Zodiac Signs

How To Build A Healthy Relationship With Each Zodiac

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Do not try to talk over them or belittle their emotions. There’s nothing that upsets Aries more than feeling like they aren’t being listened to, and, even if that weren’t the case, it’s important for everyone in a relationship to feel heard, seen, and known. If you don’t quite understand why Aries is upset, still give them the time and attention they deserve to work through it with you by their side.

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Try not to take it personally when they reflect on their past lovers, experiences, and life before you entered it. They don’t mean any harm by their nostalgia–it’s just in their nature to be sentimental about what’s gone. With time, Tauruses will be able to let go of whatever’s hurt them in the past but, until then, what they need from a partner is unconditional support and to be given the space to heal at their own pace.

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Showing interest and excitement towards a Gemini’s hobbies and activities is one of the easiest ways to build a solid relationship with them. Geminis are known to have niche pastimes, and a secret insecurity of theirs is that those pastimes annoy their loved ones. Be engaged when a Gemini talks animatedly about their passions, even if it’s not something that you’re a fan of. They’ll appreciate the effort more than you know.

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Don’t baby them. Cancers know their reputation. They know that they get labeled sentimental and emotional and more than just hating the label, they hate how they get treated because of it. Cancers are some of the toughest people out there and don’t need things to be sugar-coated. If you’re upfront and honest with a Cancer when there’s an issue, they’ll respect you much more than if you lie to make them feel better.

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Despite their confident exterior, Leos are babies when it comes to confrontation. Though they can kick and scream with the best of them, they do it with a knot in their stomach and anxiety in their heart. In times of stress, be mindful of how you express your anger around a Leo. A healthy relationship is built on mutual communication and trust, not harsh words thrown around with reckless abandon.

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Know when to get out of their way and give them space. Virgos need alone time in order to recharge, focus, and feel connected to their body. They can’t do that when their partner is insisting on being close to them 24 hours a day. Make it clear to your Virgo that they’re allowed to be upfront when they want seclusion, and acknowledge that they’re not a burden. Every couple should feel comfortable when alone.

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Be clear about how you’re feeling at any given time. Often unsure of themselves, though they act otherwise, Libras become insecure about their relationships when they feel that things are being left unsaid. And if they catch you in a lie, watch out! Trust and honesty are the foundation of a healthy relationship with Libra. If they feel that they’re being deceived or led on, you’ll have to deal with their subsequent wrath.

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You must be firm with Scorpios, and set clear expectations for what you both want from the relationship. Scorpios are notorious for keeping their true selves locked away until they’re forced to put the mask away. If you’re not able to be patient with them, then you need to be explicit about that. Scorpios often want to be open, but get anxious that their partner won’t like them when they do. Be reassuring–they’ll let their guard down.

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Sagittariuses need to feel safe in their environment if they’re going to fully be invested and committed to a relationship. Though their exterior is fiery, Sagittariuses have a lot of insecurities about themselves when it comes to love. Creating a home that is free of stress and primed for unwinding sets the stage for your relationship to do the same. Everyone deserves to feel secure in their living spaces.

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Capricorns are huge suckers for acts of service. Given their busy schedules and scattered brains, there’s nothing they appreciate more than somebody taking items off their to-do list without being asked. You must show Capricorns that you see how hard they’re working, how much effort they’re putting in, or else they’re bound to feel taken for granted. It’s the little things that’ll build the best relationship.

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Aquariuses need somebody that they can go out with. Whether that’s to work events, local gatherings, or date nights, Aquariuses need to know that they have a partner-in-crime that’s up for almost anything. This doesn’t mean you have to be constantly available–not everyone has the boundless energy air signs do–but making an attempt to be social means a lot to the social butterfly that is Aquarius.

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Don’t force them to change for you. This is good advice for any relationship, but particularly for Pisces given how much they hate being told what to do. A healthy partnership for Pisces looks like co-existing beside somebody, rather than entangling your lives so thoroughly that you share the same one. Pisces is an individual, and no amount of love will alter that. Accept their distinction and let it be.

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