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Horoscope For Today: Sunday, March 10, 2024

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Today, we venture into contradictory energy. A part of ourselves excitedly affirms yes, while another defies with a resounding no. The Moon, our collective emotional messenger, ventures in the realm of ethereal, dreamy Pisces. We desire love, romance, creativity, and spiritual connection. Our heart sings with whimsical hope. However, strict Saturn will conjunct, or blend energies with, the Moon. This vastly shifts the emotive, carefree vibe into a more level-headed, stubborn tone.

The Universe may allow us a gentle Sunday, so long as we don’t neglect our responsibilities, values, and boundaries. While rose-colored glasses may enrich our weekend plans, they could also potentially create illusionary mirages. Be transparent about your plans. Miscommunications can pop up all too easily. While part of you will want to be compassionate, another may lean into controlling or narrow mindedness. Be balanced, fair. Allow the carefree and careful sides of yourself to co-exist.

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Some Sunday’s are for getting dressed up and taking on the world. This isn’t one of those. Your bed will feel all the more hard to get out of. The blankets envelop you in warmth. It feels so daunting to even think about going out the door. Maybe it’s time to slow down and rest? As today’s Pisces moon dances with limiting Saturn in your solar twelfth house of solitude, the need to recharge is real.

Your dreams may have been particularly charged, vivid, or strange. Your emotions are heightened. Confusion hits, with a dash of brain fog. To work with the present energy, lean into emotional release. You’re human. Today is one of those days to allow yourself to prioritize your mental wellbeing above all else. Preventing burnout should be your only objective.

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Today, you have places to go and people to see. Your solar social, active eleventh house is activated by the Pisces moon. However, challenging Saturn is in the mix, creating obstacles to your feeling of belonging. Perhaps miscommunications pop up, people need grace, friends change their mind, or rain checks are in order. Whatever it is, make time and space for your Sunday plans to change.

As you prioritize your energy, you’ll come to realize that you can’t achieve everything you’ve hoped to. It’s okay to just do what matters most to you this Sunday. Give yourself and others compassion. You can’t be perfect. Do the best with what you’ve got.

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The weekend has hit, but you’re likely still in work mode. Your energy chants go, go, go. The Pisces moon is hitting your solar tenth house of purpose, meeting with Saturn. The planet of efficiency will only heighten your desire to be productive. Catch up on assignments, start practical projects, run errands, clean or renovate the home. Whatever you do, make it count.

If you try to relax without completing some of your to-do list, you’ll be met with a racing mind. What’s the use of trying to distract yourself when you could improve the situation? Your time is an investment. Today, put your money where your mouth is. Focus on matters you’d like to see blossom in your life.

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With strict Saturn hanging out with today’s Pisces moon in your solar ninth house of philosophy, expect mindset shifts. To handle matters maturely, be open minded. You may be confronted with limited perspectives from outsiders. Or, on the other hand, you may need to challenge inherited or social beliefs that were never your own internally.

As you peer through a wider lens, the world shifts around you. For some Cancers, this may be due to travel or new cultural experiences. In general, today sparks newfound knowledge due to expanding comfort zones. Are you up for the challenge? Or will you dig your hand in the sand?

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It’s easy to love, it’s the trust part that can be difficult. As the Pisces moon hits your solar eighth house of merging with others, you’ll crave intimacy. However, limiting Saturn is also in the mix. While you want to let loose, you feel yourself tighten up. While you crave being understood, you find yourself shutting down or turning away.

In order to achieve the depth you desire, it’s time to open up. Let others see you as who you are, in all your moods or tones. Not just when you’re happy or feeling in control of your presentation. Who are you when you’re sad, lost, confused? When you’re angry, frustrated, hopeless, desperate? These moments of vulnerability are where trust is built. Let others hold you. And if they can’t, you know who isn’t emotionally safe to share living life with.

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As much as you want to be what everyone else wants of you, you need to be there for yourself, too. Today’s Pisces moon visits your solar seventh house of relationships. Others want your time, energy, attention, or care. But with mature Saturn also present, it’s time to get real. How much can you give to others without neglecting yourself? What boundaries are needed in order to ensure this balanced give-and-take?

Virgo, it’s not news that you’re prone to giving of yourself endlessly. You’re the star of acts of service. However, keep this Sunday pleasantly social. Spend time doing what fuels you with others. Not what you feel obligated to do for others.

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Today, take care of your somatic responses. Your body is yearning for its messages to be heard. Maybe you need to let some steam off with a run. Perhaps your muscles feel exhausted and you can get a massage. A good stretch, healthy juice, hydrating, eating well. All of these responsibilities we have to our physical health get lost in the demands of everyday life all too often.

This is the Sunday to set your standards of well-being high. Your mind, body and spirit are in need of calibration. Strict Saturn meets the Pisces moon in your solar sixth house of health. While you may want to downplay your needs at first, lean into the sensations that arise. These will be messages of what needs tending to.

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Today’s Pisces moon energy is full of romantic longing. We’re searching for the object of our affection to pour love into. With that said, strict Saturn catches up with the moon, shifting the vibe of carefree playfulness into demanding commitment. As this all occurs in your solar fifth house of joy, it’ll become clear that in order to get through today, you need to prioritize your long-term happiness.

As much as temporary satisfaction will tempt you, dig your heels in. If this passing emotion will come with more pain than pleasure, then is it worth it? When you make your choices this Sunday, visualize your future self cheering you on. What would they choose? What have they done to become content in life?

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Today, pause on running towards your ideal future. Live in the moment of here and now. As the imaginative Pisces moon transits your solar fourth house of family, you feel the longing to connect. However, limiting Saturn intertwines with a watchful eye. We want to please our loved ones. But we must ask which sacrifices are worth it, and which aren’t necessary to show we care.

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As the day progresses, you may find yourself digging up the past. In a positive fashion, you may reminisce on fond memories and remember the good days. On the other hand, you may be hit with a wave of heavy emotions you had thought you forgot. This is the Sunday to take a good look at where you come from so you can see if it’s interfering with where you’re going.


It’s hard to give language abstract feelings. With the emotive Pisces moon transiting your solar third house of communication, you can’t help but wear your heart on your sleeve. Saturn adds an element of transparency. Your tone and body language give you away before words ever could. You may find that your feelings are changing by the hour, or even by the minute.

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As you lean into the ebb and flow of your day, you’ll find more peace sorting your scattered thoughts out loud. Chat with a loved one. Share your fears, concerns, worries, and lean on their shoulders. As you get it off your chest, you’ll feel immense relief. Sometimes, it’s not about solving the problem. You just need to be validated and heard.


Today, power struggles can emerge. While it’ll feel compelling to convince others why you should take authority, or others feel determined to lead you, relax. The truth is, everyone can be the authority of themselves. Everyone’s opinions are valid to them. Defiance strikes as Saturn meets the Pisces moon in your solar second house of values.

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Questioning of moral codes arises. You feel your integrity is on the line. This could potentially become a bonding experience if you discover that you share the same ethics as another. However, you may find that you see things very differently. Can you find common ground naturally? Or do things feel forced?


Today is your day. With the Pisces moon in your solar first house of identity, it’s time to dive into the relationship with yourself. Self-expression is key. Makeovers, dressing up, and accessories that speak to your personality uplift. It’s time to release self-doubt. Replace it with curiosity to get to know and explore life with yourself.

As the day passes, you’ll find that this Sunday asks for the mature, grown version of yourself. Wise Saturn enters the energetic arena. There’s a seriousness to the air. You may feel tested to retreat into unevolved patterns or energy. Keep pushing towards your higher self.

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