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Horoscope For Today: Thursday, February 22, 2024

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We begin the day with the moon in the late degrees of Cancer, where it has been drawing our collective attention to issues surrounding family, domesticity, and women.

At 7:30 AM EST, an exact conjunction forms between Venus and Mars in the sign of Aquarius. This occurs at 6°, a degree associated with Virgo—and therefore everything to do with communication and intellectual discourse. With the moon still in sensitive Cancer, words have the capacity to hurt a whole lot more than usual. Everyone will be feeling more sensitive this morning, for better or for worse.

As the planet of love and the planet of war link up in this unholy alliance, several things can happen: sexual energy can be intensified, we can experience clashes between our base instincts and our deepest desires, and impulsive action can supersede our rational thoughts when it comes to romance and pleasure.

The collision of these two opposing energies will inevitably incite over-the-top aggression and potential crimes of passion. If you get in an argument with a partner, hold your tongue; you are both at risk of saying things you might regret later once you’ve cooled down.

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By 8:41 AM, the moon will ingress from Cancer into Leo, catalyzing our egos after a few hours of emotional reactivity. For the majority of the day, there will be an elevated sense of pridefulness and desire to be noticed. News surrounding world leaders, including politicians, kings, and celebrities, is likely to dominate the headlines this afternoon as our concerns turn outward.

At 10:01 PM, a near-exact opposition between the moon and Mars and Venus at 6° will bring us back into sensitive territory, especially if you’re living with a partner. They might try to pick fights or project their insecurities onto you—or vice versa. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “don’t trust anything you think after 9 PM,” it’s certainly applicable tonight. Both of you will be feeling prideful and confident in your convictions, unable to see the forest for the trees. Turn off your phone and go to bed before any explosive arguments take place.

All in all, it’s a challenging day with some serious ups and downs, but it’s nothing you can’t manage if you weigh your words very carefully, pick your battles, and turn the other cheek.


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Early this morning the moon will ingress into your fifth house of creativity and enjoyment, inciting the confidence and courage necessary to take on the challenges of the day while giving you an ego boost that might just ruffle some feathers if you aren’t careful. What seems very natural to you might come off as controversial and abrasive to others. Watch your words and try to rein in your natural impulse, especially if you are in a leadership position. The Venus-Mars conjunction in your eleventh house is likely to agitate others in your social sphere, and coworkers will be at each other’s throats today. If you work with your partner, you might have difficulty separating business and pleasure—or your arguments might become everyone’s business as they take place on a public stage. Take some time alone to breathe and cool down before you respond to anyone in a hostile manner.


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With the moon spending most of the day in your fourth house, your attention is drawn to family matters, especially as they intersect with your creative and romantic life. On the other hand, as you seek to go inward, the Venus-Mars conjunction in your tenth house puts others’ focus on your public image and reputation. The balance between work and family life will be strongly highlighted now, and if you’re struggling with anything at home, it will be made visible through conflicts in public. If you have a large social media platform, details about your love life could become the focus of speculation. Be cautious not to fight back with angry words, no matter how overwhelming the rumors might be. It’s best to let karma deal with others. Keep your own side of the street clean and don’t worry about what others may be projecting due to envy or loneliness.


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The moon spends most of the day in your third house, making your communication skills stand out even more than they usually do. If it’s your day to lead a project at work or give a presentation, you’ll be prepared to do so with confidence and a healthy amount of ego. Go over your script a few times and double-check your emails before firing them off, though, as you might come off unnecessarily hostile today. Meanwhile, the Venus-Mars conjunction in your ninth house highlights difficulties in your relationships. Perhaps you’ve been doing long-distance for too long and you can’t put up with it anymore, or you’re realizing you can’t be in a relationship with someone whose spiritual beliefs aren’t aligned with your own. If it’s time to move on, it’s best to do so tactfully and civilly, with as few harsh words as possible.


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With so much activity illuminating your money axis today, you might feel exhausted or overwhelmed—or you might strike it lucky. For most of the day the moon hangs out in your second house of personal finances, drawing your attention to what you have and what you hope to build upon; meanwhile, the Venus-Mars conjunction in your eighth house of other people’s resources puts significant pressure on your partner or close business associates to start carrying their weight financially. If you’re in an imbalanced relationship of any kind, this might be the day one of you finally reaches a breaking point. You’re a nurturer by nature, so try to be a lover, not a fighter, even if your partner’s words are harsh—or you’re feeling uncharacteristically fired up to speak the truth. You know what you value, and it’s important to stand up for it, but sometimes it’s best to wait before we make impulsive decisions. Sleep it off and see how you feel in the morning.


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For the majority of the day, the moon is lingering in your first house, creating a contradictory energy. On one hand, you’ll be self-focused and absorbed in your own pursuits, while on the other, you’ll appear more emotionally receptive to others, who might start using you as an agony aunt. Don’t be afraid to put up boundaries before your friends and coworkers start crossing them. In fact, it’s wise to do so under today’s energy; the Venus-Mars conjunction in your seventh house is disruptive and downright chaotic to those of you in serious relationships, and you do not want to risk losing someone you love just because you both caught too heated and said some words you didn’t truly mean in the moment. You’re prideful by nature, but don’t allow that to control your emotions today. If you need time alone, don’t be afraid to ask for it.


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For most of the day, you’ll feel like you need more alone time than usual, especially if you are at your most creative when you’re in a state of isolation. The moon is hanging out in your twelfth house all day, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy and creating the ideal circumstances for ideas to flow naturally. However, this transit is potentially potent if you use substances, especially with the opposition to Venus and Mars in your sixth house of health. Try to avoid drinking too much. It might be Wine Wednesday, but you are more susceptible to tempting but ultimately fruitless endeavors, such as drunk-texting your ex and saying how you really feel. Keep the angry words to yourself and block his number instead. Take care of your physical and mental health today by giving yourself a healthy balance of productive tasks and indulgent self-care. It’s okay to show up for yourself.


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With the moon in your eleventh house today, you will feel especially popular and sociable, and you are certainly capable of schmoozing if you are trying to expand your social network—either for work or play. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the Venus-Mars conjunction in your fifth house is going to amplify your flirtatiousness. Under this cosmic energy you might send the wrong signals entirely by accident. If you are going out for a Tinder date tonight, be wary of any red flags they give off—especially verbal ones. Flattery can be used as a manipulation tactic. the other hand, if you are trying to land a new client or break the ice with a casual fling, you can easily charm your way into anyone’s heart today. Use your power wisely.


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The moon hovers in your tenth house for most of the day, giving you the opportunity to make some waves in your career. Whatever your goals might be for the day, you are likely to accomplish them. However, this is a crucial time to remember that what you build at home influences your public life. If something is rotten at the root, it will eventually metastasize outward. If you’ve been keeping family secrets close to your chest in order to succeed in your career, this is probably the time you will need to come clean. Venus and Mars form an exact conjunction in your fourth house today, causing clashes of ideology and personality that will have a ripple effect, inevitably impacting your productivity at work. If you need to take some time off to manage a family crisis, there is no shame in that. Don’t try to power through the impossible.


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The moon in your ninth house places a spotlight on your deepest beliefs, plus your desire to broaden your knowledge. If you’ve been considering joining a religious group or taking a night class, you might find the perfect opportunity today. You’re likely to exude confidence and joy to those around you, and they will welcome you into this environment, so don’t be nervous to show up. On the other hand, your communication—especially to larger social groups and on social media—is probably going to be misunderstood today, with the Venus-Mars conjunction causing disruptions in your third house. If you’re in a relationship, there might be clashes between your partner and your siblings—while you’re caught awkwardly in the middle. Try not to engage, and instead wait for the storm to pass. Play the mediator as best you can today.


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Whenever the moon occupies your eighth house, you tend to find your thoughts drifting to the more taboo aspects of life, including death and taxes. You can’t put off thinking about these realities forever, no matter how hard you try to keep yourself focused on material success and building your legacy. Today you may learn something about an inheritance or debt that you’ve been ignoring. With the Venus-Mars conjunction in your second house, also related to finances, you are going to have to discuss your economic situation with your partner—romantic or business. You might even exchange a few hostile words at each other in the process. If your five-year plan isn’t lining up, or one of you is spending significantly more than the other, you may have to reconfigure some things, like your budget for the year. Money is an unfortunate reality that cannot be avoided, and it can be a touchy subject for someone. Healthy and honest conversations about it are the only way to overcome difficulties.


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With the moon in your seventh house for most of the day, and your thoughts focused heavily on your partner and closest friends rather than yourself, you will probably do everything you can to distract yourself from the unfortunate truth of the matter: there is a Venus-Mars conjunction on your ascendant that is bound to make you into a walking trigger for everyone in your life. With the planet known for its peaceable harmony conjunct the planet of violence and war, you’ll be dodging metaphorical bullets from all sides: those who seek to idealize you by putting you on a pedestal, and those who misunderstand your RBF as an invitation to verbally harass you. Stay calm and, if possible, surround yourself with your support system today. They will shield you from the combative energy all around you.


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The moon is situated in your sixth house today, giving you a serious jolt of energy and creativity that will drive you to succeed in any project you’re working on. If you have to take the lead, all the better. You’ll bring a very enviable strength to the table that will cause others to admire you. However, disapproval might also come at you hard and fast, seemingly undeserved. Venus and Mars conjunct in your twelfth house is known to reveal hidden enemies, so if you get bad vibes from someone who is typically on your side, try to keep them at arm’s length today. On the bright side, the planets associated with love and sex can also sometimes encourage secretive or mysterious love affairs, so if you’ve had your eye on someone you can’t have, you might just get the chance to live out the forbidden romance trope in real life

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