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How Fire Signs Can Grow Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional intelligence is a skill that allows us the ability to effectively manage, feel, and decode meanings behind emotionality. Fire signs are notoriously energetic, dynamic, and passionate creatures. When speaking in terms of emotional intelligence, look at where Sun and Moon placements lie. Sun sign placement influences the most visibly prominent elements of one’s personality, and this energy tends to bleed heavily into external presentation. Moon sign placement relates to one’s inner world, emotional life, and triggers. As we develop emotional intelligence, we effectively navigate challenging social situations and foster supportive relationships without burning bridges.

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Sit with the emotional experience of others.

Not one to hide how you feel, Aries, expressing the passion and intensity of what you’re going through is easier than decoding the deeper needs, fears, and values hiding beneath. You do not spend time dwelling on your emotional experience and typically jump straight into action mode. You can practice expanding emotional intelligence by being present with the emotional experience of others — see them, hear the intonation of their voice, recognize body cues, meet their depth as it expresses itself by means other than direct action alone. In the process of growing your ability to attune with others’ experience, you expand your capacity to feel into your own.

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Remember the strength of words.

Gifted with a heart of immense affection, Leo, you receive joy dancing in the light of self-expression. You infuse abundant energy into every room you want in. At times you may come off as overpowering, and can be relentless in self-expression to the point of shutting others out. Release the weight that comes with feeling the need to continuously enact what it is you feel. There is the inherent dignity found in your words. True vulnerability comes not by adding fire to fire, but by opening a door into allowing others to see your soft mind, body, and heart. You are worthy of receiving the love that comes through gentle honesty, and your emotional intelligence expands as you learn the weight of vocabulary.

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Give space for the process of other people.

Free-spirited and outgoing, Sagittarius, you love moving onto new experiences and this tendency shows up in how you process emotions. Not one to sugarcoat, you tend to be frank in how you communicate. To you, movement is key in settling energy, although this may come across as harsh to others. Be mindful of any tendencies to want to push others faster than they’re ready to. Speak optimistically, but allow others space to be in their own experience. By communicating and creating space, you allow yourself the gift of movement to process your emotions without feeling burdened by the experience of others.

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