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How Each Zodiac Ruins Their Relationship Before It Even Begins

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You end it by playing it cool. Too cool for the other person to understand that you’re actually into them and you’re interested. You treat them like you treat any other person and you don’t make them feel special because you don’t want to reveal your real emotions.

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You end it by being too calculated. You pay too much attention to what they say, how they say it and the tone of their voice and you read too much into every little thing they do which makes you focus on what you don’t like more than what you do like.

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You end it by being indecisive. One day you’re into them, one day you’re not. One day you show them you care, one day you’re so distant. Your hesitation is reflected in your actions and it pushes the other person away.

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You end it by being too sensitive. You take everything they say as a direct insult to you. You take their slow pace as a sign of disinterest and you give up when they’re not as passionate and romantic as you are in the beginning.

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You end it by talking more than listening. There’s no doubt that you live an interesting and adventurous life but you talk so much about yourself and your adventures that you end up outshining whoever you’re with and that makes them feel like what they have to say is not as important as what you have to say.

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You end it by neglecting it. It’s the last thing on your list and maybe on your mind. You’re so invested in all areas in your life but when it comes to relationships, you tend to fall short because you think there are better things for you to worry about.

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You end it by expecting too much too soon. You want it to be perfect. You want them to understand you right away and you want them to feel the exact the same way about you, which is unrealistic and puts too much pressure on the other person to get on your level.

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You end it by trying to have the upper hand. You always want to be the one in control. You want to be the one who cares less. The one who is less vulnerable. When you feel like the other person is trying to lead the relationship, you back off and walk away without really giving them a chance.

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You end it by needing too much space. You always want to travel and switch off your phone, you’re not good at texting back on time so the other person always feels neglected or maybe even rejected by you because you don’t make enough time for them.

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You end it by being too practical. You like things in order and done in a certain way. So if you can’t really understand where someone is coming from and if they can’t agree with you on most things, you let them go.

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You end it by turning it into a project. You want to fix people, you want to change people and help them become better. You love broken people and you want to fix them but you end up hurting yourself and falling for people who are not ready to be in a healthy relationship.

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You end it by taking your sweet time. You’re romantic but you always think that people will wait for you because of your heart. So you take someone’s interest in you for granted and you disappear for months finding yourself then come back when you’re ready expecting to pick up where you left off.

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