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Horoscope For Today: sunday, February 4, 2024

At midnight, the moon in Scorpio forms an exact inconjunct with Chiron in Aries at 16°, a degree associated with Cancer. This brings forth the potential for healing through anger, particularly in the family home or with women and children in your surrounding environment.

This might sound counterproductive, but keep in mind that while Scorpio and Aries form an awkward quincunx and aren’t all that alike, they are both ruled by the planet Mars—and thus hold some inherent similarities. Chiron in the masculine Aries is bringing certain painful realities to the surface, while the moon in feminine Scorpio provides us with the inner clarity to explore our uncomfortable emotions.

There is similar energy going on with the Venus-ruled signs today, as the South Node in Libra forms an inconjunct with Uranus in Taurus at 19°, a degree associated with Libra. As you might have guessed, the goal of the day is to achieve harmony, beauty, and balance—all noble Libran pursuits—but achieving it will be challenging with the awkward aspect to Uranus, which is likely to cause unexpected shakeups among partnerships and keep us grounded in our stubborn ways.

At 10:26 AM EST, the moon will form a sextile to Mars in Capricorn at the infamous 22° placement associated with Capricorn—and occasionally, brutal endings and beginnings. It isn’t nicknamed the “kill or be killed” degree for no reason.

Anyone who has been ignoring emotional damage in the workplace or with people in positions of authority over them can anticipate some sudden, do-or-die decision to be triggered by this transit. The good news is that since sextiles are usually quite positive, any seemingly emotionally driven action is likely to result in success.

On the other hand, there is potential for violent clashes in workplaces and attacks against business and political leaders. Those who have been quietly allowing their emotions to build over time might choose to act on their irrational impulses today. It is wise to keep an eye out for headlines in the news this morning that revolve around these themes.

How is the day going to go for you, though? Check your horoscope for your rising sign below.


The moon in your eighth house inconjunct Chiron in your first places you in an uncomfortable position today, wherein you might have to provide personal resources to a member of your family. You may feel as though you’re doing this with reluctance or regret, but it’s part of your path forward: you are healing your own karmic debt by providing this. Meanwhile, the South Node in your seventh house inconjunct Uranus in your second house suggests your financial situation is changing as a result of your partner; you might argue about whether to allot the aforementioned resources, or butt heads over how much is appropriate. Beware the money talk today. It can make or break relationships. Speaking of that, the moon in your eighth house sextile Mars in your tenth will amplify the urgency of emotional actions you take today. Don’t do anything in haste.


Your relationships are emphasized today with the moon in your seventh house, but the inconjunct to Chiron in your twelfth brings some difficulty into the home. You might learn some disquieting secrets that knock you and your partner off-balance, especially if they relate to your family—or theirs. The South Node in your sixth house inconjunct Uranus in your first leaves you unsettled with your work-life balance, and brings up feelings of inadequacy; you’ll likely be frustrated as you face the uncomfortable truth that you are sacrificing a part of your identity to accomplish everything you are expected to. This realization is a part of destined path, and you will begin the journey forward. The moon in your seventh house forms one more important aspect: a sextile to Mars in your ninth, driving you to take action on a spiritual, academic, or foreign affair. Your partner is likely to be supportive. Some of them might decide to come along for the ride.


With the moon in your sixth house inconjunct Chiron in your eleventh, your emotional focus is on your daily routine and habits, but your larger social network is trying to drag you out of your comfort zone. This is supposed to happen. It’s all a part of the path to healing, and even if you feel disgruntled at first, you will inevitably be glad you put your best foot forward—especially if your network is a broad group of supportive women or family friends. You are being pulled into a group where your identity will be respected and celebrated, and there is an air of familiarity about them that you can’t shake. The South Node in your fifth house has had you longing for community and pleasure for a long time, and the inconjunct to Uranus in your twelfth is about to send seismic ripples outward. Meanwhile, the moon in your sixth forms a sextile to Mars in your eighth, meaning that you might have to reveal some of your most deeply held secrets in order to better yourself. Don’t hold back any longer. Your vulnerability is desperately needed.


Your creative and romantic affairs are about to become very public, with the moon in your fifth house forming an inconjunct to Chiron in your tenth. You might hard-launch your partner or announce that you’ve decided to write a book, and instead of support from your friends and family, receive some brutal honesty. While it might sting in the moment, pay attention to their advice, as your previously unhealed wounds are not worth re-opening for someone or something you aren’t totally sure about. The South Node in your fourth house inconjunct Uranus in your eleventh is likely to bring a similar push-pull energy between your private home life and your outward social presence; think Flipside versus the original Instagram. It might be timer to consider the “dark social” phenomenon until you’ve figured things out for yourself. Meanwhile, the moon is hanging out in your fifth house and making a sextile to Mars in your seventh, causing immediate action to be taken in a relationship. Are they worth it? Are they willing to go the long haul? You might have your answer by the end of the day.


The moon in your fourth house forms an inconjunct to Chiron in your ninth, causing friction between your home and family life and your desire for independence or freedom. You’re going to want to get out and explore, but the needs of your loved ones will have to come first today. Put aside your ego and show up for them. At least some of you have been taking care of an elderly relative, and today might be the day that you become overwhelmed by this role. To further complicate matters, the South Node in your third house will bring siblings, cousins, and other extended family into your sphere, and the inconjunct to Uranus in your tenth might make you the designated decision-maker. The moon in your fourth house making a sextile to Mars in your sixth sets the stage for an eruption of sorts at work: a coworker might project their rage at you for prioritizing your family life. Only you know what is best for you.


The moon in your third house puts focus on your immediate environment, especially your siblings and extended family, while the inconjunct to Chiron in your eighth offers an opportunity for immense healing. Your family might start offering you financial assistance or revealing more about your shared generational trauma, validating suspicions you’ve had for years—or decades. You do not have to bear the burden of this karmic debt all on your own. The South Node in your second house inconjunct Uranus in your ninth puts you in a strange liminal space: on one hand, you’ve healed your weird relationship to money, but on the other, you’re striving for more material and spiritual experiences now that you’re earning and saving more. You can’t be fully free just yet, but you feel as though you’re right on the brink of huge change. Last but not least, the moon in your third house sextile Mars in your fifth gives you a burst of creativity that you feel compelled to live out in your material reality. Everything you do can be art. Romanticize the mundane details of your life.


Money is on your mind, but your partner might not be happy with the way you’re spending—or you might be discovering that you don’t, in fact, share the same values. The moon in your second house forms an inconjunct to Chiron in your seventh, meaning that the realizations you have now about your relationship—or relationships in general—are valuable life lessons worth keeping in your back pocket. If you find yourself repeating relational patterns, it might be time to flip the switch. Meanwhile, the South Node in your first house forms an inconjunct to Uranus in your eighth, giving you a sudden shock that allows you to reflect on how much your internal world represents your physical appearance. Are you self-censoring to fit in or quieting your desires to be seen as more socially acceptable? The moon in your second house’s sextile to Mars in your fourth will set off action—or some kind of argument—in your home or family. You’re sick of being fundamentally misunderstood.


You’ll be extra sensitive today, with the moon in your first house making you feel all the feels; the inconjunct to Chiron in your sixth will make it incredibly difficult to focus on the drudgery of work or cleaning the house. You want to wallow and have a good scream-cry, and sometimes that’s okay. Seek solace among things and people that bring you comfort. The South Node in your twelfth house inconjunct Uranus in your seventh makes your partner feel particularly—even uncharacteristically—distant today, so they might not be the one to lean on during this period. With the moon in your first making a sextile to Mars in your third, you’re going to want to talk to your friends, siblings, or a random stranger at a coffee shop. You have permission to trauma-dump today. Your community is ready and waiting for you to come to them for help.


If you had weird dreams last night, or your mental health is on shaky ground, blame the moon in your twelfth house. Some of you drank a little too much last night or got swallowed up by their sad playlist in the middle of the night, so it might feel like a rocky start to the day. However, there are karmic lessons to be learned and healing to be accomplished: the moon forms an inconjunct to Chiron in your fifth house, enabling you to communicate your feelings more vividly through creative expression. Draw, paint, or journal today; you’ll find it easier to speak through any medium besides words. The South Node in your eleventh house inconjunct Uranus in your sixth all but guarantees you will be balancing your longing for a past partner (plus the social circle they provided) and the current burden of routine and work. You might feel as though your job and coworkers are draining your energy; you’ll reminisce about the person you were in your past relationship rather than the person you are showing up as now, tired and bored with life. On the bright side, the moon in your twelfth house makes a complementary sextile to Mars in your second, giving you the know-how and the confidence to ask for more money at your job or to lay the groundwork for a new business.


The moon is in your eleventh house, making an inconjunct to Chiron in your fourth, so while you might wish to be as sociable as possible today, some generational trauma is going to require more of your attention. Whether an elderly relative is quickly going downhill or all your siblings are at each other’s throats, you’ll want to make decisions based on what is morally just. Don’t exhaust yourself trying to be the mediator. The universe will take care of that for you, with the South Node inconjunct Uranus. This takes place in your tenth and fifth house, respectively, potentially causing friction between you and a younger relative or a new partner you’ve recently introduced brought into the fold. You’ll inevitably feel as though you’ve been thrust into the role of “most qualified person in the room,” which you’ll probably resent—but it has the potential to reflect well on others who look up to you. The moon in your eleventh house sextile Mars in your first house brings the potential for self-destructive behavior if you’re feeling overwhelmed or exhausted. Indulge in some self-care and go to bed early tonight.


With the moon transiting your tenth house, your career and reputation is highlighted, but the inconjunct to Chiron in your third suggests some type of communication breakdown. If your extended family aren’t particularly happy with your career choice or believe you’ve developed a bit of an ego as you rise to the top, they’re not going to stay quiet about it today. No one can humble you like your own family, after all, so try not to feel too offended by their words. Meanwhile, the South Node in your ninth house inconjunct Uranus in your fourth has you primed and ready to fight for your deeply held convictions while also contemplating the value of your spiritual upbringing. Quite a few of you might be on a faith deconstruction journey right now, hanging out in that confusing space where you’re nostalgic for the positive parts of your childhood religion and resentful of the limitations that it placed on you. The moon in your tenth house making a sextile to Mars in your twelfth brings your secret struggles to the light, so be wary of reactivity; you might feel uncomfortable with the whole world knowing your struggles, but in the long term, it always feels best to get them off your shoulders.


Your relationship to religion, learning, and growth is challenged today, with the moon in your ninth house inconjunct Chiron in your second. You might experience this as a sense of deep loss in the moment, but remember that no matter what happens, you are being directed on the right path for you and you alone. Some of you will realize you can’t afford your dream school or you can’t move abroad due to your credit score. Whatever the case, it will be a wakeup call for you in regard to how you steward your finances. Meanwhile, the South Node continues its transit of your eighth house, forming an inconjunct to Uranus in your third house. Journal or write about your relationship to money, or talk to your siblings and extended family about your concerns. They might give you some harsh truths, but you’ll be glad you got some much-needed brutal honesty. The moon in your ninth house makes a sextile to Mars in your eleventh, causing some type of hostility or resentment towards a perceived social group; because of some rejection, you might have to release a group of friends who simply won’t be supportive to you on your journey forward. Don’t despair over this. Some people, and dreams, are not meant for us. There is always something better coming

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