Zodiac Signs

How Each Zodiac Deals With Regret

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Aries will fight to course correct. Whatever it is they’ve said, done, or thought in the past that they would now change, they make a pointed effort to incorporate into their life approach. Consistency is key, and they are always striving toward self-improvement.

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Taurus’ stubborn side makes excuses. Whatever it is they regret, they will come up with at least 10 reasons why they found themselves making that choice in the first place. It can come in handy when self-kindness is needed, but sometimes they just admit they’d do things differently in order to move on.

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Geminis will punish themselves with more work. They will enforce a strict sense of penitence into their upcoming schedule to not only show their remorse, but try to make up for it through the good they pour out into the community. They’ll make a noticeable donation or volunteer their time in order to compensate.

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Cancer will just mark the occasion. They’ll remember what they did, why they regret it, and incorporate the experience into the way they self-identify. This is a lesson I learn, it’s part of who I am, and I can now handle and do things differently because of it. They see each mistake as a stepping stone to betterment.

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Leo is going to confess to someone. The second they spill the beans on accident or forget to RSVP, they have to tell someone else—not even necessarily the aggrieved party—just to get the weight off of their shoulders. Sometimes they’re looking for validation, other times relief, but nevertheless, it always helps.

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Virgo will never admit their regret and instead let it fester. They’ll convince themselves it was someone else’s fault, try not to think about the situation, and end up stewing over it while they lay awake in bed at night for months. For them, it’s all about saving face, but they’d do better to deal with their emotional health head on.

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Libra is like a well-rounded parent when it comes to self-discipline. They are objective and know when they’ve dropped the ball, but they can accept that truth and show grace in such a short span of time that they rebound like no other. Trial and error is their life motto, and they have perfected that art to their benefit.

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Scorpio for once doesn’t have a double standard when it comes to regret. When they know they’ve crossed a line, they immediately anticipate retaliation or revenge and are ready to face it like a condemned man at the gallows or a guillotine. It’s so Kill Bill of them it’s almost comical, but that’s just the code they live by.

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Sagittarius is an extremist with regret. They’ll hide behind humor, but the slightest faux pas can send them spiraling. They’ll want to move to a new town and change their name, or wish they could start life from square one instead of having enough humility to own up to their mistakes and try to course correct.

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Capricorn is a glutton for punishment. When they drop the ball, they’re the ones asking for their pay to be docked, telling you it’s only fair if you want to break up with them, insisting the officer write them a ticket. They only live according to the letter of the law or the by-laws of the homeowners association, and they accept the consequences of their actions.

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Aquarius will cry. Regret is a deeply emotional experience for them, and they almost have to mourn the outcome they could have had if they had chosen better. That is their punishment for the error of their ways, living without whatever benefit a healthier choice would have yielded them.

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Pisces has a way of finding the silver lining in every experience, even their biggest bloopers. There’s something in a mistake that they see as necessary for their biggest successes. They never separate the two. Every life experience is connected in a chain of successive events, and you have to take the good with the bad to reach your destination.

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