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How Every Zodiac Should Spend Their Sick Day

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Have you noticed? Everyone seems to be sick right now. Half the people you know are downing cough syrup like it’s Pamplemousse LaCroix and the Kleenex aisle in dire need of a re-stock. And, since you’re reading this, you’re in that unlucky group that happens to find themselves full of aches and pains. How do you deal with your newfound sick day? Here are some suggestions based on your zodiac sign.

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Battle your enemies with some video games. A sick day is the perfect time get caught up in all the games you’ve been wanting to play lately. Even if you’re not normally a gamer, you might as well embrace your warrior side and suffer some virtual fools.

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Get caught up on your shows. Whether it’s the newest episode of True Detective: Night Country or the season premier of Game Changer, you can just haul a tray of snacks to the couch and fuse to the cushions for hours today. This is what sick days are all about, right?

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Call up your partner or your best friend and convince them to bring you provisions. Sure, you could probably DoorDash it, but it means so much more when someone you love stops by with Chocolate and pain killers. Just try not to get them sick.

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Put your phone away. Seriously. Lock Google on your phone. No searching your symptoms or you’re going to spend the entire rest of the day worrying you have Cancer or some rare flesh-eating bacteria. Give your anxiety a break, babe.

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Order your favorite food and get it delivered. Even if you can’t taste it like you normally would, why not have your sick day in style? You could even wear your most comfortable outfit that’s still cool as hell so you can earn the award for the best sick day selfie.

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Get caught up on all the sleep that you’ve been skipping out on lately. Sure, some scientists say you can’t actually get “caught up” on sleep, but you should test the theory anyway. Hey, if it takes you catching the plague just to get a few more Zs, so be it.

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Stay away from your loved ones. Seriously. You might find it nearly impossible not to cling to your favorite people in your time of need, but do you really want to get them sick, too? You’d never forgive yourself.

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Admit that you actually need help. You might act like you’re totally fine, and say you “got the mild version” of the illness when in reality you’re suffering worse than anyone. Quit acting all stoic and accept the fact that you needed this sick day just like anyone else.

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Build a blanket fort that rivals anything you could have made when you were a kid. Fill it with pillows, meds, and all your favorite things to do when you aren’t at 100%. Sure, you might need to pass out in there for an hour or two after exerting all that energy to make the fort, but it’s totally worth it.

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Actually take the sick day. The odds are good that you might not even take the sick day despite definitely needing the time off. You’re not lazy, babe. You’re just sick. So call in to work and take a nap or something. (And promise you won’t just take your work home with you.)

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Accept that you can’t do everything you want to do. When you first go the go-ahead for a sick day, you were excited by the prospect of working on your hobbies and DIY projects while home, but the lack of energy has you spent. All those plans will just have to wait until you’re feeling better again.

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There’s no reason to get out of bed, right? So stay in your favorite place in the world and veg out all day. Read a book if you have the brainpower for it. Crochet a little creature to keep you company. Watch sad girl movies and listen to sad girl Spotify playlists and embrace the vibe

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