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Horoscope for Tuesday: December 5, 2023

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If you want to get things done on a Tuesday, it helps for the moon to be in Virgo. That’s precisely what happens today. The moon ingresses into Virgo at pretty close to midnight and sets us up for a productive day.

What’s more, with Venus at the critical degree of 29° Libra, it’s an excellent morning for partnership and collaboration between women, or on projects associated with beauty, luxury, and finances. The South Node, representative of karmic origins and the past, has been sitting fairly close to Venus for a while. Don’t be surprised if clients and business partners come back with a new—and potentially better—offer, or old flames show up in your DMs.

This is as much a time for romantic nostalgia as it is for business, although the moon in a Mercury-ruled sign will help you keep your wits about you and prevent you from making any rash, impulsive decisions.

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There is one small factor that might cause friction. By approximately 11 AM EST, the moon comes in exact conjunction with Black Moon Lilith. This transit has the potential to bring conflict between women, be they colleagues, lovers, or mother figures, but it also presents a powerful opportunity to channel some good old-fashioned female rage. If you’re feeling as though you are unheard in the workplace, this might be your chance to step up.

If you have something to say, don’t stay passive. Venus in Libra will soften any harshness, enabling you to tap into your diplomatic yet passionate side. Get it out of your system before 2 PM EST, though, at which point Venus will have moved out of pleasantly tactful Libra and into dark and moody Scorpio, where emotions are murkier and misunderstandings are more likely.

What can you expect today, based on your rising sign? Read on.


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It’s a great day to accomplish everything on your to-do list, with the moon in your sixth house of work, daily habits, and routine. You’ll be feeling energized and ready, although you may have to slow down and remind yourself not to act too impulsively when the moon comes into conjunction with Black Moon Lilith—and triggers wounds associated with female pain. Try to form alliances with other women in your sphere, rather than lashing out at those who incite unconscious resentment or jealousy within you. Venus in your seventh house of partnerships makes you an asset in business and romance today if you can control your impulse to take the lead—a difficult feat for you, Aries! As the day progresses, you will feel less inclined to take charge or even speak too much. By early afternoon, when Venus has ingressed into your eighth house of death, sex, and secrets, you’ll likely feel moodier and more emotionally reactive. Venus in Scorpio brings the perfect opportunity to delve deep into your psyche, either alone or with your partner. Spend the evening journaling your feelings or going for a run. Channel your psychological frustration into physical action.


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With the moon in your fifth house of creativity and pleasure, you’ll appreciate any project that involves right-brained thinking today, and you’ll shine if you must take a leadership position. However, when Black Moon Lilith conjoins the moon, you could find yourself at the mercy of others’ judgment. It might come in the form of a female boss’ criticism or a frustrating text from your mom. Do your best to keep the peace and don’t engage with any hostility. You have the potential to accomplish a lot at work today and bring in lots of money, especially if your work is a commission-based model. Venus in your sixth house of daily habits and routine will leave you a parting gift before the planet of wealth and beauty ingresses into your seventh house of relationships early this afternoon. If you’ve been flirting with a coworker, they might decide to take it one step further with the moon in sensual Scorpio tonight.


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The moon in your fourth house of family and domestic affairs will have you dreaming of your comfort zone this morning, but if you have to slog through the daily grind in office today, join forces with powerful women you can learn from. The conjunction between the moon and Black Moon Lilith, both known for their association with the feminine, will ignite one of two things: anger or admiration. You might receive frustrating news from your hometown regarding an older female relative, but don’t cancel your flight home just yet. Venus in your fifth house of artistry, pleasure-seeking, and children is at its final degree until early this afternoon, meaning you might also receive a blessing that is positive enough to outweigh the negative. You’ll be in a more productive mood this afternoon when Venus begins its transit of your sixth house of work and routine, though it is good to keep in mind that Scorpio can bring a dramatic edge to the planet of harmony and beauty. You might be tasked with doing the unpleasant jobs at work this evening.


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The moon in your communicative, community-oriented third house makes you particularly magnetic today. However, when the moon conjoins Black Moon Lilith, your particularly sensitive nature will be amplified, particularly in conversation with other women. Try something new: stand up for yourself, rather than retreating. Your sensitivity is a superpower, enabling you to navigate difficult conversations, but this is not the time to cry. Rather, it is the time to take charge. Venus in your fourth house of family and origins has been beautifying your home for the past little while, and you might receive one final blessing before the planet, which is naturally exalted in Libra, moves into mysterious and otherworldly Scorpio. From this afternoon onward, you may find yourself stepping out more often from the domestic domain and into the realm of your fifth house, which rules creativity, art, pleasure, and love affairs. Don’t be surprised if a Hallmark romance begins to unfold for you over the coming few weeks.


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The moon in your second house of money and values sets you up for a very work-oriented week in which your natural charisma provides you with plenty of opportunities to schmooze. When the moon comes in conjunction with Black Moon Lilith, correlated with all things female, you are going to be in your element, blending your leonine strength with women’s intuition to make good business decisions. You’ve been out and about during Venus’ time in Libra, casting rays of sunshine into your local network. If you attended a holiday party recently or met some new people in your community, expect to receive a follow-up message in the early afternoon before Venus moves into your fourth house of family and home. From this time on, you can anticipate a moodier, more private period, during which you would prefer to hang out at home, binging Christmas rom coms with your phone on Do Not Disturb. You’ve spent quite enough time in the spotlight for one season.


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The spotlight is on you today, although you might find your wounds are a little too visible with the moon and Black Moon Lilith sitting uncomfortably in your first house of identity. This can go one of two ways: you might find yourself incredibly emotionally aware and present, or you might become the target of seemingly unfair judgment and jealousy. Your relationships with other women today might feel particularly charged. However, with Venus in your second house of finances and values all morning, you might be pleased to learn you’re getting a holiday bonus or promotion in the new year—you can anticipate greater luxury at your fingertips this morning. By early afternoon, Venus will shift into your third house, making it a perfect time to communicate your most private feelings. The Scorpionic energy will add an angsty vibe that leads you to feel sorry for yourself. Call your therapist or write a vent poem.


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The moon in your twelfth house of dreams and the unconscious will sharpen your intuition today, especially when the conjunction with Black Moon Lilith hits and you’re faced with potential conflicts with the women in your life: friends, sisters, co-workers, or Mom. You’d prefer not to engage today, feeling much more inclined to sit back and observe the chaos—perhaps using some drama you witness today as inspiration for a writing project. This morning will feel different than the past several weeks in which Venus has been lighting up your first house of identity and appearance, making you the star of the show. Look forward to some final gift early today, especially if you work in a field that relates to beauty in some way: a viral TikTok, an offer to work with your dream clothing brand, or your crush following you back. Early this afternoon, your focus will shift dramatically, with Venus entering your Scorpio second house. You’ll be less me-centric and more willing to use your resources to work hard. If you want to earn extra money for Christmas, you’ll see to it that it gets done, even if you must go into self-imposed isolation or work extra hours.


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The moon in your eleventh house of networking and community makes you especially popular and well-liked today, so if you have a meeting with a client or a presentation or even a Zoom call, you’ll show up as your best self. The conjunction between the moon and Black Moon Lilith might throw some curveballs in your direction, especially if you’re dealing with other women. They might project their insecurities onto you. But it’s nothing you can’t handle, as you are well acquainted with the depths of other people’s psyches—and your own. You’re never surprised when someone makes you the scapegoat for their own issues. This slightly disconcerting vibe will continue until early this afternoon, when Venus moves from your twelfth house of isolation and loneliness into your first house. Here, it will draw attention to your uniquely enigmatic and dark beauty, casting a spotlight on your best features.


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Your career and reputation are in focus this morning as you awaken to the moon in your tenth house. It’s a great day to take on any type of leadership role at work, stepping up when no one else wants to—but you might receive jealousy or coldness from female coworkers whose projection feels like a personal attack. Try not to be bothered by this. When the moon conjoins Black Moon Lilith, conflicts surrounding women’s issues, and between women themselves, can cause disruptions to what might otherwise be a peaceful and friendly space. Venus in your eleventh house of community has been lit up with the harmonious energy of Libra for the past while, and today it reaches its critical degree, leaving you with a final message of hope: a new business contact, a handsome stranger, or an opportunity to manage a team. By early afternoon your mood will be slightly more introspective, as Venus settles into your twelfth house: the domain of solitude, the subconscious, and sleep. You might feel the need for a nap when you get home tonight. Pay attention to your dreams.


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Today is one of the best days to sit an exam or plan long-distance travel, with the moon in your ninth house as you awaken. If you’ve currently in higher ed or a religious community, you can expect some projected emotions coming from other women when the light feminine meets the dark: the conjunction of the soft, nurturing moon and the hard, angry Black Moon Lilith. Venus has probably been rewarding you financially while it’s been in your tenth house of career and reputation, and making you more attractive to strangers, so you can expect something to come full circle early today: a raise, a promotion, or an invitation to drinks from the stranger you’ve been making eyes at for the best few weeks. Venus in your eleventh house will make you all the more compelling, bringing out your natural sensuality and passion while the sign of Scorpio paints you in the most striking light. It might be Monday, but tonight is a good night to go out.


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The day begins with the moon in your eighth house of taboo, so you’re already going to be thinking of how to shake things up. By the time the moon joins forces with Black Moon Lilith, you’ll be determined to cause a scene. Although other women may be acting aloof at best, or hostile at worst, you can rest easily knowing that this is a case of projection. Lilith is often cruel in an attempt to be kind. Venus will leave your ninth house of expansion with a divine gift, such as an opportunity to travel abroad or a scholarship making it possible to attend grad school. Venus will ingress into your tenth house of career, legacy, and reputation in the early afternoon, celebrating your Scorpionic weirdness in a rather unexpected way. If anyone envies you for your success, remind yourself that the conventional way has never been for you.


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Your attention will be on your closest relationships today, with the moon in your seventh house of marriage and business partnerships. There is the potential for jealousy or revelatory secrets with the conjunction between the sensitive moon and the aggressive Black Moon Lilith, both associated with women and their emotions. Try not to let this phase you. Hold others’ triggers at a distance. Venus has been transiting your eighth house of sex, death, and debts, and is now about to deliver a final message before it leaves. This might come in the form of a shocking text from your partner—or your bank. Either way, you will know what you’re dealing with moving ahead over the next several weeks. Venus moving into your tenth house of public reputation will ensure your career is the bigger focus over the holidays, anyway. Work hard and remember that any relationship worth fighting for has its challenges.

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