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How To Get Through Hard Times, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Hard times can be especially challenging to the impatient Aries. But that energy is also great for getting back up on your feet. You feel frustrated and lost, but you also feel like you’ll overcome this. You believe in your ability to overcome adversary: after all, hard times are like challenges, and there’s nothing an Aries loves more than winning a challenge and coming out on top.

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You need to have stability in your life, and hard times always throw that off. This can be especially jolting to an earth sign. But just because you can’t change your outside circumstances immediately doesn’t mean you can’t change your inner ones. Taureans are known for their stability and structure, and it’s one of your greatest strengths. Use that to give yourself control over the chaos.

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With all the energy you have, your first thought may be to direct it toward changing difficult situations, but sometimes that’s not possible. Focus on reaching out to people. Geminis often have a large support system and they would be perfect for helping you deal with your newfound struggles or reoccurring ones. Find people who have the bandwidth to hear you talk and vent your feelings.

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You may not know how to get out of your struggles now, but you can likely help someone else with theirs, even if you just offer a shoulder to lean on. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, and make sure you don’t burn yourself out helping others, but refocusing on helping others can help center you. Helping people is what you do best, and that reminder can go a long way in remembering that there’s always help during hard times.

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It can be ego-deflating to know that some challenges are overwhelming and are actually quite defeating. But don’t let hopelessness settle in. Think about your past accomplishments and how you rose above past adversaries. You have the power and drive to make your dreams and goals come true, and right now is no exception to that.

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You may obsess over how to fix things. Don’t let this fixation take over, but do let your natural affinity for improvement work for you. Perfection is impossible to obtain, but anyone can make an improvement whenever they need to. You know who you are and what things are important to you. Use that to propel yourself forward and keep trudging on when the going gets tough.

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Your strong sense of justice prevails through all, Libra. Use it to guide you through these trying times. It’s more than okay to let your emotions out as you work through things. But you can also use your amicable nature to look for solutions so you don’t feel trapped in misery. You know the unfairness of suffering and don’t want anyone to experience it, including yourself. And while you can’t stop the hard times that come up in life, you can work toward making it through—and persevering in the end.

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It can be hard to sort through all the feelings you have right now—and journaling is perfect for this. Use the time to reflect on what you’re going through. Let yourself cry or express any so-called negative emotion, and let it out so you can validate your feelings and struggles. And as you reflect on the emotions, the latest hurdle in your life has caused, you’ll come closer to a solution to moving forward.

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It’s hard to step back outside of yourself, but if anyone can do it, it’s you, Sagittarius. You already view life as an adventure, and you have the ability to look at your troubles as another obstacle course in the adventure. It doesn’t mean things won’t suck from time to time or will always be great, but viewing your hard times as adventures reframes your perspective and make things more bearable.

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You’re probably frazzled right now, as your life has become disordered, but don’t give up on your routine. Your discipline can be one of your greatest strengths, and in this case, it will definitely be one of your greatest strengths. Stick to your principles. Argue with yourself if you find defeatist thoughts overwhelming your drive. Don’t let anyone, not even yourself, stop you from sticking to your principles and finding a way to work through the motions.

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You’re one of the smartest people you know, Aquarius. You can view your struggles from an objective point of view, seeing where things perhaps went wrong or simply accepting that nothing was in your control and that sometimes life becomes chaotic without warning. Don’t censor your emotions but don’t push aside the logic that’s on your side. Use your innovative nature to find unique ways through and out of the darkness. You’ll find a new way to deal with life’s hardships, which is just another tool in your inventory.

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You may be cursing your idealistic nature right now, but that optimism is just what you need right now. Sure, you become discouraged like everyone else, but you’re also one of the most optimistic people in the world. You know things can get better and will get better, and that standing through the storm will pay off in the end. Don’t let life’s hardships crush your idealistic nature—it will be the thing to save you in the end.

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