Zodiac Signs

How To Lose The Heart Of Each Zodiac Sign

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Fail to surprise them.

Aries is most happy during the honeymoon stage of a relationship. This is because they thrive off the newness of it all. This is a sign that craves excitement, new experiences, and intensity. They can easily grow bored once the novelty of a relationship wears off. Aries lives for the thrill of it all. If you let monotony and routine have too much control over your relationship, Aries can slowly fall out of love. They need a lover who brings boldness and adventure into their partnership—someone who makes things feel like they did in the beginning. If you don’t want to lose their heart, you’ve got to keep them on their toes.

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Inconsistency and unreliability.

Taurus craves stability in a relationship. This committed and loyal zodiac sign is a devoted lover. They’re looking for a steadfast love that makes them feel emotionally secure. If Taurus feels like they can’t depend on you, they can’t trust that you’re all in. This sign needs someone to make them feel safe and grounded. There’s no going back with a Taurus once you’ve shown them unpredictability and inconsistency. They can’t work towards a future or build a strong foundation with someone who is unreliable or doesn’t prioritize them.

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Lack of meaningful communication.

Honest and open communication is one of the things Gemini believes to be of utmost value in a relationship. They’re ruled by Mercury, so it’s no shocker that this zodiac sign is all about verbal expression. This doesn’t just mean transparency and regular check-ins. For Gemini, communication is about connection. Without deep and meaningful dialogue, Gemini emotionally checks out. They want a partner who mentally stimulates them—someone with depth and complexity. Gemini wants to stay up all night with their boo, lost in soulful conversation, philosophical ponderings, and intellectual debate. They fall out of love without these things.

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Lack of affection.

Cancer is looking to build a family with their significant other, whether that involves having kids or not. They want their partner to be home to them. Love has to be their safe space. In order for this to happen, Cancer needs reciprocity. As a lover, they’re nurturing and sensitive. This sign needs you to make them feel as loved as they make you feel. It doesn’t matter how much Cancer has invested in you. Without proper affection and quality time, Cancer is left feeling unsure of where you stand. If they can’t trust that you’ll be that person for them, they can’t love you.

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Take them for granted.

Leo is the kind of generous lover that’s more comfortable giving than they are receiving, but they still need plenty of love and attention. Associated with the fifth house, which rules over our romantic life, Leo is looking for sparks and all the works. When someone doesn’t make them feel cherished, Leo becomes disillusioned with that person. They want to feel appreciated and celebrated by their partner. When Leo feels taken for granted, they have no problem walking away. The Lion is well aware of their worth.

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Stop working on yourself.

Virgo is someone who is constantly looking for ways to grow and improve themselves. While they need stability in a relationship, stagnancy bores them. There’s no bigger turn-off for Virgo than someone who has called it quits on trying to become a better version of themselves. This zodiac sign is on a lifelong self-improvement journey. They have high expectations of themselves and those around them. The first red flag for them is when you stop diving into new experiences as a couple. Once they notice a lack of effort in other areas—the relationship, your career, domestically, emotionally— they start to pull away. Virgo wants someone they can be proud of in all aspects.

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Give them an ultimatum.

This peaceful and harmonious sign will start to tire of you when you regularly start acting argumentative and confrontational. They despise conflict—it throws their life off balance. But giving them an ultimatum? You’ll never hear from them again. Libra wants a relationship in which all decisions are fair and balanced. They also need a partner who won’t pressure them into making decisions. When you give them an ultimatum, it feels as though you are asking them to change. If you can’t love them for who they are, they’ll walk away.

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Make them feel like they’re too much.

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The biggest mistake you can make with the Scorpio in your life is to make them feel misunderstood. They’re intense creatures full of a plethora of complexities. They don’t feel emotions the way others do—everything is heightened for Scorpio. In a relationship, they need depth and passion—someone willing to travel to the undiscovered territories of each other’s subconscious. Scorpio craves deep emotional intimacy. No one loves with their fervor. Their intensity has been used against them in the past. Often, they’ve been made to feel like they’re “too much.” Don’t make this mistake with them.


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Smother them.

Freedom-loving Sagittarius is the explorer of the zodiac. In a relationship, they need an equally independent partner who understands their free spirit. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of growth and mental abundance, they’re constantly seeking new experiences that will enrich them with knowledge and spiritual awakenings. Sometimes they want to fly solo in search of these things. A clingy and possessive partner makes them feel trapped. Someone who tries to steal their independence or tries to control them is someone who crushes their spirit. Sag will fall out of love with you the moment you try to hold them down.


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Act impulsively.

Capricorn is an earth sign that needs someone grounded to be able to feel secure within a relationship. Their ideal partner is someone who shares their vision of the future. To Cap, love is an investment, and they need to make sure their efforts are being placed into the right person. Nothing turns them off more than someone who lacks discipline and self-control. They view impulsivity as a lack of willpower. Someone capable of acting without placing serious thought into the consequences is someone who can’t make Capricorn feel safe.


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Pressure them.

Aquarius is a zodiac sign that moves slowly in a relationship. They’re not the most conventional or traditional when it comes to love, deviating from social norms. Their ideal partner is someone who understands this and respects their need for space and alone time. They also need someone who comprehends that Aquarius takes their time opening up emotionally. It’s not that this sign is incapable of connection on a deep level, but they struggle with expressing and acting on their feelings. They need to feel safe and certain someone is right for them before committing too seriously. Pressuring them to move on quickly is a sure way to lose them.


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Lack of effort.

To be loved by a Pisces is to get a taste of nirvana. One should be so lucky to gain the affection of this beautiful, soulful creature. They crave a deep emotional connection. Pisces wants to explore your inner workings and for you to do the same. This zodiac sign is a hopeless romantic with transcendent expectations of love. Pisces needs a lover who works to keep the magic alive—someone who constantly seeks new and creative ways to connect. Once their partner stops putting in effort for meaningful ways to breathe romance and discovery into the relationship, they check out.

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