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How To Know When He’s Lying To You, Based On His Zodiac

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If you have a gut feeling that the Aries man in your life is lying and he also happens to appear withdrawn, then he probably is. When Aries lies, he becomes moody and distant—even his body language changes. He might react in a narcissistic fashion and try to redirect the situation somehow by placing some kind of blame on you. If you feel gaslit by him, he’s hiding the truth from you.

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A Taurus man’s instinct is to lie by omission. This is a sign who values communication and doesn’t hesitate to express himself freely. He’ll evade your questions or give you the silent treatment when you accuse him of being dishonest. Taurus, ever so stubborn, would gladly offer you evidence of his truth if he had nothing to hide. If he’s not trying to prove you wrong it could be an indication of his dishonesty.

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Gemini will struggle with maintaining eye contact when he’s lying to your face. He’ll respond in a combative manner if he’s being accused of something he’s claiming he didn’t do (but actually did). When lying about his whereabouts, he will offer away excessive details, and it will all feel a little bit too much like storytelling. If he’s hiding secrets from you, he’ll suddenly become closed off or almost entirely avoid communication.

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Cancer, who usually has an affinity for honesty, will find it difficult to look you in the eyes when he’s lying. He’ll begin fidgeting, pacing, and moving around a lot. He can’t keep himself or his hands still. When he’s omitting something from you, he’ll become unreliable and start making excuses not to spend one-on-one time together. Cancer, when dealing with guilt, will become overly clingy and obsessive with you. If his affection seems sudden and contrite, he’s done something to betray you.

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Leo is an extremely skilled and confident liar. When he’s lying, he’ll make attempts at getting you to doubt yourself and how much you actually know. He’ll call you preposterous for believing such untrue things about him. You might even begin to doubt your own judgment. If he’s acting self-centered and secretive, it’s because he’s hiding something. Leo will stop offering up details about his day and whereabouts when he’s omitting the truth. If you no longer feel like you’re the focus of his attention, someone else might be.

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When Virgo talks incessantly and provides you with excessive unnecessary information, he’s hiding something. He offers up all those details to distract you from his dishonesty. His voice and speaking patterns might seem a bit off. Virgo might even come off as stressed and anxious when spewing lies from his mouth. This man who is typically calm, cool, and reserved, will become uncharacteristically emotional when omitting something or trying to convince you he isn’t lying.

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As the signs of harmony and balance, Libra fears nothing more than the consequences of his dishonesty and deceit. Therefore, when he’s being untruthful he will avoid you like the plague because he doesn’t want to own up to his mistakes. He stops calling and his texts become shorter. When you finally see him he struggles to look you in the face. In his mind, he isn’t doing anything wrong—he’s just avoiding conflict.

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Scorpio is a hypocrite for preaching honesty and transparency whenever they’re the most secretive of the bunch. This sign has no trouble lying to your face in order to protect his beloved privacy…or air-tight lie. He’s skilled at being convincing and may even get away with it. It’s when you start grilling him that he’ll begin to lose his cool. He might be furious and nervous at the same time. He’ll act defensive, coming off as offended for having you accuse him of such “absurdities.”

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Sagittarius is the most brutally honest zodiac sign, but it can also be terrifying how he can lie with such ease. When he’s hiding something or being dishonest, he acts casual…too casual. It’s almost as if he has no time for your ridiculousness. He’ll make you feel guilty for doubting him. You might even begin to doubt yourself and also think of yourself as absurd. Sag can effortlessly get away with a lie verbally, but it’s his body language that will give him away. Watch him closely…

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Good luck catching a Capricorn man in a lie. He has perfected his poker face and his lies are almost impossible to pick up on. You might never really be sure about him. One indication that he’s being deceitful and dishonest is that his language and behavior become condescending. He’ll remind you that he “doesn’t lie” and “When have you ever known him to be a liar.” It’s very scary, actually.

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A dishonest Aquarius man will be extremely vague with his answers and details. He’ll become hesitant to elaborate further when you ask for more. Aquarius will make attempts to change the conversation to a completely unrelated topic. He wants to throw you off his trail and might even respond with questions of his own. He’ll minimize the situation and avoid the discussion when you press. If he begins acting irritable, it’s because he’s afraid he might get caught.

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There are two extremes with a Pisces man: he’s either awful at lying or incredibly skilled. When he’s the latter, he will try to manipulate you. Pisces will start pointing fingers at you and twisting the facts, making himself off to be the victim. He can be convincing too. Likely, he’ll get away with it and leave you to be the one doing the apologizing. When he sucks at lying, he’ll still play the blame game. He’ll tell you that you backed him into a corner and he was forced to lie.

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