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Horoscope For Today: Wednesday, December 20, 2023

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Today the moon is moving through quiet and dreamy Pisces, adding a disorienting haze to our familiar environments. You may find it increasingly difficult to discern the lines between reality and fantasy today, especially later on in the day. By approximately 8:00 PM EST, the moon will form an exact conjunction with Neptune, creating the ideal circumstances for confusion and delusion. Furthermore, the sun’s close square to Neptune adds the possibility for frustrating delays and challenges.

Relationships may hit confusing territory with Venus in close opposition to Uranus, reflecting chaotic interruptions and surprises. Love, finance, and beauty are all impacted, and Uranus sometimes represents very literal technological and electrical malfunctions. Long story short: make sure you unplug your Dyson before you leave the house this morning, but also watch out for any red flags from your new situationship. With this transit it will be difficult to deny the truth of the situation, though you may try to convince yourself that your intuition is leading you wrong. It isn’t.

Today’s most positive aspect is the trine between two earth signs, which will ground us even as we are tempted to lose ourselves in the Neptunian waters. Mercury at 5° of Capricorn forms an exact trine to Jupiter in Taurus, creating a steadying influence—and the power of abundance, particularly for those of you who are early-degree earth signs.

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However, even if you’re given an offer you can’t refuse today, remember that the old trickster Mercury is still retrograde. All that glitters is not gold. What looks too good to be true just might be. If you sign a contract today, it might be revisited later—or you might realize, come the new year, that you missed some crucial fine print.

Everyone will experience today’s cloudy energy differently, depending on their individual placements. Here’s a basic rundown. Check your rising sign for the most accurate forecast.


With the moon in its exaltation in your twelfth house, you can anticipate a heightened feeling of dizzying disillusionment, especially when it reaches conjunction with Neptune tonight. Your relationship and financial sectors might hit some snags today, with Venus in your eighth house opposing Uranus in your second. Consider how you and your partner are spending your money differently, and how this might impact your relationship in the long term. On a lighter note, you can expect your career to be positively highlighted today, with Mercury in your tenth house exactly trining Jupiter in your second. This could mean more money in your own pocket, should you choose to end a relationship that isn’t working out—but with Mercury still retrograde in Capricorn, resist signing any official contracts until the new year.

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The moon in your eleventh house draws you closer to your community today, broadening your horizons and introducing you to new acquaintances. You could meet people you feel like you’ve known your whole life, but by the time Neptune conjoins the moon this evening, you might realize you have gotten in too deep. Your more intimate relationships might feel fraught or tense today, with Venus in your seventh house forming an opposition to Uranus in your first. You will almost certainly find out some surprising news about your partner that shakes the foundation of your own identity, but remember that you are your own person, worthy of success on your own terms. Mercury in your ninth house trining Jupiter in your first mitigates the potential for serious conflict, although you might have to sacrifice some of your values in order to be seen—in relationship, in the workplace, and in your broader social network. Be wary of anyone who makes grandiose statements or elaborate promises today.

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Today your public image is highlighted in a major way, with the moon making its way through your tenth house and eventually coming to join forces with Neptune in the mid-evening hours. If you’ve been putting on a façade, this might be the moment the spell breaks—or you recognize something crucial about your self-image. Venus in your sixth house promises to bring a more positive energy to your workplace and daily routines, but its opposition to Uranus in your twelfth might represent mental burnout. If you’ve taken on more than you can handle, you might experience this exhaustion in the form of physical pain in your body. It’s a good day to check in with your therapist, with Mercury in your eighth house trining Jupiter in your twelfth. They’re likely to offer helpful advice, but Mercury—your chart ruler—is still retrograde, so the truth might be a bitter pill to swallow.

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Your spiritual world will feel very active today, with the moon transiting your ninth house and coming into exact conjunction with Neptune tonight. Your connection to the divine might feel stronger than ever, but keep your feet on the ground. Venus is currently stationed in your fifth house of romance, so if you’re seeing someone new, you might be tempted to say yes to a spontaneous dinner date—but with Uranus opposing it in your eleventh, you might be unpleasantly surprised by what they have planned. Mercury in your seventh house lends a positive energy to communication with your partner, though it’s still retrograde, so you could end up being misunderstood. Whatever happens is for the best; the trine to your eleventh house might bring you closer to one of your partner’s friends, or one of your own might show up at the right moment to rescue you from a date gone horribly wrong.

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You’re likely to feel gloomier and more introspective today, with the moon in your eighth house. By the time night falls and it conjoins Neptune, you might finally be able to schedule that cathartic cry session you’ve needed over the past few days. Your domestic home life and your career have felt at odds lately, with Venus in your fourth opposing Uranus in your tenth; perhaps your family has been acting as your shock absorber whenever something chaotic goes on out in the public realm. Mercury in your sixth house of work trining Jupiter in your tenth makes you want to talk about nothing but office politics, which might be dragging your closest friends and relatives down. Do your best to find some balance.

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Your closest relationships are heavily on your mind today, with the moon transiting your seventh house. You might give an ex a second chance or believe a new partner’s promises with the conjunction to Neptune, which can intensify your idealism and magical thinking. Be cautious before accepting anyone into your world today. Venus in your third house makes romantic communication easier, but the opposition to Uranus in the ninth might bring forth shocking ideological or cultural disagreements between you and a partner. Mercury in your fifth house trine Jupiter in the ninth will motivate you to complete creative writing projects, especially if you’re writing about spirituality or hoping to get something traditionally published, but be aware that with Mercury retrograde exerting its influence on your chart ruler, you might need to double-check your choice of words.

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You’ll feel foggy and uncertain about your role at work today, with the moon working its way towards conjunction with Neptune in your sixth house. Venus and Uranus directly opposing one another on your financial axis—the second and eighth houses—will undoubtedly bring forth some surprises regarding your money, and if you’re in a relationship, your partner’s. If you share resources, you’ll be facing this challenge together. Try to keep the money talks private. Mercury is retrograde in your fourth house of home and family, so you might be having intense conversations behind closed doors, especially if you’re planning or buying or selling a home right now. The trine from Mercury to Jupiter in your eighth is assurance that discussion will revolve around cash flow. Give each other grace as you work through this. No one likes to talk about death and taxes, but they’re both a part of life.

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The moon in your fifth house makes you especially alluring today, although there is a risk that potential partners will lead you astray, especially as the moon moves closer to its conjunction with Neptune in the evening. Watch out for liars, swindlers, and catfishes. Venus in your first house opposite Uranus in your seventh adds further intensity to your relationship to yourself versus how you are viewed in relationship to others. You might find you have been completely misunderstood by the end of your Hinge date, or your long-time partner might say something totally outlandish and seemingly out of character. This is time to lean into communication with all your closest partners, both romantic and business; with Mercury in your third house trining Jupiter in your seventh, you can expect lots of conversation flowing in that direction. Just remember that while Mercury is retrograde, there are bound to be misunderstandings.

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You’ll want to stay home and stay in bed today, with the moon in your fourth house of domesticity. By the time it catches up to Neptune in the later degrees this evening, you’ll (hopefully) be unwinding for bed, because your thoughts are likely to become increasingly fantastical. It’s best to avoid the temptation to fall down a rabbit hole. Just go to bed early. Meanwhile, Venus in your twelfth house opposite Jupiter in your sixth brings confusion between your mental and physical states. You’re likely to be feeling burnout from long, tedious work days. Mercury in your second house trine Jupiter in your sixth is likely to send you a new document in your inbox or across your desk, but be wary of signing it before Mercury is direct in the new year. Patience is a virtue, and your good fortune will come in the new year.

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You’re not always the best at communicating, with Pisces ruling your third house—and today, while the moon and Neptune hang out there, you’ll feel even more disconnected from emotional conversations. Rather than ignoring the discussions going on around you, try to listen. With Venus in your eleventh house of community, others will crave your input—although if the conversation surrounds romantic relationships or creativity, beware of putting your foot in your mouth. The opposition to Uranus in your fifth house might make you unpopular if you voice your true feelings. Mercury in your first house works in your favor, especially since it is forming a positive trine to Jupiter in your fifth. If you’re working on a creative project, you may find the process easier than usual. However, Mercury is still retrograde, so it’s not advisable to start anything new. Stick to those projects—and relationships—that you’ve already set in motion.

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The moon in your first house will give you a dreamy and warm appearance today, drawing others into your space—but be careful that you don’t unintentionally use deception this evening, when the moon creeps closer to Neptune and creates an illusory effect. Your ninth house is occupied by Venus right now, bringing harmony to your spiritual inner world, but Uranus in your opposing third house might send some shock waves through your system today. Don’t let your faith be shaken. Pick yourself up and keep moving. Mercury in your eleventh house forms a trine to your third, making communication easier within your larger network, but don’t make any plans in the group chat that haven’t been firmly established already—especially if they involve short-distance travel. Mercury retrograde doesn’t play.

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