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Horoscope For Today: Thursday, January 11, 2024

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As we build to the new moon in Capricorn tomorrow, the vibes will probably feel a bit off today. The energy preceding a new moon can feel anticipatory and induce anxiety, especially for those with major cardinal placements: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

Furthermore, there is a stellium of planets in Capricorn right now. The moon and Mars hang out very closely in the early hours of the morning, intensifying our emotions surrounding our careers and intensifying our work ethic. The exact moon-Mars conjunction at 4° occurs at around 4 AM EST, so you’re unlikely to be awake to experience it. As the day goes on, the moon shifts further away from aggressive Mars and allows us to separate our emotions from our impulses.

However, we can’t forget the outer planets. Pluto is currently sitting at the anaretic degree of 29°. This is causing major geopolitical upheavals, particularly in the United States, as the country undergoes its long and grueling Pluto return.

It’s an uncomfortable reality right now. While we are being challenged to channel our inner capitalists in order to succeed, the foundation of tradition is very obviously about to collapse. This is background noise in our lives right now, dominating every global news conversation. How do you navigate this seemingly impossible paradox? In short: work hard, but stay true to your convictions.

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A few other aspects in the cosmos are causing tension today. For one, the sun is squaring off against the nodes in Aries and Libra, bringing inevitable conflict between our values. While we try to forgive and forget, holding onto the peace of the past, we are confronted with harsh realities. It is time to stand up and fight for what you know to be true, no matter the cost.

An exact trine between the sun and Uranus suggests the possibility of major, shocking events on a worldwide scale today. Since both planets are in earth signs (Capricorn and Taurus, respectively), we can anticipate the startling revelations to surround corporate structures, business, power, and money.

If you’re curious how this action-packed day will manifest for you on an individual level, look no further than your forecast below. Check your rising sign, not your sun sign.


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The sun, moon, Mars, and Pluto form an intense stellium in your tenth house today, so you can anticipate a bit of everything in the workplace: revelations about your identity, emotional outbursts, conflicts, and transformations. For some of you, this may mean the ending of a job or a necessary purging of your current brand. Some of you will face scandals. The North and South Nodes in your first and seventh houses, respectively, form an almost exact square to the sun. Expect deep frustrations surrounding who you are, who you are expected to be, and what you desire from partners: romantic, business, and platonic. Money and values are also going to be on your mind, and many of you will choose to step down from positions—and leave relationships—that are no longer providing them with the support to reach their highest potential. The trine between the sun and Uranus in your tenth and second houses suggests a very sudden, potentially disruptive ending. Don’t be afraid. Rather, choose to embrace the unknown.


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The magnificent stellium of planets in your ninth house include the sun, moon, Mars, and Pluto. With so much Capricorn energy fuelling you, many of you will be making major business decisions at this time or entering new eras of financial abundance. This is especially true, for instance, if you work with overseas investors, or if you freelance remotely for an international company. Some of you will actually travel abroad to do business, while others will simply make moves from behind their screen. Whatever the case may be, the energy is strikingly focused on one single endeavor: making bank. Be prepared for sudden curveballs, though: a trine between the sun in your ninth house and Uranus in your first could bring shocking news from afar that destabilizes your sense of self.


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With the sun, moon, Mars, and Pluto forming a stellium in your eighth house, you can anticipate major changes happening in your financial life. If you have unpaid debts or loans, this might be the day you finally have to deal with them. If, on the other hand, you recently made a risky investment, it might provide you with a surprise windfall, but be cautious of anything that looks too good to be true. Today might be a day of uncomfortable realizations about what you—or your partner—has been doing with your money. The exact trine between the sun in your eighth house and Uranus in your twelfth is likely to bring shocking secrets to the surface, so if you haven’t been totally transparent with a partner about your finances (or vice versa), this might be the tipping point. Honesty is always the best possibility. If your relationship is stable, it can overcome this, but the conversation might be a little awkward.


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Today your seventh house is packed with planets: sun, moon, Mars, and Pluto, all leading up to the new moon in Capricorn that will inevitably shake up your love life in a major way. Are all of you getting engaged or dumped this week? Not necessarily, but some of you will certainly see your relationship transform in a dramatic and potentially emotional way. Those with Cancer rising in a late degree will be impacted the most heavily by the sun’s uncomfortable square to the lunar nodes in Aries and Libra. While the North Node is currently hanging out in your tenth house of career and the South Node in your fourth house of family, there is bound to be a disconnect between your private and public lives. Many of you have been working too hard and sacrificing your personal life—which will, ironically, cause your partner to feel less appreciated and more distant. Try to talk things through with tact and diplomacy, rather than self-sabotaging further with emotional outbursts. Meanwhile, the trine from the sun in your seventh house to Uranus in your eleventh brings unpredictable news from an acquaintance or one of your partner’s friends.


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This is the perfect day for you to bring your unique charisma into the office, considering the dramatic stellium of planets in your sixth house right now. Today is a day to show up and get shit done. You’ll work hard and feel more motivated than you have in a long time, but will you see results? It’s possible, but you might also have to deal with argumentative or hostile colleagues—or, in the worst-case scenario, a shutdown of the workplace due to external events you can’t control, like flooding or a severe snowstorm. Those who have been trying to get a job transfer in another country might get their wish today: the trine from the sun in your sixth house and Uranus in your tenth brings fortune your way, though you may have to sacrifice part of your identity or change your wardrobe in order to be accepted into this new role.


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For some of you, the stellium of planets in your fifth house has brought an intense new love affair into your world. Others are trying to conceive or babysitting a multitude of nieces and nephews while their parents are on the midwinter holiday you wish you were taking yourself. The sun, moon, Mars, and Pluto are all causing major shakeups to your creative expression, too, making this the ideal time to launch a new project. With the sun in your fifth trining Uranus in your ninth, you can expect some kind of success in your creative endeavors, especially if they relate to publishing or academia. There’s a lot of earth energy driving us right now, and you’re more than familiar with it. Seize the day.


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You might not want to get out of bed today, and it’s easy to see why, with so much drama going on in your fourth house. There’s a stellium including the sun, moon, Mars, and Pluto, and it’s making you feel like the biggest homebody imaginable. If you can take this day to WFH, it’s probably in your best interest; the majority of you will be laser-focused on your family life today, whether that is due to an elderly relative requiring your care, an annoyed parent sounding off in the group chat, or a pipe bursting in your basement. Capricorn doesn’t play around, and if you’ve been neglecting the practical side of life, you could be facing the consequences now. The lunar nodes squaring off in your first and seventh houses, respectively, make this a difficult time when it comes to trusting your intuition and allowing the past to fade away where it belongs. You may be violently forced into the present by a partner, who serves as the proverbial wakeup call you need to release yourself from the prison of nostalgia. If you do have to do some unwanted house repairs around this time, the trine between the sun in your fourth house and Uranus in your eighth indicates you might be able to access some sudden financial help at the last minute. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance.


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The stellium of planets in your third house will bring out your inner chatterbox today, and you might not be able to stop yourself from saying exactly how you feel. It’s not a bad day for giving a presentation or speech, if that’s what you must do at work. But be cautious: while the sun and moon add ease to communication, Mars and Pluto can create misunderstandings and cancellations you can’t come back from. Choose your words carefully, especially with siblings, neighbors, and anyone in your local community who you rely on for practical, day-to-day assistance. You can expect sudden, intense experiences in your closest relationships, with the sun in your third house forming an exact trine to Uranus in your seventh—you might hear something you didn’t expect in a million years, or find a text on his phone that makes you doubt his intentions. Instead of spiraling, be upfront and honest about your suspicions. The truth always comes out eventually.


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All you can think about today is money, with the sun, moon, Mars, and Pluto crowding your second house. It’s not a bad thing to be fiscally responsible, but you might find yourself more obsessive and paranoid about your finances today. Rather than spiraling into panic mode, channel this energy into finding side hustles or passive investment opportunities if your current job isn’t living up to your standards. The trine from the sun in your second to Uranus in your sixth will likely bring shocking surprises from your coworkers or chaos in the office itself. For some of you, this will be as mundane as someone randomly quitting or an electrical issue sending you all home for the day. For others, it will be news that actually lights the fire under your heels to leave a miserable job situation behind. You’ve probably been dragging your feet long enough anyway.


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You are the most important person in the room today, with a stellium of planets in your first house. The sun, moon, Mars, and Pluto are all putting a spotlight directly on your physical body and image. This transit will invite both positive and negative attention. While some people will defend you to death, others will project their own obsessive insecurities onto you. Late-degree Capricorn risings will have further challenges thanks to the square-off between the sun and the nodes, which are currently sitting in your fourth and tenth houses. While you’ve been content to work in accordance with the status quo for a number of years, taking comfort in the brand and image you have developed, there is nothing new to be gained career-wise from sticking to what you know. The people are growing bored by your throwback posts and tendency to ruminate over the past. Rather than banking on collective nostalgia to carry you through, you should instead take some time to focus your attention inward. Spend more time at home, where you can figure out exactly who you are now in this stage of life—and then step up with renewed confidence later. Meanwhile, keep an eye on sudden shocks to the system with the sun in your first house trining Uranus in your fifth. Some of you will become pregnant. Others will receive notoriety for some creative project. Still others will face gossip surrounding their love life. Don’t reveal your secrets quite yet.


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The sun, moon, Mars, and Pluto in your twelfth house of secrets and the subconscious can cause you to feel disoriented and out of step with the rest of the world, but you’re quite familiar with this energy. Be aware of strange dreams and nightmares; take note of themes that appear. The dreamworld is always more active and alive during new moons, but this one will be especially notable for you. Keep a dream journal by your bedside and avoid drinking alcohol, as it is likely to draw repressed anger and sadness to the surface. Furthermore, it can lead you to be more distracted, and the sun in your twelfth trining Uranus in your fourth spells trouble: you could potentially deal with an electrical or technological issue in your home that requires your immediate attention. Before you leave the house today, make sure you unplug all your appliances. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


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You’re popular today, but the stellium of planets in your eleventh house can bring a mixed bag of responses from people in your wider network. Some might be receptive to your ideas and opinions, while others are solely looking for a fight. If a frenemy is hanging on the periphery of your friend group, you’ll easily be able to sus them out today. In fact, they’ll probably make themselves known by their seemingly random acts of obsession, projection, or jealousy. You’ll probably have to communicate with someone you don’t necessarily like today, and don’t be surprised if they come at you with something outlandish: the trine from the sun in your eleventh house to Uranus in your third is indicative of a blow to your ego, but one that you will heal from quickly. Thankfully.

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