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How Each Zodiac Mom Should Spend Their Mother’s Day 2023

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This Mother’s Day, you can let your competitive side come out. Pick out your favorite board game to play or sport you love and involve the whole family. You love a good challenge, so it’ll be a fun time for you with loved ones. When you win, you’ll get bragging rights the whole day, mama. Go you!

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For Mother’s Day, you can take yourself to brunch with the family. Have a mimosa or two and sit back and let yourself get pampered. When you get home, curl up with a luxurious robe and slippers and eat a few chocolates. Mother’s Day is a day to feel like the queen you are, Taurus.

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Gemini, You might like to spend Mother’s Day with a group of mom friends. You can all enjoy some food and drinks together and talk about your children. Perhaps you spend the day socializing with your extended family too. You’ll love doing anything that gets you out of the house and sharing your social side this Mother’s Day.

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You are probably craving some time in your shell, Cancer. This Mother’s Day, you can have a little bit of self-care time doing things you love. Perhaps you’d enjoy some time to listen to your favorite music or stretch your creativity with art. At the end of the day, have a movie night and cuddle with your loved ones to nourish that motherly side of you.

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You would probably enjoy some pampering and loving attention this Mother’s Day, Leo. Hopefully the people in your life are showering you with gifts, attention, and love that you deserve. Go ahead and treat yourself to something you’ve been wanting and splurge a little bit too. Mama lions deserve all the love and treats this Mother’s Day.

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This Mother’s Day, you might enjoy some time outside getting in touch with the quietness of nature. Go for a walk in the woods, read underneath a tree, or go to your local nursery and pick out some new flowers to plant. A relaxing day with nature can be just what you need to refresh yourself this Mother’s Day.

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With your appreciation for all things beauty and art, you’d love to spend the day with family at a local art museum or sculpture garden this Mother’s Day. Allow yourself to enjoy each work of art, and then treat yourself to a nice meal afterwards with your loved ones. If you don’t have a museum near you or the kids are too little to enjoy it, you can spend the day making your own art with your family. Have a museum at home to appreciate what you all made.

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This Mother’s Day, you might enjoy a fun day with loved ones by spending it checking out a local music venue. Whether it’s brunch with live music or a concert at the park, your appreciation for good music will allow you to enjoy your day. If there isn’t a concert going on, you can make your own music with your family or play your favorite tunes and dance together. We know you’ve still got it, mama!

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Being an adventurous person, you deserve to have an adventure day. Whether you want to spend the day by yourself or with your family, go out and do your favorite things! You can go on a big adventure to the zoo or theme park, or maybe you’re craving a smaller local adventure to your local park. Whatever it is, go out there and have fun!

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You can take a break from the hustle bustle this Mother’s Day to go to your local library or favorite book store and pick something new to read. Take the family with you and you can all get some new reading material to enjoy. Your new book may even inspire some new projects and ideas in the future.

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Since you love helping around the community, you might enjoy your Mother’s Day by volunteering. There’s so many important causes out there that could use volunteers. You can pick one that resonated with you and even involve your family with you. It’ll feel so good to help where you can, and it could inspire others to do the same.

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You might be craving some time with your spiritual side this Mother’s Day. If you’re able to, you can take a moment to be alone, perhaps in prayer or meditation. You can list the things you are grateful for and even write them down. Use crystals, cards, or candles to get you in the mood, if that’s your thing. Mother’s Day is all about celebrating you, and what better way than to give yourself some appreciation and fill your heart with gratitude.

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