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Horoscope For Today: Thursday, January 18 2024

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The moon is in Aries today, so we kick the day off feeling powerful, passionate, and possibly a little more short-tempered than usual. It’s a carpe diem kind of day during which you’ll feel motivated to speak your mind and chase your goals.

Though under the influence of this go-getter energy, you might be tempted to ignore or repress your pain, it remains under the surface nonetheless. Shortly after midnight, the moon forms an exact conjunction with Chiron, causing reflection on old and deep wounds. Though you may not be awake when this happens, the feeling will permeate throughout much of the day.

Also in close conjunction is the North Node, directing all of us forward into unknown territory. While we wish to remain in the realm of peace and harmony, the transiting North Node in Aries represents the proverbial draft card: we are forced to find our inner warriors whether we like it or not. At 9:49 AM EST, the conjunction will be exact. Expect some type of turning point this morning that forces you to step up and be brave.

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The North Node also forms a trine with Venus in Sagittarius, indicating that love connections formed at this time have a potentially long-lasting and karmic impact. This doesn’t necessarily mean that every partnership formed under this transit is marriage material. In fact, many are likely to be challenging and tumultuous relationships intended to teach us difficult life lessons. Venus is currently sitting at 22°, the critical degree associated with death, rebirth, and “do or die” energy.

The sun in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces form a sextile, creating fertile ground for creativity that is grounded in rationality and consistency. Those who are launching new businesses today or strategizing how to make more money through their creative talents, are likely to find success without falling prey to delusion or unrealistic expectations.

By 3:12 PM, the moon will leave fiery Aries and enter the softer realm of Taurus. You will prioritize basic comforts and feel rather less assertive. The evening will be peaceful, especially as the moon moves closer to its conjunction with Jupiter in the early morning hours tomorrow.

Read on to learn how today will be for each of the rising signs.


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The moon, Chiron, and North Node transiting your first house today makes you feel like a walking target, and it’s possible you could deal with minor physical injuries today. Be cautious when speaking your mind, as you could unintentionally trigger someone; on the other hand, your presence could be healing for someone else. The decisions you make today regarding your physical appearance and identity are likely to have strong, long-lasting effects, especially with the trine to Venus in your ninth house. If you take a strong stance during an argument, you’d best be willing to die on that hill, because it won’t be quickly forgotten. The sextile between the sun in your tenth house and Neptune in your twelfth brings mental health and substance abuse issues into the public sphere. This is a good time to come clean if you’ve been struggling, because your vulnerability will help others. The moon’s ingress into your second house this afternoon will bring the potential to profit off your emotional expressiveness and honesty. It’s time to be boldly and radically authentic.


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You likely feel inclined to hide away and isolate yourself with the moon, Chiron, and North Node in your twelfth house today. The North Node’s trine to Venus in your eighth house could bring sudden news relating to other people’s resources, including inheritances and student loans. Some of you will receive news about a relative who is hospitalized or institutionalized. The sun in your ninth house sextile Neptune in your eleventh highlights your community at large, especially those you met through an educational or religious organization. When the moon moves into your first house mid-afternoon, you can expect to appear more sympathetic to others and receive more care and support. Lean on your friends this evening.


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With the moon, Chiron, and North Node crowding your eleventh house, you’ll feel like you’re carrying the emotional burdens of your entire social network, for better or for worse. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the expectation to be everyone’s emotional support mercurial, you can at least lean on your partner or your best friend today with the North Node trining Venus in your seventh house. You can anticipate an important turning point in your relationship today, especially if you’ve been unsure whether to take things to the next level. Many of you will hard-launch your partners today. The sun in your eighth house forming a sextile to Neptune in your tenth will put you and your partner’s finances under a certain level of public scrutiny, but unless you’ve been engaging in deception, you are unlikely to face a long-lasting scandal. The moon will move into your twelfth house this afternoon, putting you in a slightly moodier and less sociable state of mind. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries after giving so much of yourself today.


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Your reputation is the major focus of the day, with the moon, Chiron, and the North Node in your tenth house driving you in the direction of your life’s purpose. Whether you do so reluctantly or not, you’ll ultimately be satisfied with the outcome. This is uncomfortable territory for you, but you are destined for innovation. The North Node trines Venus in your sixth house, putting emphasis on romance and money in the workplace. If you’ve been considering a relationship with a coworker, this might be the day you express your willingness to risk it all for love—or you might hard-launch them on social media, daring the naysayers to come at you. To add more heat to your relationship sector, the sun in your seventh house is currently forming a sextile to Neptune in your ninth. You may learn secrets about your partner’s philosophical or religious beliefs today that bond you closer together. Remember, intimacy is formed through close communication. The more honest you are with each other, the more likely it is that your relationship will thrive. The moon ingresses into your eleventh house later today, making you feel inclined to surround yourself with friends.


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There is an emphasis on spiritual and educational matters today, with the moon, Chiron, and the North Node in your ninth house. If you have been repressing religious trauma, events today might trigger it in a very unexpected and sudden way. This is especially likely with the North Node’s trine to Venus in your fifth house. If you’ve been dating a new partner, the inciting incident might be an offhand comment they make. If you’re single, a new creative project might subconsciously take you back to an unhappier time in your life. Do what you do best and turn your sorrow into something beautiful. The sun in your sixth house sextiling Neptune in your eighth will drive the impulse to make dark, psychologically honest art. If your wounds have been reopened, make use of that pain. This is a crucial time for you to heal. When the moon shifts into your tenth house this afternoon, you will feel more comfortable going public with your thoughts and feelings.


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The moon, Chiron, and North Node are drawing attention to an uncomfortable area of your chart: the eighth house, where all taboos become public. If your thoughts have been preoccupied with your own mortality or that of a loved one, you can thank the trine from the North Node to Venus in your fourth house of home, family, and your origins. Some of you will be preparing to say goodbye to an elderly relative and making peace with the inevitability of their passing. If this doesn’t ring true for you, it’s likely you’re dealing instead with rapidly growing debts and student loans—large sums of money that you’d rather keep private. Use this time to reflect on what you need to let go of in order to gain peace of mind. The sextile from the sun in your fifth house to Neptune in your seventh brings the possibility for romance and creative partnership into your life, perhaps when you least expect it. Keep your eyes open to all possibilities. Once the moon moves into your ninth house mid-afternoon, you’ll desire intellectual conversation that inspires and invigorates you.


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Your seventh house is crowded right now, with the moon, Chiron, and North Node all putting focus on your closest relationships. Those who are partnered are likely to face challenges and obstacles today, with potentially eye-opening dialogue from your loved one that either makes or breaks the relationship. You may find that your religious or ideological beliefs are not exactly aligned, and with the trine from the North Node to Venus in your third house, you won’t stay silent about what this means for your relationship’s future. There will be breakups today, to be sure—but for those of you who are single, there is the potential for seemingly chance encounters, too. With the sun in your fourth house forming a sextile to Neptune in your sixth, something relating to your work-life balance will settle—perhaps after a lengthy battle to find harmony. By the time the moon moves into your eighth house in the middle of the afternoon, you’ll probably feel emotionally drained. Let yourself rest.


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With the moon, Chiron, and North Node all in your sixth house, you’re in a workaholic mood today and you can easily achieve everything on your to-do list if you avoid distractions. The North Node trining Venus in your second house might bring a sudden financial windfall: a foreign investor, a scholarship, or a big sale from your Depop shop that puts some extra spending money in your pocket. Keep an eye on any of your higher educational, religious, or international connections, as they’re likely to be feeling generous today. Meanwhile, the sun in your third house forms a sextile to Neptune in your fifth; be cautious of any smooth-talkers on Tinder, because they’re unlikely to be exactly who you expect. Your intuition is strong today, though, so you are less likely to be swayed by whatever seems promising in the romance department. Keep your standards high and don’t stray off course. The moon will move into your seventh house later today, putting more intense focus on these matters.


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Your romantic and creative side is strong today with the moon, Chiron, and North Node in your fifth house. This is a great opportunity to introduce innovative suggestions to your existing boss or launch a new business. The North Node’s trine to Venus in your first house puts you in the spotlight, emphasizing your unique strengths and bringing an urgency to all of your passion projects right now. You may feel as though you need to change up your life right now or it will be too late. This is (probably) not true, as we have many windows of opportunity throughout life, but you might as well channel this anxious energy into something tangible. The sextile between the sun in your second house and Neptune in your fourth will reveal something about your family’s financial situation—or encourage you to start looking around for a new place to live. Some of you will receive notifications of rent increase or realize you’ve been misled to believe a seemingly perfect property has some issues after all. All good things take time, and once the moon shifts into your sixth house of hard work, you’ll more clearly recognize the value of patience.


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Your roots and origin story will be significant today, with the moon, Chiron, and North Node in your fourth house. You may hear about conflicts from your family or get caught in the crossfire of a dispute you wish you had no part in. Be tactful and understanding, playing the role of mediator if you can. The trine from the North Node to Venus in your twelfth house is likely to trigger some repressed memories or subconscious wounds you thought you had moved past. Healing is not linear. It is normal to occasionally face flare-ups of insecurity or doubt based on our past hurt. The sun in your first house sextiling Neptune in your third makes communication easier, so even if your relatives are at each other’s throats, you have the right to speak your mind. Try to find common ground with a sibling or cousin. You might find you agree on more than you thought. The moon’s ingress into your fifth house in the middle of the afternoon will lighten your spirits and make you feel more spontaneous, creative, and fun-loving.


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You are at ease in the hot seat today if you need to communicate ideas, since the moon, Chiron, and North Node are all transiting your third house. However, you might encounter stumbling blocks, like unintentionally triggering someone or facing car troubles that make you late to work this morning. Anticipate that there may be challenges and accept everything as it comes. The North Node’s trine to Venus in your eleventh house will cauterize any potential disputes between you and your friend group, instead allowing you to see who truly has your back and who is simply fairweather. Some of you may choose to cut significant people off today, while others will feel overwhelmed by the realization that a certain friend is truly in it for the long haul. Show your gratitude and appreciation. Meanwhile, the sun in your twelfth house making a sextile to Neptune in your second brings the possibility for financial gain or loss resulting from mental health or substance abuse issues. If you have been struggling to find the courage to talk about your recovery, it might be time to own up to it and help others find healing. On the other hand, if you need to step away for a while and seek help, there is no shame in this. The moon will ingress into your fourth house this afternoon, urging you to relax at home.


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Money is on your mind today, with the moon, Chiron, and North Node in your second house of finances. You’re either watching the numbers in your bank account rapidly go up or down. There’s really no middle-of-the-road; it’s one or the other extreme. This change to your finances is likely not new or surprising to you, but you’re still feeling some type of way about it, with the North Node’s trine to Venus in your tenth house of public reputation. Whether you’re making bank and gaining notoriety from a new project at work or giving away all your excess wealth to charity, you’re being noticed—and celebrated—by the public for your efforts. The sun in your eleventh house sextiling Neptune in your first house is also helping broaden your network and increase your popularity amongst your peers. Everyone is raising a toast to you right now. Don’t feel guilty about enjoying it. You worked hard for it and you deserve accolades. When the moon ingresses into your third house midway through the afternoon, you’ll find communicating your ideas easier.

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