Zodiac Signs

How Each Zodiac Sign Deals With Betrayal

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Aries aren’t ones to keep it to themselves when betrayed. They’ll let the world know how they’ve been deceived and put their aggressor on blast.

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Taurus tend to keep all their emotions to themselves. They will feel embarrassed or guilty that someone they trusted deceived them.

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Geminis will show little to no emotion when betrayed, making it as if whatever happened wasn’t a big deal. They hate being vulnerable and want to protect themselves from getting hurt again.

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Cancer will share their feelings with just about anyone who will listen. They hang onto pain for quite some time, making it hard for them to move on. They become hesitant to engage in new relationships in the future.

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Leos take betrayal very seriously. They are strong-willed and will put on a smile to save face, but they will grieve the loss privately.

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When Libra is betrayed, they won’t let the hurt stop them from going forward. They sit in the pain for a brief time and keep it moving. They won’t be the ones to throw a pity party.

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Virgo tends to have a significant reaction to betrayals. They demand that the betrayer apologize and make things right again. If they don’t comply, they’ll revert to revenge somehow.

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It takes a lot for a Scorpio to forgive someone who betrayed them, but it is certainly possible. They will seek revenge depending on how deeply they were burned.

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When Sagittarius feels betrayed, they bounce back relatively quickly. It doesn’t take them long to brush it off and focus their energy elsewhere.

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When Capricorn is betrayed, they will do what they can to forgive and forget. They will take on new projects or work obligations to distract themselves from sitting in pain.

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When Aquarius is betrayed, they become cold and distant. They have an emotional response, yet they remain unbothered and closed off.

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When Pisces is betrayed, they will face many different emotions that may send them into a spiral. If their betrayer asks for forgiveness, they quickly accept an apology and move on.

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