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How many times will you fall in love in life, depending on your zodiac sign

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How many times can you fall in love in a lifetime?

Well, studies show that people fall in love, on average, about four times. But each sign comes with its own specifications.

We are not talking about high school experiences when we fell in love with someone else every day, but about that mature and true love that we feel with our whole being. Even if sometimes the relationship does not last or maybe it does not even materialize, we know in our souls that it was something real, something we will remember for a lifetime.

According to astrologers, some zodiac signs are able to fall in love only once in a lifetime, while others experience this feeling several times. See where you fall, depending on the sign under which you are born:

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You are a person who is able to love himself, while he loves his family, friends and life partner. You are an energetic and passionate person, who in many moments would risk everything for love. Although you may be impulsive, astrologers say that when you truly fall in love, it is forever. You can only love once in your life.


You are an incurable romantic, that’s why sometimes it happens to your friends to tell you that you fall in love with someone new every day. However, in yourself you know very well what is the difference between a temporary love and a real one, which fills your heart and takes your mind. You probably felt such a love for the first time when you were younger and you know what it means to live with a broken heart. You will fall in love twice in your life, so don’t worry – love will visit you again.


When it comes to love, you’re like a kid at a candy store. You get too excited, too early, and by the time you realize what’s going on, you feel the so-called love dissipate, dilute until you no longer feel the taste. You have a generous heart that longs to offer love, but it’s hard for you to dose it in a healthy way when interacting with potential partners. Just because you say you love someone doesn’t mean you’re able to see yourself living with that person for the rest of your life. Therefore, you will probably fall in love four times in your life. When you discover the balance with your loved one, you will know that you never need someone else.


You have always dreamed of the day when you will meet your great love and you will probably live every day with the hope that you will fall in love. That being said, sometimes you put too much pressure on your relationships when they are just starting out, because you feel the need to prove that love is real. Try to be more tolerant with your partners, especially in the first phase of the relationship, when you do not owe anything to each other. In other words, allow love to happen without suffocating her with unrealistic expectations. You will fall in love twice in your life, but after your first true love is over, try not to blame yourself – this is the only way you will be able to afford to live a second great love.


For you, youth is a good time for love and fun. Even if you know that you are not mature enough or ready for marriage and children, you associate love with your youth. That’s why you probably went out on a lot of dates to taste the thrills of love as much as possible. Your first love may not have lasted as long as you hoped, but for you the second love will be the final one.


You know better than anyone how hard love can be. Yes, you will have beautiful moments, but also difficult moments, when the silence between you will become the most deafening noise. You need to learn to focus more on yourself, your desires, and less on making your relationship work. You want to be in control all the time, but you have to learn that in love you can’t control anything. Let things happen and don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Sometimes you can’t have all the answers. You will fall in love once in a lifetime and it will be enough if you and your partner know how to balance each other.


You have a big heart and you have a lot to offer in relationships. But you also have a lot to learn as you experience more love. The first love will not last and you will probably fall in love three times in your life, but don’t let that make you think you don’t deserve to be loved. In fact, you give your partner too much love and keep too little for yourself. Love will last when you learn to love yourself just as much.


You are the owner of a heart full of passion, but you tend to lock it and throw away the key. You want to live love, but you remain quite cynical about the future of your relationship – it’s hard for you to fully trust your partner. You will fall in love three times in your life. The first time you put everything on the tray and you suffer, the second time you will be too careful to let your partner get close, and the third time you will learn that love is about giving your partner a key to your heart.


You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. Falling in love and sharing your whole life with someone else causes you panic, so you prefer to keep things relaxed – at least until you can figure out what you want. You will fall in love four times in your life, and each love will be more intense and lasting than the previous one.


You’re the kind of person who knows what he wants and how he has to act to get it, and that’s true of love. You know that life is short and you want to enjoy every moment. Most likely, you will fall in love only once in your life, but it will be enough because you will know what to do to keep the passion between you alive. You don’t need anyone else if the relationship you’re in is satisfying.


You’ve probably dreamed of being in love and having a relationship in which to be very involved, but this thought is quite creepy for you when you think of practical details. You like to dream, analyze, project, and imagine your future, but your practical side is not very developed. That being said, you will fall in love twice in your life. The first time you will be excited by the novelty, but scared by all those strong feelings. The second time you will be more mature and more prepared to face them.


You dreamed of the day you fell in love when you were a child. You like love stories and you like to imagine that there is a person out there somewhere who is perfect for you, who will make you love life and with whom you will taste all the pleasures of this earth. But you should know that dreaming is not enough in love. Love intentionally, act according to everything you say. You will only truly fall in love once in your life, and this love will be epic.

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