Zodiac Signs

How Every Zodiac Wants To Be Proposed To

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Aries are extroverts who aspire to embody a power couple dynamic in their relationship. They constantly seek new experiences and take risks. Nothing would make them more joyful than a trip to their favorite adventure spot.

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Taurus has a laid-back personality with a practical approach to everything they do in life. They aren’t one to waste money or want an over-the-top proposal. Avoid anything that involves spending a lot of money or in a crowded location.

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Gemini are known to be social butterflies with a wildly romantic side. They would love more than anything for their family and friends to be included in a proposal followed by a big celebration to show off their new fiance.

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The secret to getting a Cancer to say yes is knowing that they are in good spirits and feeling great both mentally and physically. Proposing a holiday or notable occasion would make them feel adored and valued.

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It is no mystery that Leo can sometimes be highly competitive and a bit self-absorbed. A proposal with a storyline like a hidden ring or a public announcement would work well and make them feel special.

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Virgo are known to be perfectionists and have a strong sense of intuition, so you’ll need to be sly to keep a proposal a secret from them. Being spontaneous and private will be vital to winning the heart of a Virgo.

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Libras love to be in love. They want all the courtship possible for this memorable occasion, so don’t hold back! Bring out the candles, wine, red roses, chocolates, and everything that you get and make the moment as *extra* as humanly possible.

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Sagittarians love a good old friendly competition. A proposal involving some sort of game or contest would be a perfect way to pop the question while keeping things fun and lighthearted.

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You may have to think outside the box and be a bit daring to take a Scorpio by surprise. Plan something exciting and adventurous when proposing, and be sure to remind them that it’s their special day.

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Capricorns love grand gestures and enjoy being wined and dined by their partner. They love getting dressed up to go to fancy restaurants and social events. The ideal proposal for Capricorn would be at a formal dinner and don’t forget the big rock.

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Aquarians are free-spirited and a proponent of everything and anything unorthodox. Be creative with your proposal and do your best to catch your partner off-guard. Bring them somewhere they’ve never been before and ensure they never see it coming!

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Pisces are naturally very private and reserved with all things in life, including their romantic endeavors. The proposal should be personal and sentimental, as they are highly emotional and heartfelt beings.

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