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How To Get In Touch With Your Earthy Side This Taurus Season

Taurus season is here! Tauruses are grounded, earthy, and love the finer things in life. Whether you are Taurus yourself or you want to get more connected with what Taurus season means for you, here are some practical ways you can get more in touch with your earthy side.

Plant A Garden

By planting a garden, you can literally be connected with the earth. Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty. Dig your hands in the soil, plant seeds of your favorite flower or vegetable, and watch life grow. If you don’t have a backyard or space to plant, try growing a small patio garden or planting an indoor plant. The greenery will help you connect with your earthy side in no time.

Take A Barefoot Walk

With the weather getting nicer, you can take those shoes off and walk in the grass or sand barefoot. By physically connecting with the earth, it can help you feel grounded and at ease. Feel the blades of grass between your toes or the warm sand caressing you as you walk. Nothing is better or more grounding than walking without shoes.

Cook A New Meal

Tauruses love a good meal. Making a meal from scratch can help you feel connected to your earthy side, especially if you’re using fresh ingredients. Once you collect the necessary ingredients, cook your meal for yourself, a partner, or friends. Sit down and enjoy it with your favorite beverage. No need to rush through this meal. Spend time tasting all the flavors, savoring each bite. Don’t love cooking? Get a meal from a farm to table restaurant and let yourself get wined and dined.

Make Something By Hand

Tauruses are hardworking and determined when it comes to projects. To tap into your earthy side this season, try making something by hand. When we do this, we can feel connected to the materials and ourselves on a deeper level. You can explore working with raw materials like wood, wool, glass, or paper. Whatever you make will be special to you because you took the time to make it.

Enjoy Little Luxuries

Last on this list is enjoying the little luxuries of life. Tauruses love to live in comfort and beautiful atmospheres. Treat yourself by getting in your most comfortable clothes, eat some delicious cake, put your favorite movie on, and just relax. At the end of the day, this is the best way to honor yourself this Taurus season. Enjoy!

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