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Horoscope For Today: Saturday, December 23, 2023

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We’re past the winter solstice and there are only three days left until Christmas. That means it’s officially Capricorn season, and today the sun sits at 0° of the sign, representing its purest qualities. If you’ve been feeling lazy or sluggish, the no-nonsense Capricorn work ethic will invigorate you to complete your tasks before the fun begins.

There’s a lot to look forward to today, especially if you have placements in your natal chart in the early degrees of earth signs. Just before midnight, the moon ingresses into Taurus, where it will form a close trine to the sun in the early hours of the morning. By approximately 7:00 AM EST, the moon will make an exact conjunction to Jupiter—and by 8:00 AM, Mercury will form a cazimi with the sun in Capricorn.

What does all of this mean? First off, the moon-Jupiter conjunction is an extremely positive transit known for bringing serious expansion and good fortune. The potential for abundance, wealth, and transformative change is there. Expect the unexpected and dream impossible dreams today. They might just come true.

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Secondly, the cazimi in dauntless Capricorn is likely to have broad, far-reaching implications on the world stage, especially when it comes to prominent business leaders. We can expect important documents to be signed—but they are likely to be challenged or revisited later, since Mercury is still retrograde. Similarly, business decisions made prior to the retrograde period might come under review again.

We are all in for a significant day, at both the macro and micro levels. Read on to learn how all of this is likely to manifest in your personal life, depending on your rising sign.


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The sun is now in your tenth house of reputation, emphasizing your legacy and public-facing image for the rest of the holiday season. Whether you’re trying to secure a coveted promotion at work or simply hoping that your holiday parties are a hit this year, you’re bound to be hyper-focused on how you are perceived by colleagues and important individuals in your sphere. With the moon in your second house forming a harmonious trine to the sun, your emotions surrounding finances and your values are aligned with your actions. This will bring success into your material reality when the moon forms its lucky conjunction with Jupiter this morning. The sun-Mercury cazimi in your tenth house heightens the possibility of receiving positive news about your career, but some extra responsibility will undoubtedly come along with this advancement.


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The sun has now moved into your ninth house of religion and culture, making it an excellent time to lean into the ritualistic aspects of the holidays that you enjoy. Meanwhile, the moon is hanging out in your first house and trining the sun in a positive aspect that will almost certainly bring the focus onto you and what you uniquely offer your broader spiritual or academic community. By the time the moon comes into conjunction with Jupiter, you can anticipate fortunate news about your public image and identity. With the sun and Mercury forming a cazimi in your ninth house, some of you may receive letters of acceptance to your dream grad programs, while others may be granted visas to live abroad next year.


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With the sun now in your eighth house, you will turn your attention to the more private yet unavoidable aspects of life. Death and taxes may not seem like the most enjoyable topics to fixate on right before Christmas, but any news you receive today is unlikely to be a surprise. It’s been building for a while. The moon in a positive aspect to the sun will keep you emotionally stable, albeit somewhat distant today. You won’t want to talk to others unless it’s absolutely necessary, especially after the moon-Jupiter conjunction brings an intensity to your eighth house early this morning. This could come in the form of a long-awaited inheritance (positive) or a partner’s overindulgent spending (negative). How you handle it is entirely up to you. The cazimi between the sun and Mercury in your eighth house emphasizes the importance of communication today. Even though it’s the last thing you want to do, it’s the only way you’ll be able to ride out this challenge.


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Your partners—romantic or business—are in the spotlight today, while you simply get to sit back and observe. The sun is now in your seventh house of close relationships; the moon in your eleventh house emphasizes the importance of putting yourself out there, since it represents networking and community. If you’re single, you might have a romcom-worthy meet-cute at the local coffee shop, or a coworker might set you up. Keep yourself open to all opportunities, no matter how surreal they might appear. The moon-Jupiter conjunction is no joke: some of you will meet your next serious partner today simply by broadening your social horizons. By the time the cazimi in your seventh house occurs, you’ll probably be feeling giddy over an incoming DM or text.


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The sun is officially in your sixth house of work, which seems counterproductive this time of year. The benefit is that you can channel it into holiday-appropriate activities, like throwing the most memorable holiday parties imaginable. Invite your friends and family over tonight while the moon is in your tenth house, forming a pleasant trine to the sun; they’ll appreciate your attention to detail. Speaking of the tenth house, you can expect to be celebrated in some way at work or on social media with the moon-Jupiter conjunction bringing favor to your public reputation. The sun-Mercury cazimi in your sixth, on the other hand, makes it the perfect time to write heartfelt Christmas cards or send coworkers well wishes before you sign “OOO.”


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The sun is in your fifth house of creativity and pleasure trining the moon in your ninth house of foreign affairs, higher education, and spirituality. If you’ve been hoping to secure a visa to work or study abroad, today’s the day: with the moon and Jupiter coming into conjunction, you can expect many blessings this morning. Ditto if you’ve been trying to publish your passion project, like an academic paper or novel. The stars are aligned for success in all your most ambitious endeavors. The sun-Mercury cazimi in your fifth house makes it an ideal day to communicate your vision to professionals who hold the key to your ascension, such as publishers, legal professionals, and academic advisors. If you have significant placements in the early degrees of Virgo, your good fortune is even further magnified, as there will be a close trine with the other earth signs. Congratulations are in order!


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With the sun in your fourth house of family and domestic affairs, you’re bound to be ready for the coziness of the holidays more than anyone. The trine to the moon in your eighth house signifies that you might have overspent a little to make this Christmas extra special for you and your loved ones, but you’re unlikely to struggle long-term. Just try to be a little more frugal in January once the lights are put away and the glitter has been swept away. The moon-Jupiter conjunction in your eighth, in fact, might bring a surprise announcement from your partner: they might be getting a promotion or work, or you two might be experiencing a windfall due to an unexpected inheritance. Your money troubles won’t last long. The sun-Mercury cazimi in the fourth house incites the potential for news surrounding your relatives, so don’t ignore that call from Grandma today.


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The sun is now transiting your third house, making this the ideal time to reconnect with siblings, neighbors, and childhood friends when you make the trek home for the holidays. There will be an ease of communication, especially if you are bringing your partner along—or looking to find a cozy hometown romance. The moon in your seventh house will form a conjunction with Jupiter early this morning, bringing major positive change to your relationship sector. Some of you will get engaged, while others will start making serious plans to move in together; those of you who are unattached may find someone on Hinge who seems to check all the boxes. The sun-Mercury cazimi in your third house will encourage serious discussion about what you care about in your relationships. Read all your DMs today. There might be one in particular that strikes a chord.


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The sun is now in your second house, bringing your financial sector into focus over the holiday season. Meanwhile, the moon in your sixth house of work and daily routine ensures you will make the most out of the hours in your day today. If you are owed a Christmas bonus or you’re in line for a raise, today might be the day: the moon-Jupiter conjunction in your sixth house is bound to help you level up in the workplace. If, however, you are given more responsibility without a congruent increase in pay, the sun-Mercury cazimi in your second house provides you with the confidence to speak your mind and stand up for what you deserve. Even if you don’t get through to your superiors right away (remember, Mercury is still retrograde), they might take your comments to heart and surprise you with their empathy and understanding in the new year. On the other hand, some of you might decide you’ve had enough—and leave one job for another, better-paying option.


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It’s your time to shine, with the sun now in your first house of identity and physical appearance. You’re ready to glow up over the Christmas season and start 2024 off with a brand-new outlook on life—although if you’re planning on making a wild change to your wardrobe or hair, it’s advisable to wait until Mercury is direct. The moon in your fifth house will grant you a taste of Christmas spirit today. You’ll be less severe in your judgments of others and more likely to send well wishes. The moon-Jupiter conjunction early this morning will bring exciting news related to fifth house matters: creativity, pleasure, and children. Yes, if you’ve been trying to conceive, you might receive some very positive news today. Meanwhile, the sun-Mercury cazimi brings welcome change to the way your self-image and communication style is perceived. If you have to deliver an important message to the masses today, you’re in a good position to do so.


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The sun is in your twelfth house of secrets and the subconscious, so you’ll probably feel inclined to self-isolate as you typically do this time of year. With the moon in your fourth house forming a trine to the sun, it might be best to work from home today if you can. You’ll accomplish more from the security of your bedroom or living room couch than from the office. The sun-Jupiter conjunction this morning will deliver positive and life-changing news in your domestic sphere. Some of you will learn you’ve been approved for a mortgage, while others will move into a new house; still others will receive news from a family member that shifts their entire perspective on life. Meanwhile, the sun and Mercury’s cazimi in your twelfth house encourages divine inspiration. It’s a good day to journal, meditate, or check in with your therapist.


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You’re the life of the party now that the sun is in your eleventh house of social groups and community, and the holiday season is about to get very exciting for you. Many of you will be heading back to your hometowns for the holidays with the moon in your third house of locality, siblings, and neighbors—and it’s a great day to do so, with the moon-Jupiter conjunction bringing sweeping revelations and growth in this area of your chart. You could learn that a sibling or cousin is expecting a baby or getting married, or you could catch up with an old high school friend whose presence proves invaluable at this time in your life. The sun-Mercury cazimi in your eleventh house will get your group chat buzzing with news. If there’s drama, do your best to stay out of it. If it’s exciting, celebrate with your friends.

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