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Horoscope: Find out what kind of ice cream you are based on your zodiac sign.

Spring has begun and with the arrival of the first warm rays of the sun, the desire to eat a good ice cream has begun to become more and more insistent. Before investigating the taste suitable for each zodiac sign (because yes, the stars also affect this), and after having discovered let’s try to understand what kind of ice cream represents us best… After all, there are so many ways to eat it, so why not analyze them from a different point of view than usual, such as that linked to the zodiac signs? Let’s start, then. And if in the end, the craving for ice cream has not yet passed, at least you will know how to orient yourself in your choice.

Find out what kind of ice cream suits your zodiac sign the most

Aries – The Ice Cream Cone
A nice ice cream cone to eat on the go or between errands is exactly what suits you best. Beyond the taste, what matters is practicality and a cone can allow you to enjoy your ice cream at any time, with whoever you want and how you want. As long as you are quick enough not to let it melt. But this is certainly not a problem, is it?

Taurus – The cup of ice cream
You need a classic that never disappoints. The cup of ice cream (which in important moments can turn into a large cup to be enjoyed in the company) is what best represents you. You can enjoy it calmly without fear of getting dirty and all by managing even more than one flavor at a time. A way of approaching ice cream that takes you back to the carefree days of childhood and which, for this reason, gives greater value to the cup.

Gemini – Mini ice creams
For you who never know how to choose and who prefer to vary the mini ice creams are ideal. They allow you to change type every time and are so small that they allow you an encore. And what’s better, when it comes to ice cream, to be able to enjoy more than one flavor, or in this case of a type, at a time?

Cancer – Yogurt ice cream
Your ice cream needs to be simple and take you back to your childhood days. It must taste like home and of course milk. A nice yogurt ice cream, then, is exactly what you need. Occasionally to garnish with some cereal or chocolate, it will allow you, spoon after spoon, to immerse yourself in a world of its own in which memories will dominate, taking you back to the days gone by that sometimes you are happy to remember.

Leo – the brioche with cream
More widespread in the south but increasingly known also in the north, a nice brioche to be filled with ice cream is the type that best suits those like you who love to excel and get noticed. Obviously, the cream cannot be missing as a final touch. A sort of crowning of ice cream that goes well with your personality. After all, a queen needs a suitable ice cream, right?

Virgo – The Gelato ice cream
cake for you means freshness. Why not focus directly on a beautiful cake that, in addition to being fresh is also rich in flavor? A better one that is double-flavored and which, of course, will have to be enriched with cream, though. This way you will satisfy both the eyes and the palate and you will arrive at the end of your portion almost without realizing it. After, of course, there is always the possibility of an encore.

Libra – The granita
You need something elegant for you that, if possible, does not interfere too much with your figure. A granita can therefore be ideal, perfect for fighting the heat, good to taste (especially if with a brioche or some accompanying biscuits), and always beautiful to look at and, why not, to photograph. A perfect ice cream for people like you who look after both form and substance.

Scorpio – Ice cream with biscuit
Your complex personality cannot be satisfied with simple ice cream. There must be a contrast that allows you to better enjoy the creaminess and to do so you need something to nibble like, in fact, a biscuit. Green light to biscuit ice cream, or, alternatively, to a nice cup where several biscuits to bite and enjoy reign over the ice cream. Because it is only by juggling opposing forces that you can feel your best. So why not do it even in a moment of pause?

Sagittarius – Chocolate-covered ice cream
Whether on a stick or in the form of pralines, the ice cream that suits you best is the one covered with a thin and crunchy layer of chocolate. A way like any other to indulge in a whim that contains the maximum of taste and freshness and at the same time brings the typical joy of ice cream which, alongside chocolate, doubles its magical power.

Capricorn – The cremino
What is better than a good cremini to savor while out and about with friends? Its particular flavor is able to take you back to your childhood, making you feel peaceful and safe, just like then. Alternatively, even excellent ice cream with lots of Nutella can be for you. After all, if you indulge yourself, you might as well do it big, right?

Aquarius – The ice lolly
You need something original for yourself. Better to bet everything on a nice popsicle, ideal for the hot season, colorful and cheerful to see. A classic that, today more than ever, is almost original, marrying perfectly with your need to break the rules without too much effort, simply by existing.

Pisces – Fried ice cream
From what you discovered it has remained in your heart. The contrast between hot and sweet has captivated you from the first taste and although you like all ice creams, you can’t help but go back to this first great love that characterized several of your special days. Beyond the taste, which you like to vary, what matters is having that soft batter in which to sink your teeth and which behind its bitter taste hides an infinity of sweetness, the same one that you appreciate so much in everyday life and which has always made ice cream dear to you.

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