulnerability. You only have to let them in as much as you choose. If they don’t go deep then you don’t have to, either. You’re robbing yourself of the chance of finding real love—the deep, passionate, soulful love you crave. The first step is letting go of your fear of getting hurt again, only then can you approach relationships with openness and attract the type of lover you deserve.


Your Card: Ten of Wands

You need to stop being the person who puts in all the effort, Sag. Let your romantic interest take the reins and work to win you over. Make it clear that if things progress, there’s going to have to be a balance in which you both place your energy into keeping the relationship alive. The Ten of Wands reaffirms that you often get into situations in which you bear all the responsibility alone. You deserve a relationship that’s fun and eases the stress you already have in your life, not one which will turn into another burden to carry.


Your Card: King of Swords

To stop attracting toxic partners, you’re going to have to learn to express what’s in your heart more freely. Be bold. Be confident. Be fearless. Say what you want. Be clear about what you won’t settle for. Honor your desires and needs. You have high standards, so let it be known. Tell your romantic interest that you value honesty, communication, and trust. Let them know that whoever you become emotionally involved with has to have their own aspirations and ambitions in life. It will save yourself a lot of frustration and disappointment down the line.


Your Card: Queen of Cups, reversed

Stop ignoring your own intuition, Aquarius. When someone shows you that they struggle with jealousy and insecurity, run. You need a self-assured partner who knows how to trust you, so you can have the space you need in a relationship. A clingy partner is never going to work for you. The right partner will have their own lives, their own friends, and crave their time alone as much as you do. Until you stop attracting toxic and needy partners, you won’t have the balance you desire in a relationship.


Your Card: Seven of Wands

To stop attracting toxic partners, you need to learn how to set (and enforce) boundaries. Stand up for yourself in love, Pisces. Be assertive. Stop seeing the best in everyone, some people don’t deserve it. Let their actions guide you. Be wary of love bombing in the early stages. Avoid romanticizing a person and take your time deciphering who they truly are. Figure out their intentions and what they want with you before becoming emotionally attached.

How To Stop Attracting Toxic Partners, Based On Your Zodiac + Tarot
How To Stop Attracting Toxic Partners, Based On Your Zodiac + Tarot

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