Zodiac Signs

How Each Zodiac Sign Takes Care of Themselves

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Aries thrive off of movement. They are always on the go and tend to exercise regularly. They like to blow off steam physically — shifting their thoughts to something other than what’s bothering them.

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When Taurus has a hard day’s work, some fine dining and retail therapy will help. They can’t stop themselves when there’s a sale. The finer things in life destress the sign.

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Gemini’s mind never turns off. Taking a break from social media is what they do to avoid overstimulation. Their brain is their gift. They’re always curious, putting all their energy into learning. Letting themselves rest mentally for a week or so won’t hurt.

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Cancer is probably the most emotional water sign out of the three. So, meditation is vital for them. It allows them to listen to their body and mind without judgment or shame. It’ll help the sign understand how they feel.

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Like a true royal, these cats become more relaxed when getting pampered. It’s all about the look for a Leo (even when they feel down). The salon has a way of perking up this fire sign.

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Virgos are the kings and queens of self-care. They take bubble baths, journal, and spend a lot of time in nature. These signs know how to balance work and play. They’re the type to notice a smidge of burnout before it fully surfaces.

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Like Taurus, Libras also see shopping as a way to blow off steam. A lover of beauty, nothing relieves Libra’s stress more than buying a new pair of shoes. It gets their mind off problems and lets them focus on what’s in front of them.

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Just like Virgo, Scorpios also like to spend time in nature. For this water sign, it’s because of the intense rush of calm the forest brings. Camping or hiking can do wonders for Scorpio (who often carries pent-up emotions).

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Nothing relaxes a Sagittarius like travel. They meet people from all walks of life and soak up new experiences. They breathe easier and think clearer on a trip. They get to see that there’s more to life than paying bills.

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Capricorns destress alone in quiet places. Solitude allows this earth sign to relax, leaving their minds and bodies at ease after the hustle and bustle of a busy workweek.

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Aquarius is the ultimate bookworm, which they use to their utmost advantage. The air sign reads to distract from their problems. They’re intellectual, so what better way to relax your mind than to feed it new information?

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Pisces is one of the most creative signs in the zodiac. So, they turn to the arts to destress. Whether writing a song or painting a portrait, they relieve themselves while making a masterpiece in the process.

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