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How Each Zodiac Feels When They Fall In Love

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Falling in love with you, Aries is like a newborn foal trying to stand on its legs for the first time. You’re not used to being vulnerable, and it’s going to take you more than a few tries before you finally get the hang of it. But you’ll realize that, unlike the other areas of your life, the ones about exertion and dominance and having every ounce of your ability on display, this process is all about innate ability and natural reflexes. You will thrive as soon as you stop trying to force it and start trusting that you were born with everything you need to do this.

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For you, Taurus, falling in love feels like submission. It doesn’t require you to give up any of your convictions or be any less than you naturally are, but you will recognize that the ability to be right can sometimes exist outside yourself, or within another person. And it will feel so good to let this person win, to tell them they’re right, not because you’re applying the mechanics of some generic platitude but because you’ve genuinely found someone you respect and trust, someone you can rely on as a sounding board, whose opinion holds weight and value above anyone else’s.

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Falling in love is going to be a crash course in reciprocation, Gemini. You will be so empowered by realizing your potential to give. The pride you feel in your strengths, and your ability to listen and accommodate another person’s needs will only be matched by the gratitude you feel for your partner’s ability to do the same. To see and recognize the nuances that drive and motivate you. The simple things that make a difference in the hustle and bustle of daily life. How true partnership is created when both your loads are lightened in the process of divvying up the work you used to do alone.

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Cancer, falling in love is going to feel like everything is suddenly expanding. The boundaries of your trust are going to be exponentially greater than you ever imagined. It’s looking into someone’s eyes and believing wholeheartedly that they won’t hurt you while also exposing yourself in a way that gives them every power to do so. And then you get to enjoy every moment they prove that they deserve that trust you’ve given. Every time they show up on time, every time they keep a promise, every time they choose honesty over protecting you from the truth. You’ll keep coming back to an inner voice that says, “I was right about this one.

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Falling in love with you, Leo feels like discovering a specimen too unique to be human. You know all kinds of people, from each end of the personality spectrum and everywhere in between, and even though you are the ultimate extrovert, you can’t help being unsatisfied at times by your social circle. So when you find love, it will feel too good to be true. That all the right qualities could exist within one person. You can finally share all the different sides of yourself with a partner instead of several different friend groups. Compatibility will lift a weight from your shoulders and in its place you will find comfort like you’ve never known.

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Virgo, when you fall in love, it feels like you are Sherlock Holmes or Dr. House. You just pick up every little detail about this person and piece together the solution to a puzzle that seems tailor-made for you. Like a crossword, you open and know every single answer in order. It’s the stimulation of someone with enough depth to challenge your mind, with the satisfaction of drawing substantial conclusions from a limited amount of data. You’ll be rereading their texts and replaying conversations in your head until your mind perfects an AI script that fills in the dialogue for all your daydreams—and your night dreams too. The ones you wake up from are a little too hot and bothered to handle.

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Falling in love transforms you into Goldilocks, Libra. You’ve put yourself out there, tried all the apps, tried people on to see how they fit, and love finally, finally is the just right you were looking for. You feel like the two of you go together. Like you’re a matching set. There’s a gel and a vibe that makes things run smoothly. You can name the very long list of things that they just get right every time. Their jokes, stories, tastes, and interests all come together like a secret KFC seasoning whose taste you would recognize anywhere but couldn’t whip up in the kitchen. Love is that home you know when you’ve found it.

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Scorpio, for you falling in love is like a foot massage. Because you have a reputation as a sexual human praying mantis, people don’t realize how much you value affectionate touch. The rituals are loving and intimate in a way that helps you wind down instead of turning you on. You feel a release of tension, sometimes with a little pain, but the majority of the experience is one of relaxation. When you fall in love, you’re reassured by the sensation of their closeness. You know that when you close your eyes, they’re still right next to you, that they’re not going to leave your side.

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Falling in love is a shock to your system, Sagittarius. You’ll have poked fun at the stereotypes and conventions of romance for so long that when you finally experience them for yourself, you’ll find it hysterical that this is the way anything could ever play out. Everything will appear to be dripping in irony, but while you’re busy laughing, that strange reaction we pull out of our back pocket when we don’t know the appropriate way to react, you’ll be having more than a minor freak out. Because if this fairy tale comes true, you’re left wondering what else is possible. And the uncertainty is daunting.

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Capricorn, falling in love is like a photograph to you. You want to preserve every detail for posterity. You want tangible, physical evidence. Items and details and memories to enshrine and worship, immortalizing your emotions. Their perfume or cologne. The outfit you were wearing when you met. The awkward head nod you created the first time you were alone together. You want to hold onto it even as it’s all unfolding because you already sense the precious nature of it all. How important it will be to you long after the moment has passed.

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Falling in love will feel like something you have invented, Aquarius. Like you’re the first two people in the world to have ever had feelings for each other and your chemistry holds power on par with global climate change, a heat that is melting ice caps that have existed for centuries. Like the two of your lives colliding has set the momentum of reality on an entirely new course the way cars have, the internet, or boxed mac and cheese. You will stop at nothing until you figure out everything this bond is made of, what its limits are, and the laws it must obey.

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Pisces, I know you hate the crying stereotype, but falling in love feels like a telenovela sob scene for you. Like you finally understand that deep, genuine need for another person capable of bringing you to tears, happy or sad. Feelings that are so profound and voluminous that they sometimes need a way to escape, to spill over from inside of you. Part of it is your relief at finding the partner you’ve been hoping for all along, and the other part is the support and tenets, attentiveness, and a, perfection your partner bestows upon you. Gratitude can be one of the most overwhelming feelings we encounter when we read the time to count each inditing.

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