Zodiac Signs

How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Failure

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Aries will use failure to their advantage, not their detriment. They see failure as a chance to try again. Their main goal in life is to prove everyone wrong (including themselves).

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Taurus-born natives tend to sulk and throw themselves a pity party when they fail. They feel dejected and become cynical toward just about everything.

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When dealing with failure, Gemini tends to lash out and spiral. They strongly believe that they deserve to succeed more than anyone else.

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Cancer isn’t surprised by their failures since they tend to expect the worst. They know that failure is inevitable, which helps them rationalize their shortcomings.

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Leo is easily irritated when they fail at something, especially when they work hard at it. They often play the victim and get jealous of those who appear to be thriving.

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Libras take failure in stride, using it to reflect on where they went wrong. They’re self-aware enough to know that failing does not make you a failure.

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Virgos deal with failure by focusing on how they can succeed next time. They are critical of themselves but in a motivational way.

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When a Scorpio fails at something, they start to spiral. They begin to think of all the other times they’ve fallen short and become overwhelmed with regret.

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Sagittarians are happy-go-lucky individuals who pride themselves on picking themselves up after a fall. They believe that time heals all wounds, including the sting of failure.

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Capricorns are quick to get back on their feet after a failure. They refuse to feel sorry for themselves for long. Dwelling over what’s in the past is a huge waste of time to Capricorn.

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Aquarius will do everything they can to prove that success doesn’t matter to them. However, deep down, they feel a sense of shame and guilt when they fail.

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Pisces will be the first to phone a friend when dealing with failure. They’ll rant and ask for advice from their friends and family.

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