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How To Make Him Hurt Back For Hurting You, Based On His Zodiac Sign 2023

Let’s face it—revenge is never good. However, we’re just human beings, and sometimes, we can’t fight the urge to get even with someone who broke our hearts, especially if that someone is our romantic partner.

This is why we’re giving you the best way to do this: to make a man suffer for hurting you, according to his zodiac sign.


You’ll hurt an Aries the most when you contradict his opinions. Don’t let everything go his way, and for once, stand up for yourself.

Before you know it, this behavior of yours will drive him nuts because Aries can’t stand not being in charge.


The best way to pay back a Taurus is to make him see that you’re interested in someone else.

This is the zodiac sign which can’t stand having his girlfriend even look at another man, let alone flirt with him in any way.


If you want to hurt a Gemini man, do your best to diminish his intelligence.

This guy has the uncontrollable urge to be the smartest person in the room, and when you take this away from him, you take away all of his self-confidence, as well.

Another thing no Gemini can stand is not being interesting enough.

Just make sure this guy realizes you think of him as boring, and he will be ruined.


The way to get even with Cancer is to ask for more personal space.

This sign will be deeply offensive when you show him that he is asking for too much and that he is overly clingy.


You’ll hurt a Leo man the best when you show him that you’re better than him in something.

This is the man who can’t stand not being number one, and as soon as he notices that his girlfriend is more successful than him, his ego will burst like a bubble.


If you are looking for effective ways to hurt a Virgo man for hurting you, the best thing you can do is to show him he doesn’t have any control over you whatsoever.

Let this guy know you’re not a project he can fix the way he wants and that he can’t order you around.


The best way to hurt a Libra man is to suddenly start acting like a drama queen. This is the guy who’ll rarely confront you about anything because he despises arguments.

Well, it’s time to turn the tables and start picking fights every time you have the chance.


Hurting Scorpio’s feelings is pretty simple—just make him jealous and without a doubt, pay him back for everything he’s done to you.

No, you don’t have to actually cheat on him to get what you want.

It’s enough to make him doubt you and to start wondering if another man exists in your life or head.


Sags can’t stand rejection, and they see it as a personal defeat. So, the best way to hurt this guy’s feelings is to clearly tell him you’re just not that into him anymore.

Knowing that you don’t want him anymore will surely make him feel exactly the same way you felt while he was breaking your heart.


The way to hurt a Capricorn man is to make him believe you’re not over your ex just yet.

The key is to make this guy feel like the second best in your life because there isn’t anything that could ruin him more.


Leaving without closure is cruel and unfair.

However, when an Aquarian guy breaks your heart, walking away from him without any explanation is just the thing you need to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Leave him wondering what went wrong, and you’ll accomplish your mission of emotionally destroying him.


Pisces are a sensitive zodiac sign who can’t stand the feeling of not being loved and wanted.

Therefore, the best way to hurt this guy’s feelings is to suddenly give him the cold shoulder.

Instead of breaking up with him the moment he hurts you, make him beg for your attention for a while longer.

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