Zodiac Signs

How Likely It Is For Each Zodiac To Ghost Someone

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Aries will leave after a hookup if they feel bored by the person and their dynamic isn’t exciting. They only ghost when they think it is necessary or harmless to the other person involved.

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Tauruses are not the ones to leave people behind. They are known to be reasonable and have strong morals. They take others’ feelings into account when making decisions, making it almost impossible for them to ghost.

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Geminis are indecisive, making them more likely to ghost than others. They often don’t know what they want from a romantic relationship. They prefer to keep their options open and have a lengthy roster.

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Cancers are driven by their utmost compassion for others. They treat others like gold when they have feelings for them and will never leave the right person’s side. They are one of the signs least likely to ghost.

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Leos will do almost anything to avoid shifting their focus from number one: themselves. Their headstrong personality makes it hard for them to put others’ needs before their own, translating to ghosting people often.

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Virgos are turned off by too much commitment. They’re guarded and protective over their peace. They prefer to keep you at arm’s length, where they can control the situation.

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Libra isn’t super likely to ghost someone as long as they feel a connection with that person. They are all spreading good vibes and positivity in the world, so hurting people isn’t their intention.

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Scorpios become attached to intimate partners fast. If they gravitate toward you, they’re likely in it for the long haul. They never want to leave someone in the dust or feel confused about where they stand.

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Sagittarians are the sign most likely to ghost someone they’re dating. They crave freedom and independence more than most characters do. They are excellent at being hasty and insensitive.

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Even if a Capricorn isn’t planning to take things to the next level, they will still be considerate of others’ feelings. They are unlikely to ghost you unless you become possessive or clingy.

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Aquarians will likely ghost because they do not want to be tied down with the baggage of being committed. They lean towards casual flings and one-night hookups over a long-term partnership.

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Pisces are the least likely to ghost out of the signs, because they are so selfless. They’re always thinking of how their actions could impact others. They do not have the heart to ghost you, even if they don’t feel the chemistry.

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