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Horoscope For Today: Sunday, February 25, 2024

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Today’s the day! The last full moon before eclipse season is here.

This particular full moon occurs in the sign Virgo at 5°, a degree commonly associated with Leo and all things glamor, fame, creativity, and luxury. This bold and courageous leonine energy combined with the mercurial elegance of Virgo makes this a standout lunar event. There is room for great, expansive dreams, restrained by realism and practicality. The world is taking risks, but they’ve been calculated wisely and deemed to bring prosperity.

If you have any major Virgo placements around 5°, this is inevitably going to be a grand, potentially life-changing couple of days for you, but the nice thing about moon cycles is that they impact everyone. Under the full moon, secrets come to light. No one is safe from the revelations surrounding Virgo themes that are sure to crop up: pay attention to celebrity scandals and news surrounding the royals, especially if they relate to leaked documents.

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You’ve probably already felt the effects of the full moon in the past few days; many people report sleep disturbances, vivid dreams, and emotional reactivity around the time of the full moon. The actual full moon occurs at 7:31 AM EST.

How will this hit you personally? Firstly, you can look back to what you were doing around September 14th, 2023, at which point the new moon in Virgo set a new six-month cycle in motion. Read through your old emails, text messages, and journals, and take note of any relevant themes.

Secondly, you can read your forecast below—preferably for your rising sign, if you want the most accurate prediction. Hang in there and indulge in some self-care tonight if your emotions are running high.


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This morning the full moon illuminates your sixth house, drawing attention to matters surrounding your job and daily habits. Many of you started new jobs back in September or committed to a new health and wellness routine; the results of these endeavors will become very evident to you now. Will you get the promotion or the accolades from your personal trainer? If you’ve been putting in the work, congratulations might be in order. They say it takes 40 days to build a habit, so six months is more than enough time for something new to feel natural and ritualistic to you. Either you’ll hit a new milestone this weekend or face the consequences of doing too much too fast: burnout. If you’ve been engaging in workaholism and neglecting your health, you might finally be granted rest through illness. Count this as a blessing in disguise and use this time to ground yourself.


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What you conceived last September will be birthed now, until the full moon in your fifth house of creativity, pleasure, and children. The most literal manifestation of this energy is a pregnancy, so if you have been trying to conceive with no success over the past six months, you might receive the best news of your life this weekend. If you actually go into labor today, you’ll bring a full moon baby into the world—a soul destined for huge, transformative things. For those of you who are cringing at the very thought of a positive pregnancy test, this energy will nonetheless show up in a different way in your life. You might end a short-lived whirlwind romance, realizing that your partner is not in alignment with you. If you launched a creative project back in the fall, you could see the fruits of your labor now, perhaps by catching the attention of a prominent figure in your industry or a celebrity ambassador.


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Your home and family life is brought under cosmic review this morning when the full moon casts its light on your fourth house. Some of you will be physically relocating, with all the complications and stressors that that involves. Those of you who started your house hunt back in September and have been struggling to find your dream home since then, this might be the weekend your realtor finally shows you the property you’ve been secretly manifesting on your secret Pinterest board for months. For those of you who are happily settled in your place of residence, you can expect some news regarding a relative to reach you this weekend. If your grandmother’s health has been declining since the fall months, you might get word she’s going into hospice this weekend. Make the trip home to be with your family if you can. If you’re at a distance, give your parents a FaceTime call and some positive words of encouragement.


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With the full moon looming large in your third house, your community, including neighbors and siblings, will either show up for you—or reveal that they’ve been praying for your downfall. If you moved into a new neighborhood in September and got bad vibes from a specific person, you might be proven correct and learn a very important lesson: Always listen to your intuition. It never guides you wrong. If you’ve been rebuilding a relationship with a sibling over the past half a year, today might be the day you hit a breakthrough with them. Celebrate the small things and be glad that you were able to set your egos aside to find common ground. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to reconnect with your inner child, and who better to take those trips down memory lane with than the only people who experienced your adolescence right alongside you?


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All that glitters is not gold, but sometimes you can still stumble upon a fortune. This full moon is taking place in your second house of finances and personal values, so expect the unexpected when it comes to your bank account. Depending on your personal natal placements, you could either face a serious loss or see a major ROI on some investment you made back in September. This could be a metaphorical investment too, of course—such as a risk you took on a new partner who wined and dined you and seemed just a little too good to be true. Some of you will see the crimson red flags this weekend before you get suckered into your own “Who TF Did I Marry?” situation, while others will get the surprise of a lifetime and realize that their dream life really is just around the corner. If you’re chasing money for the right reasons (in other words, not for pure vanity’s sake), you will be richly rewarded by the universe, especially if you’ve been dogged in your pursuit of success over the past six months.


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Are you prepared for your personal biggest lunation of the year? With this full moon highlighting your first house, your identity, personal appearance, and sense of self are undergoing a sort of astrological performance review. You planted some seeds back in September with the intention to cultivate a new persona or brand, and if you’ve been persistent and methodical in the waiting period, you are going to step into the spotlight with renewed boldness and courage. Did you purge your wardrobe back in the autumn and start dressing in a way that gave you more confidence? Did you start posting fit checks on TikTok without caring about your college friends judging you? Slowly but surely you’ve been building an audience, and your efforts are most likely going to pay off. Check your inbox for exciting new brand deals or offers to work with your dream clientele. On the flip side, if your attempts to transform yourself haven’t panned out the way you thought, you will be redirected—forcefully—onto a path that is more your style.


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With the full moon occurring in your twelfth house, you can expect your subconscious to be swirling with ideas, images, and yes, the typical weird dreams most people come to expect around the time of the full moon. Avoid overindulging in substances like alcohol that cause further disassociation from the body. Focus instead on grounding yourself. This is a period of self-examination and introspection. Look back at your journal entries from September and see what you were worrying about back then. Have you changed your life trajectory since then? Have you gained new insights from therapy? Write down all your thoughts, dreams, and ideas. If you can, invite a friend over to talk through your feelings and have a good vent session. This may be a very emotionally intense experience for you, but the catharsis of crying is necessary at times. Remember, too, that this energy will only last for a few days before your inner world resets itself—and you’re placed on a more beneficial path forward.


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The full moon is casting a bold light on your eleventh house of friendships and social networking, so secrets are bound to be spilling out. If you can organize a weekend spill sesh with your closest friends, they’d likely appreciate it. Unless you have major Virgo placements in your natal chart, the energy might be less focused on you than your peers, making you the mediator in this situation. You’ll have to take on this role, whether reluctantly or joyfully. Try to appreciate the drama, even if it feels all-consuming. Think back to what your friend group was discussing, or dreaming of doing together, back in September, and compare it to where you’re all at now. Are you still aligned, fixated on the same dreams and ambitions? Are you starting to fall out of sync? If it’s time for one—or more—people to leave your tribe, you’ll know it by the end of this weekend. Don’t feel too bad about cutting ties; some of our friends are not meant for a lifetime, and that’s okay. Wish them well and peaceably send them on their way.


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Second only to Virgo risings, you’re the star of the show this full moon, which is taking place in your tenth house of career and reputation. Most of you are about to get a major glow-up at work or in your social sphere, thanks to a small seed you planted back in September. For a minority of you, you’ll face the unpleasant consequences of cancel culture; if you’re getting judged right now, it could be due to a tweet or TikTok from this fall that has been unearthed now. But for the majority of you, you’re riding a wave of happiness and success. Rather than simply laying in bed, scrolling through Pinterest, and dreaming of your future life, you’ve actually been taking the concrete steps to make it a reality—and you’re likely to see rewards in the form of a promotion at work, a viral video on social media, or a dream job offer. You possess a free spirit and a unique artistic vision that is valuable to your audience. You have proven yourself worthwhile and begun to cultivate an understanding of your own brand. Barring any negative aspects or placements in your natal chart that would counteract this, you’re about to step into an incredibly exciting new chapter of your life story.


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This full moon highlights your ninth house, so many of you will walk away from religious environments you’ve been questioning since September, while others will conclude a six-month study-abroad program and return home with a broader view of the world. Still others will wrap up a grueling semester of study and close a chapter spent learning about a new subject matter. According to the Bible, a mustard seed of faith is all it takes to move mountains, and for the majority of you, who have been grappling with matters of great existential significance, your realizations under the light of this full moon will be seismic and destabilizing. If you’ve been obsessively consuming philosophical podcasts or trying to disentangle what you believe from what you can tangibly see, take a moment to breathe. Unplug and read a light-hearted novel instead. You do not have to know all the answers. It’s okay to experience crises of faith. Sometimes the most wisdom is borne during periods you could accurately describe as dark nights of the soul.


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The full moon in your eighth house of death, sex, and taxes will bring a wealth of taboo topics right to the forefront of your brain. Consider what issues you were dealing with back in September. Inheritances? Sexual experimentation? A death in the family? Some of you will celebrate debt freedom after six months of hard work, while others will finally receive a lump sum they’ve been waiting for. Those of you who stepped outside your comfort zone and tried dating someone with different values or ideals, you might come to the realization that you’re not going to be able to meet their expectations—or vice versa! For the group of you who have been grieving a loved one since the autumn months, you can anticipate healing as you move forward; this is a culminating point at which your emotions might run especially high, but ease off after a few days of cathartic crying. Keep an eye on your own mental health and check in with a friend or therapist if you feel yourself spiralling. They don’t say the full moon makes you crazy for nothing.


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This full moon is less about you and more about your partner, unless you have significant natal placements in Virgo, too. That’s because it’s taking place in your seventh house of close relationships, and will impact you solely by proximity; when you choose to partner with someone, in romance or business or both, you agree to take on their burdens, too. Many of you began relationships or took existing ones to the next level (through cohabitation, marriage, or merging of finances, for instance), and now they’re coming up under review. Six months is usually the point in time when you start to really know who you’re dating, and the first year is usually the most challenging, as you try to learn each other inside and out and make compromises for one another. Consider this a cosmic checkpoint for your relationship. Now that the honeymoon phase—and the hormone rush—has worn off, do you even like the person you wake up next to every day? This will be a difficult time for couples and business partners who are navigating their shared life experiences, resources, and soul purposes. If you’re not truly meant to be together, you’ll know after this weekend. If you are, you might just end up with a ring on your finger.

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