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Horoscope For Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Today is full of wisdom and unexpected circumstances for the zodiac signs!

At 12:07 am (EST), Mercury—the planet of communication, technology, memory, and learning—moves into the innovative air sign Aquarius. When Mercury is in Aquarius, we may feel more independent in our thoughts and speech, explore new views, question what doesn’t align with our worldview, and be more intellectual. This starts a new chapter as we push further into Aquarius season.

As we start our day at 6:47 am (EST), the Sun in Aquarius forms a sextile to the Moon in Sagittarius. While this transit only lasts a few hours, it makes us feel more rational in our approach, dynamics run smoothly between us and those in authority over us, and we may feel more relaxed and open to connecting with others.

However, at 7:55 am (EST), we may notice a shift as Mercury and Pluto—the planet associated with transformation and rebirth—form a conjunction at 6 degrees. During this time, unexpected circumstances may arise, such as learning secrets or information you didn’t know or dealing with negative thoughts that try to stick around and interfere with your day. With this in mind, it’s important to figure out the best way to work past these negative thoughts and handle any unexpected perspective shifts you may have when you learn new information. You have significant power and potential, but how you’ll use it is up to you.

Check out the signs below (Sun and Rising!) to see what today has in store for you.


You’re feeling more open and affirming of those around you, or at least willing to hear their perspectives today, Aries. Connecting with others regarding belief exploration may make you feel more bonded and like you’re part of something bigger than yourself. However, it’s important to be aware of the people you surround yourself with—today could introduce you to secrets that those closest to you share that could change your dynamics with others. You could also feel very fixated on negative thoughts about yourself and others—rather than feeding into them, it’s best to clear and work through them, not to hinder your relationships or plans for the future. It’s easy to become caught up in things not meant for you, so don’t let the distraction overcome you.


When it comes to your job (or any other place where you hold some authority), today is set to run smoothly for the most part, Taurus. You’re entrusted with responsibilities that you’re more than capable of handling, and dynamics between you and your coworkers or you and your bosses are in sync. However, you may become privy to knowledge that puts you in a tough position—whether it involves secrets, changes, or personal issues. You may not have asked to know these things, but it’s hard to release them once you do. You have some decisions to make, and keeping a level head will serve you well. Remember that you have to make the right choices, but also prepare for the consequences of standing your ground, for better or worse.


It’s good to look up to people, Gemini, but you may wonder who you can depend on today. You may be introduced to someone who can guide you in your next steps about where you’re going or what you want to do in your life, or you may realize the value of some of your close relationships and the wisdom they can offer. It can feel meant to be, especially if you struggle to figure out what you want. However, you may encounter unexpected discoveries that change your views of the person or the path you want to go into. We can’t fully see the negatives of what we want until we are deep within it. You could additionally feel pressured to take unethical shortcuts to get what you want, but you know that this won’t bode well in the long run. While it’s good not to waste opportunities you’ve been handed, trust that there will be others that won’t involve you compromising yourself.


You know your value, Cancer, but you may have trouble fully seeing it today. You are a dedicated person, and when you are depended upon to come through, you will do your best to make it happen. In your work life, this will likely be highlighted today as you receive what you are owed based on the work you’ve put in and potentially receive extra compensation in some form for your initiative. However, you may have trouble believing you are capable, and negative thoughts may be something you fixate on more than usual. We all struggle with this occasionally, so know you aren’t alone, but if you give in to these thought patterns, you’ll become a self-fulling prophecy. If you keep fixating on being worthless and unreliable, you’ll believe it. Talking about these feelings with a trusted confidant or therapist may help when these thoughts strike.


You’re trying to feel light and free today, but it’s easier said than done, Leo. You’re getting along well with others, especially those who align with your desire to be carefree and a little spontaneous. If you’re in a creative mood, you may find that teaming up with those you’re close to could inspire your art or work. However, you may come across some unexpected information about the people you deeply trust—whether they surprise you with certain behaviors or you learn something you didn’t previously know that changes your perception of them. Naturally, the information determines your reaction, but keeping a level head until you know the whole story is important.


You like to be in control, Virgo, but things won’t always go as planned. Most things are set to run smoothly, notably in your health and family areas. You will likely feel confident and assured in getting tasks accomplished, and you may even be able to rely on family or friends to help you earlier in the day. However, you may also come across some unexpected news about health or work matters—and it’s easy to want to spiral when hit with news you didn’t plan for. Rather than stressing out before you can see the full picture, know there could be a purpose to discovering these things now. You have time to get on top of things, and you will.


You’re feeling a little nostalgic today, Libra. You’re feeling a little more playful and creative, and support from your local community or close confidants nearby makes you want to be more carefree. However, today may also have you doubting yourself or worrying that you should be taking things more seriously. You may even feel pressured to change your relationship with the things you enjoy or that bring you happiness. It’s good to re-evaluate things occasionally, especially if certain things feel more like an addiction than a healthy dynamic. Finding the line between enjoyment and dependency is worth sitting with if you’re concerned about it.


Family can be a sense of support, but everyone has their secrets, Scorpio. You may find that today runs smoothly for the most part and that certain family members may support and inspire confidence in you, which is always something to cherish. However, you may come across things about your family, whether it involves personal family dynamics or generational aspects, that you aren’t sure how to feel about. It may color your perception of what you thought you knew. This could feel overwhelming, but you know how to sit with the heavier subjects others shy away from. Trust yourself to do so now and work through them as much as possible.


You’re feeling a bit nostalgic today, Sagittarius, but not everything is how you remember it. The relationships between your upbringing, those you grew up with, and the person you’ve become now feel aligned in ways you hadn’t noticed before. Conversations with people you’re close to could inform more of how you see yourself, and it feels like a kindness to be known so well. However, you may realize that how you remember certain friendships or connections, including viewpoints from siblings or cousins about things that happened years before, may differ from your own. Some of these differences could shift the usual comfort you feel, but remember that everyone is entitled to their perspectives—talking about these things helps us get closer to the heart of the matter.


You’re sitting with what is important today, Capricorn, but you may be challenged here more than you’d like. In some ways, you’re already familiar with the idea of what we lose making room for what it meant for us, or loss can show us what truly matters. While you may feel at peace with this idea, it doesn’t mean going through it is easy. Today may bring opportunities to clear out what isn’t needed and transform your idea of security and value. It’s up to you whether you are willing to let things go, but deep down, you know it’s the right call.


Who you are is undergoing significant changes, and it’s good to be ready, Aquarius. Overall, you feel accepted and supported today by friends, loved ones, and other groups you choose to spend your time with. You may desire to give more of yourself to others and show up for them in significant ways. However, today may also introduce doubts and changes in how you express yourself and what your needs are worth. Allowing yourself to grow and change is good, but growing pains exist for a reason. You may not be able to keep the life you have by the end of the journey, and today may show a small example of what you’ve outgrown. It’s good to pay attention.


It’s a good day to embrace healing, Pisces, but it doesn’t come without discomfort. You’re feeling optimistic with a strong desire to help others deal with their issues, and you feel supported in being a person who leads others in that process. However, you have to remember that you have your own healing that needs to take place, and it could fill you with imposter syndrome and uncertainty. The good news is that learning discoveries about yourself is on the table, and your intuition has much to say if you can take time away to listen. Yet, when difficult thoughts try to overtake you, it’s important not to cave into the doubt and fear that try to keep you isolated from the rest of the world. You are growing, you are healing, and you gave value. Remember that.

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