Zodiac Signs

How Likely Each Zodiac Sign Is To Cheat

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Aries is one of the signs most likely to cheat on a partner. Their passion and impulsiveness can lead to reckless behavior. Their short temper also makes them more likely to act out of spite in the heat of the moment.

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Taurus is the second least likely to cheat of the zodiac signs. They are reliable, consistent, and loyal in their relationships. They value stability and security within a partnership.

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The sign most likely to cheat on a partner is Gemini. They are experts at hiding things from their partners. Gemini is also independent and yearns for freedom, making them more likely to stray. They are easily bored and impulsive, which makes for quite a dangerous combination.

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Cancer is not a likely sign to cheat on a partner. The Crab is known for their emotional depth, making them loyal. They feel devoted to protecting their loved ones and keeping them safe.

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Leos are usually loyal and devoted in a happy, loving partnership. However, their constant need for attention and validation can sometimes get the better of them, resulting in poor decisions.

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Because Libras are naturally people-pleasers, they often become stuck in relationships where they’re unhappy yet too afraid to leave. They may have a wandering eye and act on it if they feel disconnected from their current partner (or aren’t receiving enough assurance).

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Virgos are analytic thinkers with a calculated approach to everything. They are hard on themselves when they make mistakes or don’t live up to their full potential. They would never wish to confront the aftermath and guilt associated with cheating.

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Scorpios are known for their intensity and loyalty. They are incredibly devoted in relationships — sometimes to a fault. They can even become possessive of their partner, wanting them to be theirs alone.

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Sagittarius is fiercely independent and will resist commitment until the day they die. If they feel smothered by their partner, they will likely seek solace elsewhere. They despise being pressured into a commitment before they are ready.

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As an Earth sign, Capricorn is considered stable and loyal. They will likely remain faithful in a relationship unless they find someone more promising than their current partner. This could push them to slip up and cheat.

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Aquarians are one of the most loyal zodiac signs. Infidelity certainly doesn’t sit well with them. If they feel neglected or disregarded in their relationship, they may indulge in innocent flirting or small talk with others, but it is usually harmless.

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Pisces are considered the most empathetic sign of the zodiac, making them the least likely to cheat. They will bend backward to keep their partners happy, spoiling them with affection. Pisces are as loyal as they come.

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