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Horoscope For Today: Wednesday, November 22, 2023

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Today, November 22, 2023, the Sun enters the sign of Sagittarius. Although Saturn will square the Sun for the first week, this is the energy that will bring us a little more optimism and socializing. The Moon is also in fiery Aries, adding some element of spontaneity and fearlessness. See how the transits will impact your sign.

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Your social battery will be recharged with the Sun entering Sagittarius this week. You are heading in a new direction, feeling more confident and emotional with the Moon in your sign today. It is an enlightening transit that is going to motivate you to find achievement. You may put in more work during this transit to find your path to success.

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The day feels much more manageable with the Sun entering Sagittarius. With the Moon in Aries, there is a sense of nostalgia in the air. But this transit also helps you to recalibrate and make yourself the priority. It is a time for self-care and relaxation.

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Having the Sun entering Sagittarius today will feel exciting because it will help you start a new chapter with relationships. With the Moon in the sign of Aries, you will have a lot more enthusiasm to engage with others. This is a time of deep self-reflection, but you may feel motivated to get pending tasks done on your checklist.

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The day brings a lot more optimism, allowing you to face what is ahead with a lot more confidence and preparation. The Sun entering Sagittarius will feel like a new beginning for the next few weeks where you will be able to catch up with yourself and give yourself the attention you need.

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A lot of fire energy this day works in your favor with the Moon in Aries and the Sun entering Sagittarius. You are feeling playful, engaged, and inspired. A social setting will allow you to get back into your element. Relationships seem to feel more thrilling today and for the next month.

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Meditation and shifting the focus back to you could be important today as you are reminded to go slower and take things easy. You are feeling more ambitious during this Sagittarius season. Although you will have a lot of responsibilities, you know you can manage everything that is thrown your way with Saturn teaching you to be more patient.

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Having the Moon in Aries today will make you more open to having deeper communication with the people in your life. There is also the switch with the Sun entering the sign of Sagittarius, allowing you to energize your social calendar. Prepare for a month of entertainment with the people that bring you happiness.

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Today is the start of Sagittarius season, which means you are going to have a lot of fun. You are feeling resilient and unstoppable with the support you have been receiving from Saturn all year. Today will be a good day to plan, catch up with people, and do what brings you joy.

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We have officially entered your season. Today you get to appreciate your accomplishments as you reflect on everything that has happened in the last year. The Moon is also in fiery Aries, making you feel more adventurous, romantic, and passionate. Relationships could also have a deeper connection today, so expect some brief and sweet moments with love.

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This is a time for rest so you will feel a lot more grounded and focused for your next adventure. Today begins the focus for the next several weeks as you become reacquainted with your goals and vision.

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Today marks a very exciting day for Fire and Air signs with the Sun entering fun and spontaneous Sagittarius. You are settling into this energy and feeling a lot more connected to others. It is a great time to reconnect with an old project you may have worked on in the past.

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You have a lot of momentum building with the Moon in Aries inspiring you to dream big and accomplish as much as possible. Today is a reminder to take things easy and go slow now that the Sun is in Sagittarius, guiding you to the summit. The day sets the tone for the adventure you will have for the next several weeks.

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