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Horoscopes For Today: Friday, January 5, 2024

Today the moon continues its transit through Libra, encouraging appreciation for the finer things. If you are tempted to order yourself some luxuries that you didn’t find under the tree this year, especially beauty and cosmetics items, you can thank Venusian Libra for that. It’s big-time “treat yourself” energy.

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Staying up late tonight? When the South Node conjoins the moon just before midnight, you might feel uncomfortably nostalgic and try to heal wounds from your past through over-indulgence. Avoid this by putting your phone on Do Not Disturb and taking a melatonin instead. The doom scroll is a bad idea tonight.

Mercury might be direct now, but with its current critical position at 22° Sagittarius, it’s not here to play. It’s likely that today’s news from overseas will be intense, dramatic, and climactic, especially in relation to conflicts and persecution towards religious minorities. Pay attention to the way information is presented today, on social media and in major news outlets: articles may use apocalyptic, fear-mongering, or even potentially violent language.

Mars at the anaretic 29° Sagittarius makes it likely today will bring an abrupt end to a cycle involving ideologically motivated conflict. One final inciting incident might turn out to be a blessing in disguise, triggering further regulation and order. Natural disasters are possible, as are random acts of aggression. Expect the unexpected. Once Mars ingresses into Capricorn late tonight, it is likely that rules will be enforced, clarifying what is appropriate conduct. Even in the most extreme situations, some rules are necessary.

Fortunately, the moon forms a sextile to the stellium in Sagittarius, placing our attention on matters of higher importance than our skincare routine. We will do our best, however, to sanitize the mess and find peace within the chaos. The Libran influence will allow us to maintain an open mind and be diplomatic when discussing hard topics. Be wise to the fact that much of the information we receive is distorted right now with the Sag stellium forming a square to Neptune in the late degrees of Pisces.

How will this action-packed day play out for you personally? Read your forecast for your rising sign below.


The moon is cozy in your seventh house of partnership today, making you more focused on your relationships than yourself. Late-degree Aries ascendants might find themselves entangled in arguments surrounding philosophical ideals, foreign lands, and belief systems. With Mercury standing at a critical degree in your ninth house, you might be shocked by a viewpoint your partner expresses—or they might drop news that they’ve accepted a work transfer in Tokyo, leaving you to figure out whether you want to do long-distance or not. Mars at the anaretic degree means an air of finality to things. Breakups are possible today. If you’re not in a relationship, this might manifest in the form of you walking away from a business partner or realizing that you’ve outgrown a friendship. It’s a painful time, but a necessary one—and you will probably part ways amicably.


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The moon in your sixth house makes this a good day to get down to business, finally diving into all of the “just circling back” emails piling up in your inbox. However, be extra careful with your words today. Mercury is direct, but something might still get lost in translation with the planet associated with communication at a critical and sometimes destructive degree. It’s in your eighth house, so be especially cautious when you inevitably have conversations about shared resources, debts, and death. If you avoided talking about such matters over the holidays, you’ll be forced to now—and with Mars at the anaretic degree closing the curtain on a specific issue, you might want to tear your hair out today. If you have to make a major payment, just rip the Band-Aid off and be done with it. Tomorrow will be easier.


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Today’s a good day for creativity, with the moon in your fifth house of pleasure and fun. If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to start a new project, this is the ideal day to kick it into action. However, you might find yourself distracted by complications in your relationship sphere: a stellium of planets is crowding your seventh house, including Mercury at a critical degree and Mars at the anaretic. If you’re partnered, you can anticipate arguments—or, at the very least, disagreements—surrounding your beliefs. These discussions could lead to breakups, if you figure out you’re not actually as compatible as you thought, or breakthroughs, if you learn how to navigate your differences. Mars will provide a final parting gift in the form of a dramatic event before it moves out of your seventh house tomorrow.


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You’ll have to balance your familial obligations and work responsibilities today, with the moon in your fourth house and a stellium in your sixth house, respectively. You might wish to stay at home under a warm blanket today, but even if you have a remote job, you’ll have a lot to attend to. Some of you will be confronted with challenges at work that you didn’t see coming before the holidays, and with Mercury at a critical degree in your sixth house, you might receive a less-than-friendly email from a coworker. There may be disputes surrounding foreign interference in the company or ideological differences between workers. Be tactful and try not to engage in what could potentially become a hostile workplace. Mars, standing at the anaretic degree and preparing to close the door on a chapter in your work life, will give you some closure before the end of the day.


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The moon in your third house brings out your natural charisma as a communicator, but sometimes there is an art to learning when to stay silent. The stellium in your fifth house brings an especially intense focus on a new creative project or love affair you’re currently putting all your attention into, and you might not be able to see all the details clearly. Mercury at a critical degree is likely to infuse an obsessive, do-or-die quality. If you are talking to a new partner, this could be the day you take things to the next level. Sparks might be flying, but be wary of saying or doing anything too impulsive or wild at this point. Mars at the anaretic degree, similarly, indicates the end of a particular cycle surrounding Sagittarian themes. If you’ve jumped too quickly into a new religious or ideological movement to connect with your partner, this might be the point you realize you’ve accidentally gotten in too deep. Alternatively, you might have pushed your own activism too far and burnt yourself out. Slow down.


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Money is on your mind today with the moon in your second house, so don’t be surprised if you make impulse purchases or make long-overdue payments. This is a time to focus on budgeting more realistically for the new year while also allowing yourself a little taste of luxury. However, issues relating to your home and family have steadily been building over the past little while, and you’ll feel them reaching their climax now, with a stellium in your fourth house. Mercury at a critical degree could bring news relating to a relative who lives at a distance. If you’re determined to move this year, today you will feel especially obsessive about this goal, striving for it with tunnel vision. Be careful not to lose sight of the forest for the trees. Mars at the anaretic degree will bring a moment of closure related to your family or home, such as the ending of a lease or a bittersweet goodbye to a grandparent in ill health.


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Whenever the moon is in your first house, you give off a more approachable and friendly vibe to others around you, drawing them in with your natural warmth and charm. Today the attention will be on you, but with great power comes great responsibility. Mercury at a critical degree suggests there will be a certain intensity to the way your local community reacts to news today—and for some of you, Mars at the anaretic degree will manifest quite literally as a local crisis, like a minor car wreck on a main road that makes it difficult for people to get home. Even if your local Facebook group is losing their minds, you’ll be able to talk them down. The event, whatever it is, is likely to draw everyone closer together.


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You’ll be in your head today, with the moon in your twelfth house of dreams and the subconscious. Try to avoid drugs and alcohol, especially as the moon drifts closer to the South Node tonight. Mercury at a critical degree in your second house is bound to bring news surrounding your finances—and it could be life-changing. If you were feeling like you missed out because you didn’t get a Christmas bonus this year, you might get something even better now, such as a promotion or a better job offer. Mars at the anaretic degree closes the curtain on this era of your financial life, ushering in a more fruitful beginning. Some of you will receive your rewards from a company abroad, while others will receive jobs for religious organizations; others might find a way to balance work and education through stipends and scholarships.


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You’ll be popular in your larger network today, with the moon in your eleventh house; it’s a good day to post on social media or attend a networking event. Be aware of the stellium of planets currently sitting on your ascendant, though, which are making you feel considerably more restless than usual. Don’t make any major changes to your physical appearance, no matter how great the impulse may be, and don’t voice your controversial opinions to a room full of people—not with Mercury at a critical degree. If you must speak your mind, do so with the support of your friends. Your message will be received more easily if it comes from a group. Mars at the anaretic degree will offer you a parting lesson in how you are perceived.


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With the moon in your tenth house of career and reputation today, your name will be on everyone’s lips. It’s a good day to make moves in the workplace, such as taking the lead on a new project or suggesting an idea to your boss. Below the surface, however, you might be feeling self-conscious or overly critical of yourself, due to the stellium of planets in your twelfth house. If you’ve been sacrificing your mental health for your workaholism, it wouldn’t be the first time—but with Mercury at a critical degree, it could be the breaking point for you, resulting in psychosomatic symptoms that leave you feeling sore and exhausted. Mars at the anaretic degree promises closure, as long as you let yourself heal; it will soon be over, and the focus will be back on your physical body and the many feats it can accomplish in a single day.


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Your thoughts will drift toward travel, education, and spirituality today, pushing you to dream and think of ways you can expand your knowledge in the coming weeks and months. The moon in your ninth house will keep you in a thoughtful state all day, while the demands of your social circle become increasingly difficult to ignore. The Sagittarius stellium in your eleventh house, including Mercury at a critical degree and Mars at the anaretic, puts intense emphasis on how your educational and religious pursuits play out in the broader culture you belong to. If you’re struggling to find your place, it will impact not only you but everyone in your network. Mercury may bring hostility from colleagues who don’t really understand what you’re getting at, while Mars is guaranteed to shake up the foundation of your current cycle before ushering in a new one. You’re not exactly unfamiliar with the feeling of being the black sheep, but this time you might truly have to go it alone.


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With the moon in your eighth house, you’ll be dwelling on debts, your partners’ money, and all the secrets you’ve been doing your best to keep under wraps. Unfortunately, a stellium of planets in your tenth house makes you the talk of the town today, so it’s difficult to keep your head down. Even if you’ve felt stressed by the amount of bills adding up, you won’t have time to feel sorry for yourself today. You’ll likely be expected to take the lead on a project at work, or you might wake up to discover you’re going unexpectedly viral since you posted your 2023 wrap-up on Instagram Reels. Mercury at a critical degree brings you news that will shake you up regarding your career or reputation. Some of you might get canceled for something you said while drunk on New Year’s Eve, sure, but others will get word they’re being considered for a work transfer this year. If you do receive word that something dramatic is about to happen and you’re not sure how to emotionally process it, remember that it is always darkest before the dawn. Mars is situated at the anaretic degree, meaning the feeling of impending doom will soon be released.

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