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Horoscope For Today: Sunday, February 18, 2024

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Today is a deeply passionate and transformative day for the zodiac signs, and there are some pretty heavy emotions to navigate.

Early this morning, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, and Pluto, the planet of rebirth, destruction, and transformation, form a conjunction in Aquarius. This transit will boost our desire to be in an intense, transformative relationship, particularly physically. You may also be more aware of toxic or unwarranted behaviors in yourself and others you want to remove or distance yourself from. You may also experience inspiration in creative or business areas if you’re willing to let go of what you’re used to.

Additionally, the Moon in Gemini forms a square with Saturn in Pisces at 6:00 am (EST). While this transit only lasts a few hours, we may notice a significant dip in our emotions and could feel very depressed or restricted in how we feel. We may feel the desire to drown our sorrows in distractions, but sometimes that does more harm than good—just remember that it will pass.

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Today feels intense and full of possibility, Aries. Today may hold an unexpected opportunity to meet new friends or colleagues, and you get the sense these people could change your life. You’re feeling the urge to shift some of your connections and who you surround yourself with, and today’s energy may be the nudge you need to take those first steps. You may struggle to connect with others earlier in the day, especially if you have a lot on your mind. Still, give it time. You know how to leave a good impression when you want to.

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You’re re-evaluating some of your business relationships and ways you want to get ahead going forward, Taurus. You know that teamwork and assistance are necessary to get you where you want to be in life, but you also know some people are more likely to ride your coattails or tear you down than be an asset. You’re reworking how you form relationships and how you broadcast them, and today could give you more insight into who isn’t on your team. You may start the day feeling pretty melancholy, but once you ride that wave out, you can focus your energy on ways to build new connections.

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You may be introduced to some people who will shake up your worldview today, Gemini. While you’re naturally curious, even you have people who can make you rethink every thought you’ve ever had—and today might hold open a door to meet a few of those people. You may unexpectedly meet someone while you’re redefining and readjusting your beliefs or amongst travel plans that have you on your toes. You may also feel inspired to approach new beliefs or interests with an open mind. Earlier in the morning, you may struggle with the heaviness of letting go of beliefs that made you who you were, but there is room for so much if you allow it.

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You’re feeling the intensity today, Cancer. You’re transforming your relationships with others and finances—notably those you share or owe. You aren’t looking for hyper-independence, but you know you need to find ways to not become so deeply indebted to others in more ways than one. You may also notice a stronger pull towards craving intimacy today, and it’s okay to lean into it—just don’t settle for toxic connections to satisfy you. You may wrestle with heavy emotions surrounding self-worth and your beliefs, but the wave will pass as the day progresses.

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You’re redefining and rediscovering your close relationships today, Leo. You place significant value on who your closest companions and relationships are, and today, you may find an even stronger desire than usual to be close to or be validated by them. You may crave getting to know them on an even deeper level—even if you think you know everything, you may realize there is always more to a person. If you’ve been holding onto not-so-healthy connections, you may be confronted with having to defend why you choose to stay so tethered to those who hurt you.

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You are allowed to ask for help, Virgo, and you may realize that today more than usual. You may be used to doing everything yourself, but today, you may find you’re actively craving the intimacy and connection of having a person to help you take care of the mundane, day-to-day tasks. You could feel a significant attraction to someone you work with, but it’s best to be careful mixing work and pleasure unless you think it’s genuinely worth it.

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You’re craving intense connection and passion today, Libra. You know how much passionate and creative energy and experience is out there, and the desire to fully pursue it is more immense than usual. The only issue may be finding someone who is on the same page. If you’re in a relationship, you can float the idea of trying something new together to gauge their interest. If you’re single, it may be challenging to find a person who is willing to dive into something so deep so quickly. Regardless, ensure you aren’t manipulating to get what you want.

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Family dynamics could experience a significant shift today, Scorpio. The relationships and foundations you’ve built with certain family members or those you live with may need to be adjusted to create a healthy connection. You may feel more influenced by your family or they by you in terms of how things should be. It may feel essential for you to feel loved and connected to family today, and could involve some resentment if you feel neglected in this way. How you view yourself, and your ongoing legacy may feel more tied to your home and family than you’re used to—it’s worth exploring those feelings today.

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The way you express your thoughts and emotions is changing, Sagittarius. You may feel more confident and assured in your thoughts and opinions, and you may even have more of a pull of influence over others than usual. If you’ve previously struggled to get your words across the way you want, you may discover better ways to fix this issue. Just be sure you’re using your influence for the right things.

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You’re questioning what matters to you today, Capricorn. Security is essential, but what does it look like down the road? Is financial stability the only piece of the puzzle? You may find that you are looking for more transformative relationships that reflect well on you and make you feel better about yourself. While confidence and striving for better things are great, it’s important not to get too caught up in temporary measures that won’t benefit you down the road—be wise with what you’re using to boost your self-esteem.

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You’re continuing an ongoing transformation process today, Aquarius, and others are noticing. You may find that people are more drawn to you and what you bring to the table. You may also be evaluating ways you can have your appearance match the person you are internally—as your ideas of who you are and what you want shift, it’s no surprise you want the physical aspects of yourself to reflect it. Make sure you’re not getting too caught up in all the attention, though, as it could result in you biting off more than you can chew.

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You’re undergoing a spiritual transformation lately, and it’s feeling more immense today, Pisces. You’re still working on releasing and letting go of toxic habits that no longer serve you, but today, it may feel more difficult to navigate as you long for affection and attention, even from those who have caused you pain in the past. You know it’s best to walk away, but sometimes you want to convince yourself that just one conversation or moment won’t do any harm. Resist the urge because things will end as they did before, and you’ll feel worse afterward.

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