Zodiac Signs

How To Attract Each Zodiac Sign

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To attract an Aries, remind them how much you admire them. They love when people stroke their egos and indulge them. Give them plenty of compliments and reassurance of how amazing they are.

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Taurus responds well to humor and subtle physical touch. First impressions will make a lasting impact on the way they view others. Approach conversations with a lighthearted and playful demeanor to win a Taurus over.

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Intelligence and self-awareness are attractive qualities to a Gemini. They are often drawn to people who seem knowledgeable or skilled in some area. They are also attracted to people who might be an asset to them on a social level.

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Cancers are attracted to people who will treasure and protect them unconditionally. If they feel comfortable and secure with you, they’re all in. You must provide emotional support and a shoulder to lean on to attract a Cancer.

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Receiving attention and praise is a turn-on for a Leo, but it will only go so far. Giving compliments and devoting time are the best ways to attract a Leo. Being consistent is the key to maintaining and keeping that attraction alive.

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Virgos are drawn to stable individuals, both mentally and financially. Virgo can be somewhat superficial, placing a strong emphasis on physical attributes. To attract a Virgo, be confident and don’t be afraid to show off your best ass(sets).

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Librans are drawn to classy individuals who present themselves in a polished manner. They can be superficial to some degree, but they appreciate individuals who enjoy the finer things in life. Big romantic gestures are a way to win them over.

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Sagittarians are suckers for good banter and deep conversation. They like to chat on various topics and cannot stand surface-level small talk. To pique their interest, ask them questions and challenge their views to get the conversation going.

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Capricorns are generally drawn to people aligned with their core values and long-term aspirations. They gravitate towards people who will help them build the life they are manifesting. Be their teammate and let them know you’re in it to win it.

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People with a calm demeanor and chill vibe appeal to Aquarians the most. Indulge them in their intellectual interests and engage in casual, friendly conversation.

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Pisces people are subconsciously attracted to a bold type of person. They tend to be drawn to individuals who carry themselves with more certainty and clarity of purpose. Kindness can melt their hearts, and they tend to appreciate romantic overtures and attempts at being their fantasy come true.

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