Zodiac Signs

How Each Zodiac Sabotages Their Own Happiness

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Aries is always fighting for things, even when it’s not a competition. It rubs people the wrong way and makes them look cruel or spiteful when they cannot genuinely congratulate someone else on their success. They think everything is a race when everyone is on their own life path.

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Taurus will always splurge on the priciest option, even if it’s terrible. They don’t know the joys of a great ten-dollar bottle of wine, or the comfort of a t-shirt that’s been washed over and over for twenty years. They buy whatever’s in style no matter how impractical it is, and only see the error or their ways in retrospect.

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Gemini says yes to everything, even the things that are a ‘hard no’ and it sucks up all their energy, rendering them miserable and exhausted for the things they actually wanted to enjoy. They just can’t put themselves first in any scenario and need to please even they people they don’t even like.

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Cancer is so calm and collected that they have forgotten how to turn their emotions on and off. Their celebrations become muted, and their grief trickles out so slowly that their healing is delayed. Nothing is genuine in the moment, and they become unclear as to what they really feel about anything.

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Leo tries to be everyone’s friend, and therefore no one really knows where they stand with Leo. No one can claim the title BFF, and everyone questions just how authentic Leo’s friendly antics are. Nothing feels genuine or authentic, and no one has absolute trust in someone who plays all sides at once.

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Virgo tries to be right, even when they know they are wrong, and they end up falling on a sword that’s not worth half as much as the relationship they are ruining as a result of their own stubbornness. They’ve watched way too many people walk away from them in a fight when they wanted to just say, “I’m sorry.”

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Libra tries to have their cake and eat it too, even when they know it can only end in disaster. They push boundaries that are too brittle to bend, and they end up with a mess that’s even bigger than the one they started with. Sometimes the best of both worlds isn’t the best of anything at all.

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Scorpio assumes everyone is always out to get them, so they end up refusing help and praise from people who have the best intentions. If they only knew how to properly assess someone’s character, they wouldn’t end up blowing their chances for something great because of their constant fear and suspicion.

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Sagittarius doesn’t know what they want, and jumps from one hobby to another. One partner to another. One job to another. And they never give anything a chance to stick. They are complete strangers to what it feels like to work through a rough patch and come out the other side intact.

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Capricorn trusts the system too much, even when it’s clearly working against their favor. They lack the critical thinking required to recognize the scam, scheme, or plot before it’s too late. So they plod along, obeying the rules, following orders, unsuspectedly enabling their own suffering.

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Aquarius will give you the shirt off their back, or the last dollar in their pocket, and get kicked out of the restaurant with no way to pay the bill. They are so go, go, go on give, give, give that they neglect their own housekeeping and administrative responsibilities. They forget to ‘keep the lights on’, literally.

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Pisces is so deep into their spiritual, emotional world, that they become oblivious to the physical world around them. Sometimes that means walking into literal walls because they’re not looking where they’re going, sometimes it means missing out on the love of their life because they’re too focused on a fictional character.

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