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How Each Zodiac Holds Stress In Their Body

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According to an ancient branch of applied astrology known as medical astrology, the 12 zodiac signs were associated with various parts of the human body. A famous labeled diagram of the so-called “Zodiac Man” appeared in anatomical texts throughout the medieval age, before the rise of scientific empiricism.

Is this archaic knowledge still relevant today? The 12 signs’ correlations with different body parts have remained amazingly consistent from antiquity to the modern age. In our fast-paced culture, it is useful to know how—and where—you’re holding stress in your body.

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You’re definitely prone to headaches and migraines, Aries. Your sign rules the head, face, brain, and eyes. A guided meditation that focuses on releasing tension in the forehead and jaws might be helpful. Plus, make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Brain fog due to sleep deprivation is another typical manifestation of Aries stress. You love to be actively working at all times, but sometimes you need to slow down and pace yourself to avoid burnout.

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Everyone knows you carry yourself with a particular elegance and grace, Taurus. When you walk into a room, you keep your head held high. Unfortunately, the downside to this is that you end up carrying excessive tension in your neck, throat, and shoulders, all of which are ruled by your sign. Indulge in the lavish self-care you love so much and book yourself an expensive massage.

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You are a multitude of people in one, Gemini, and you know how to manage multiple projects at once. But sometimes your workaholism can manifest in the form of anxiety attacks. Your lungs, nervous system, arms, and fingers are all likely to be impacted when you’re not feeling great. If you have a big presentation coming up at work, you might find yourself struggling to breathe through the anxiety or dealing with sudden tremors in your hands. Introducing some natural antidotes to anxiety into your nighttime routine will make a world of difference.

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You are a nurturing presence to everyone in your life, Cancer. But sometimes you neglect your own health at the expense of others. As you are the sign most closely associated with womanhood, your womb, breasts, and stomach are often the first to feel sympathetic pangs during times of intense stress. Changes to your cycle or pain in your stomach can be indicative of a larger problem, but they might also be your body’s way of telling you to prioritize your own body for once. Treat yourself the way you would your daughter: run a warm bath, make yourself a nice dinner, and put yourself to bed early.

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You’re a charismatic leader who knows how to get everyone’s attention when you walk in a room, Leo, but we all have off days. Sometimes you agree to do too much, overbook yourself, and run yourself ragged. At this point, it’s no shock that you end up feeling the telltale signs of anxiety. Your fast-beating heart isn’t necessarily a sign of an impending coronary situation. You might just be pushing yourself too hard. In order to ground yourself, it’s important to step out of the spotlight occasionally and take time just for yourself.

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You have been a chronic overachiever since birth, Virgo, and your hard work usually pays off. The downside is that stress typically manifests in your body in the form of chronic stomach issues. Your sign rules the abdomen and digestive system, meaning your constant worrying is likely to make you (literally) sick to your stomach. In order to avoid annoyances like indigestion and more serious issues like ulcers, prioritize your physical health and invest in a good nutritionist to help you with your dietary plans.

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Your classiness and good posture take you places others can only dream of, Libra, and your magnetic charm is undeniable. Unfortunately, spending lots of time on your feet networking and schmoozing can actually wreak havoc on your physical body, since your sign rules the hips, lower back, and kidneys. This means that you should be cautious when running, standing for long periods of time, or spending too many nights in bed with Netflix. Having a good workout routine is crucial to ensuring that your body stays healthy as long as possible. Try a five-minute pilates workout before bed.

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You are often stereotyped as the “sexual sign,” Scorpio, when really, you represent all things taboo and unconscious. You are not afraid to dive deep and get to know people on a deeper level. And on a physiological level, your sign rules the things we don’t see: the reproductive organs, blood, and innards. Your mental health can suffer due to your fascination with the dark side of life. Be wary of the temptation to over-indulge and take your obsessions too far. Physical activity, including sex, can help you unleash your inner passions and desires.

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You are a wild and free-spirited kind of person, Sagittarius, and no one will tell you how to live your life. As such a spontaneous and nomadic individual, you are prone to moving too fast sometimes, which can lead to injuries of the pelvis, thighs, and legs. These are the areas of the body associated with your sign, and as such, you can’t avoid the occasional pulled muscle. Try stretching before you go for your daily run to combat the possibility of an injury that will keep your athletic self waylaid for a few weeks.

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You’re known as the elder of the zodiac for a reason, Capricorn. You bring a lot to the table in terms of wisdom and maturity, and you take your responsibilities seriously. You’re blessed with great bone structure and a body that ages in reverse, but the tradeoff is the potential for injuries related to the skeletal system and the nerves. You work hard all week and push yourself harder than the hardest-working CEO, so make sure you take care of your teeth and bones. Try adding a calcium supplement to your daily routine. A nightly meditation could be helpful at relaxing your highly tense body.

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For all the good you do in the world, Aquarius, you occasionally forget to take care of the most important person: yourself. Your sign rules the ankles, calves, and circulatory system, so you might be used to the occasional sprain. Invest in some supportive shoes and take the time to warm up before you do any physical activity. Aquarians struggle with disembodiment due to your heavily cerebral way of moving through the world, but being aware of the limitations of your body can be helpful when it comes to your holistic health.

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You are the last, but certainly not least, of all the signs, Pisces. You carry the weight of the other eleven signs, serving as a mystical foundation. For that reason, the soles of the feet and the lymphatic system rule your sign. Along with a tendency toward foot injuries, you might find your immune system is weaker than other people’s. You’re an emotionally—and physically—sensitive type. Reflexology is highly popular for Pisces. You know exactly where your pressure points are, literally and metaphorically.

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