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Horoscope For Wednesday, February 7, 2024

The day begins with the moon in the late degrees of Sagittarius, but ingresses into the more rigid and structured sign of Capricorn early this morning. At 7:09 AM EST precisely, you will notice a tangible shift. While the collective has been oriented toward expansion, growth, and curiosity for the past couple of days, now we’ll be back in work mode. If you didn’t get as much done yesterday as you would typically like on a Monday, consider today a do-over.

In the background there is a much more pervasive and daunting energy lurking: that of the current Aquarius stellium. The Chiron-North Node conjunction isn’t until next week, but we get a slight preview today, with an exact sextile between the sun in Aquarius and Chiron in Aries at 16°, a degree associated with Cancer.

Today we can expect the beginnings of change to the traditional family structure and roles commonly assigned to women; while this is likely to be powerful, it might also be painful for some. Aquarian energy offers us the wider lens required to set revolutions in motion, but it certainly doesn’t sit well in the domestic sphere, where tradition and comfort tend to be prioritized.

The close conjunction between Pluto and Mercury in Aquarius suggests that this will come in the form of some pretty transformative and potentially controversial documents, articles, or speeches, so pay close attention to your news widgets today if you are interested in seeing what might be ramping up before the North Node gets involved on February 17th.

What can you expect today, based on your rising sign? Read on.


Early in the day the moon ingresses into your tenth house, giving you a boost of popularity. If you’ve got a lot to accomplish today, you’ll feel motivated to do so—and some of you will receive accolades. Others will be paying attention to you today, so don’t be afraid to speak up if you have innovative suggestions or ideas. Meanwhile, the sextile between the sun in your eleventh house and Chiron in your first will highlight the challenges that arise when you, a truly independent spirit, operate within a social framework. You’re likely to reach a breaking point in your relationship with a certain group of friends, recognizing that you are abandoning part of your identity or self-censoring in order to fit in. It’s time to speak your truth.


Today starts off with the moon moving into your ninth house, expanding your mind and broadening your horizons. You might feel especially connected to your religious or spiritual beliefs today, or feel the urge to travel somewhere new. You’ll have to rein in these feelings, though, since your attention is needed at the top: the sun is in your tenth house forming an exact sextile to Chiron in your twelfth. You can expect to be viewed as rather unconventional by the public today, whether by choice or not. Others may criticize or not understand your ideas, but your role is to make your secret struggles relatable. Trust that your strength is found in your vulnerability and, through sharing your truth, you will help others heal.


Fairly early in the morning, the sun ingresses out of your seventh house and into your eighth, placing less emphasis on your partner and more on the resources you share. You’re also likely to feel more inclined to voluntarily explore your darker inner world today. Listen to a true crime podcast on your commute to work. Meanwhile, the sun forms an exact sextile with Chiron in your ninth and eleventh houses, respectively. You might feel triggered by a friend group you’re outgrowing and feel the need to distance yourself as you explore new belief systems that are uninfluenced by herd mentality.


Early today the moon makes its grand entrance into your seventh house, placing focus on all your closest relationships, be they romantic, platonic, or business-oriented. Those of you who are partnered will feel more connected to your lover today and want to spend more time with them, while those of you who are single might choose to get serious about dating in 2024. If you’re done with situationships, this is the time to get strategic and figure out what you truly want. Aside from making your checklist of dating deal breakers, you’ll be focused on debts and inheritances today as the sun in your eighth house forms a sextile to Chiron in your tenth. Your worries surrounding your finances will be difficult to avoid, and potentially some secrets will go public; if you are seeking guidance from a mentor like a financial advisor, this is a great day to book a session.


The moon enters your sixth house early in the day today, making you more likely to fixate on work. What have you been putting off these past few days? Those are the tasks to prioritize today, along with your physical health. Meanwhile, with the sextile between the sun and Chiron in your seventh and ninth houses, you’ll be discussing Jupiterian matters with a close partner, such as moving abroad or applying to grad school. Some of you will, unfortunately, realize that you and your partner are fundamentally incompatible in some major way. If you have to part ways, it will be amicable; if you decide to work through your issues, you will both be more closely bonded.


With the moon transiting your fifth house for most of the day, you’ll be hyperfocused on your creative and romantic pursuits, but not in a dreamy or starry-eyed sort of way. If anything, you’ll be practical about setting goals and boundaries that can stand the test of time. If you’ve been deluding yourself about a short-term affair, the blinders will fall off today. Similarly, if you’ve been playing around with a few different ideas you want to take public, now you will narrow down your focus considerably. Creativity requires discipline, like everything else worth doing. Speaking of annoying but necessary adult decisions, the sun in your sixth house sextile Chiron in your eighth suggests you’ll have to spend—or borrow—some money for a health-related issue that can’t be ignored any longer. It’s best that you go ahead and take care of it before it gets any worse. Be responsible and proactive.


The moon enters your fourth house early in the morning, putting your attention on your home situation today and placing certain burdens on you to care for other people. You might hear from an elderly relative for the first time in a while, or you may need to hurry home from work early due to a minor family emergency. Show your family grace today, even if they seem to be demanding far too much from you. The sun in your fifth house sextile Chiron in your seventh puts a focal point on your relationships to others, too, including younger family members and your partner. They’re likely to show up in a surprisingly supportive way, perhaps showcasing a new side of themselves that makes you feel more comfortable bringing them into the fold. It’s never easy introducing an outsider to your family and their specific eccentric dynamics, but it’s definitely not impossible.


As soon as the moon enters your third house early this morning, communication will flow more easily, especially among people of authority and older relatives. If you need to go out of town to visit extended family, or do a presentation at work in front of your boss, it’s likely to go well. The sextile between the sun in your fourth house and Chiron in your sixth will bring up wounds relating to your work-life balance, especially if you have been neglecting your roles at home in order to achieve more at work. Some of you will face up to unhealthy habits you’ve been indulging in, too, realizing that they are causing a ripple effect on your immediate circle. If there has ever been a time to be proactive about burnout, it’s right now.


Early this morning the moon ingresses into your second house, where it will cast some shadows on your financial sector and potentially bring some gumption needed to stand up to a boss or person of authority who hasn’t been paying you what you deserve. If you want more, you need to ask. If you feel undervalued, you can always do something about it. Meanwhile, the sun in your third house exactly sextile Chiron in your fifth gives you the ideal balance of communicative and creative energy to kickstart a brand new project. Launch your Substack, write some poetry, or curate a hyper-specific playlist. If there’s a certain someone you’ve got your eye on, your window of time before Valentine’s Day is running out—so take a wild risk and confess.


The moon in your first house will likely launch valuable conversations at work, since you will appear both emotionally open and uniquely qualified. Step into your position of leadership but don’t be afraid to be a shoulder to cry on today, too. Share some of your own personal stories if you feel it will help clients or coworkers connect with you more. Your intuition is strong today, so you’ll probably make the right decision—especially since the sun is lighting up your second house, giving you excellent money management and negotiation skills. It’s also forming an exact sextile with Chiron in your fourth house, giving you an impulsive streak that might lead you to changing something substantial about your living situation. If you’re sick of conventionality in your living space, shake things up. No one is forcing you to maintain order except your self-imposed limitations.


For most of the day, the moon will be situated firmly in your twelfth house, bringing secrets and subconscious fears to the surface. You’ll want to wallow a bit, and that’s okay, but don’t turn to substances to drown your sorrows. Listen to some sad music and keep to yourself if you can. There’s no shame in needing some alone time. The sun has been in your first house all Aquarius season, making you the reluctant star of the show, but today it forms a sextile with Chiron in your third house. You might feel inclined to unburden yourself from the feelings you’ve been keeping to yourself and communicate. Don’t think you can talk to your friends about these specific concerns? Call a sibling or cousin to talk things out. If they live nearby, you’ll find it comforting to be in their presence. Allow them to support you.


Today the moon spends most of its time in your eleventh house, bringing out your sociable qualities and making you popular with others. It’s a good day to network or work on a collaborative project at work, but be wary of clashing ideologies or creative differences. Everyone will want things to be done their way, and some of the more stubborn members of your team might refuse to grant any lenience. Meanwhile, the sun in your twelfth house forms a sextile with Chiron in your second, providing you with unlikely but pleasantly surprising opportunities to monetize your painful struggles. If you are offered the chance to share your story, you might find it is both healing to you and others. Your bank account will get a nice boost as well. Sometimes it pays to be authentic. Literally

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