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How Each Zodiac Deals With Relationship Conflict

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Aries sometimes has a bit of a temper, especially when something is stressful. When conflict arises in a relationship, Aries is likely to use their fiery side to express their opinions. They might not hold their tongue and just say directly what is bothering them. Aries also might get impatient in arguments and may struggle to control the anger they feel. They can learn to channel their anger in a healthier way so they can approach an argument with a clear head.

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When a Taurus deals with a relationship conflict, they might act stubborn and closed off. Although Taurus is generally down-to-earth and easy-going, they can get stuck on a point in an argument and won’t be willing to budge on their opinion. They will likely state their side of the argument and not listen to the opposing side. Taurus can learn to stay in the argument and listen to their partner’s side, even if they inwardly do not agree.

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Geminis will likely talk and analyze their way through a conflict with their partner. They would rather discuss the issue and move past it quickly so they can get on to having a good time again. They don’t want to waste time lingering in hurt feelings. Gemini just has to be careful not to gossip about their partner to their friends because this could end up hurting their relationship later on.

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Cancers are highly affectionate to their partners and show love outwardly. However, if conflict arises, they can turn dark pretty quickly. Cancers will either shut their partner out by going inward to deal with the conflict or they will hold a grudge against them. Cancers do not take hurt feelings lightly and tend to bust out past hurts to prove a point to their partner. They should learn to let go and forgive when it comes to relationship compromises.

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Leos can be prideful, which can make dealing with conflict in relationships a challenge. They don’t want to put their pride aside to find a compromise. Leos will fight loudly for their side of the story and become hurt if their partner isn’t in full support of them. They also might struggle if their partner isn’t listening to them. Leo can learn to practice a little patience with their partner and let go of their pride a little (or a large) bit.

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Virgos might judge or overanalyze a conflict if it arises with their partner. They tend to spend a lot of time stressing about the situation and become a bit snippy. Virgo’s perfectionism can cause them to nitpick their partner, resulting in stress in the relationship. To successfully navigate the conflict, Virgo should take a deep breath and remind themselves that no one is perfect and that it’s okay to have struggles in a relationship.

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Libra craves balance and harmony, so if conflict comes about in their relationship, they will feel that shift. Libra will likely do anything to bring the balance back into the relationship. This could mean that Libra might make compromises, even if they shouldn’t. Libra could run into more relationship problems down the road if they don’t deal with the conflict initially. They can learn that it’s okay to have conflicts and that conflicts can bring more peace in the future.

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If you find yourself in conflict with a Scorpio, you’ll soon find out why they are represented by the Scorpion. When a Scorpio gets hurt, they want you to hurt along with them. They might enter an argument on the defense and speak with a bit of spitefulness. Scorpios desire deep trust and will react out of revenge if that trust is broken in any way. Scorpio should learn that it does more harm than good to bite back in a conflict, especially when it involves a romantic partner.

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Sagittarius can be impulsive and moody if they are in an argument with their partner. They generally like to keep things light and positive, so if they find themselves arguing with their partner, they will get frustrated and say something blunt to be done with the argument. Sagittariuses generally do not like being tied down in any way so they might bail from a relationship if it becomes too hard. Sagittarius can learn to slow down a little bit before making rash decisions.

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Capricorn might come off as manipulative or arrogant in a conflict. They tend to over-explain the situation using their intelligence and perspective. Capricorn can also come off a bit prideful, especially if the argument is against them or their work. Capricorns should learn to be more mindful of how they approach an argument and understand that their partner’s opinions matter too.

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Aquarians’ approach to relationship conflict can be complex. They do not like to show big emotions and feel uncomfortable if their partner is emotional. However, Aquarians might have outbursts of anger when in a conflict and be unwilling to compromise, especially if they believe to be right. They are calculating and analytical when it comes to conflicts, using their mind rather than their heart to solve the issue. They can learn to be more open and empathetic to their partner when solving problems.

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Pisces are highly intuitive and will usually sense a problem in the relationship just by feeling the tension in the air. Pisces would approach conflict gently and with a sensitivity towards their partners’ feelings. They do struggle to bring up conflict, however, due to the fact that conflict makes them uncomfortable. If they are able to discuss any issues with their partner, they would have to learn to take criticisms without as much sensitivity.

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