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Find out how long it takes to make your decisions. The answer of the stars.

When it comes to making important decisions, each of us follows mental paths that are almost always the same. Some analyze every detail, those try to find analogies with previously made decisions, those simply follow their instincts, and those try to understand if a possible choice can give them well-being or discomfort. Each person has his way of doing which is largely influenced by the stars and which determines an amount of time that varies from sign to sign. Today, therefore, after having seen which are the most fragile zodiac signs and which are the most creative, we will find out how much we need to make a decision.

Here’s how long it takes to make a decision

Aries – Little Time
In life, you have no time to waste and you like to make your decisions quickly so that you can focus on something else right away. When life puts you in front of a decision to make, therefore, you find yourself almost always acting on instinct, limiting yourself to hastily analyzing things and then choosing the option that you feel is truer. While this makes you look like a determined person, it puts you at risk. The possibility of making mistakes is always around the corner.

Taurus – Different Time
As a quiet person you are, it usually takes a long time to make a decision. To do this you like to analyze things well, consider all the pros and cons, and imagine what the possible implications could be. It is something you do with a certain relaxation, without rushing and without feeling the pressure of time. Of course, things change if you are faced with a deadline, a situation in which you tend to rush things or try to carve out extra time to draw your conclusions calmly. What matters is that you always seem to have clear ideas about how to move and how to make your choices, whether they are important or not.

Gemini – A period that varies according to the moments
As often happens, you also find yourself facing the subject of choices with the duality that has always distinguished you. If you are in a good mood you tend to be quick, to sift through everything positively, and to listen to how you feel about possible conclusions. When you feel that things are going wrong for you, however, your defeatism leads you to make the only decision to let everything go. An option that you put in place above all to get rid of the decision to make. A “dangerous” way of doing things as it is completely irrational and often the cause of hasty positions that with a little calmer could be managed in a better way.

Cancer – A Long Time
Let’s face it, you are eternal indecisive and when it comes to making a choice you can consider options for days or even months. Sometimes it seems like your wasting time is a way of waiting for someone to come and choose for you. Which sometimes happens but with wrong or different results from what you would like, so why not decide things by trying to listen to yourself more and take risks? Sometimes a not-exactly-positive result is still better than one chosen by other people.

Leo – Very little time
Although you like to think correctly before making a decision, when you are faced with a choice to make, you do it quickly and without second thoughts. Confident in yourself, you know you can count on your foresight, coming to your conclusions quickly and taking things as they come. In fact, from yours, you have the certainty of being able to manage every smallest problem and to be able to accept any errors due to not exactly correct decisions. This makes you a person who appears to others as potentially decisive and always confident.

Virgo – The right time
When it comes to deciding you do not set deadlines but you evaluate the situation by choosing from time to time the ways to reach the right conclusion. Rational like few people, you have the foresight and an analytical capacity that help you along this path, leading you to evaluate things under different aspects, always evaluating the possible consequences. For this reason, your decisions are almost always safe and without a doubt because they are always made to the best of your ability at the moment.

Libra – A pre-established time
You know well that having to make decisions, especially if important ones, is a thing that takes time and that can sometimes load you with a certain anxiety. For this reason, when you happen to have to choose something you tend to establish a period in which to make your decisions, aware that prolonging your choice too long would only make you more indecisive and make you feel strongly insecure. This way of doing things helps you a lot and means that you are almost always able to conclude each evaluation calmly and in the right way, coming to rarely regret the decisions made since you are aware that you have done what you can.

Scorpio – A fair amount of time
By character, you tend to give everything related to a great deal of importance. This can sometimes make you feel a certain responsibility, especially when it comes to making important decisions or decisions that could change the course of your life. When you are faced with a choice, therefore, the time you take to make your decisions is quite long and always linked to careful reflections concerning both the current situation and your way of feeling. You also have an intuition from yours that often helps you choose based on your feelings, making the right decisions for you.

Sagittarius – A Fixed Period of Time
Making decisions is not something you love because it always indicates changes that can sometimes prove problematic. Nevertheless, you always try to implement winning strategies in your eyes and, in this case, it is a matter of making every choice in a period of time determined by deadlines that you set yourself and that help you to give yourself the right pressure to move properly. It is a method with which you are particularly comfortable and therefore struggle to change. Learning to follow your instincts from time to time could give you a little more inspiration.

Capricorn – It depends on the period
If you have time available you tend to use it in the best way to make your decisions. If not, hurry up, even though it makes you particularly anxious. Making choices is something that makes you feel uncomfortable but that you can manage quite well thanks to the fact that due to your many commitments, you are often forced to move rather quickly. It can therefore be said that the way you act depends mostly on the period you live in and how much pressure you feel.

Aquarius – A rationally useful time
When you find yourself having to make a choice, you do it without bringing unnecessary paranoia but by focusing on your goals and on what can be best for you. Regardless of what others may think, you do not care much about the possibility of making mistakes except for the unpleasant consequences that could bring to your life. This means that your choices are always free and very personal. Maybe not always correct but definitely in line with your way of being.

Pisces – A Time That Could Be Infinite
Making decisions is very complex for you. It is about staging changes for which you do not always feel ready and which often lead you to think long and hard about your life. The fear of making a mistake is always present but you know you can count on your instincts and on the “gut” sensations, the ones you often let yourself be guided by to choose what you think is most useful for you and for the situation you are experiencing.

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