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Horoscope For Thursday: November 30, 2023

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Aries Horoscope: 11/30/23

It’s worth it to get things off your chest the best way you can, Aries—but don’t let your words get too aggressive. The Full Moon in your 3rd House of Communication opposing the Sun and Mercury in your 9th House of Travel and Higher Education pushes you to be transparent about what you need and the desire to move on from the comfort zones you’ve kept for yourself. Endings are sometimes the closure we need, and it isn’t always easy to admit, but know that newer things are on the horizon.

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Taurus Horoscope: 11/30/23

Today is a day for looking over your budget, Taurus. The Full Moon moved into your 2nd House yesterday and is continuing its journey today, and it’s worth getting an idea of the income you’re bringing in and what you have on hand. As the Moon opposes the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in your 8th House of Intimacy and Shared Resources, you could feel some sensitivity regarding finances between you and a partner or those you’re close-knit with due to money reasons. Today could result in new potential for you to make money on your own accord rather than depend on others, so be on the lookout.

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Gemini Horoscope: 11/30/23

Self versus others is heavy on your mind today, Gemini. The Full Moon in your 1st House of Self and Identity opposing the Sun and Mercury in your 7th House of Partnerships makes you wonder if the people you love can accept you for who you are—change and growth included. You feel more inclined to engage in self-expression that feels more like you, and it’s worth sharing with the people you love; give them the chance to show up for you.

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Cancer Horoscope: 11/30/23

It’s a good day to take a break, Cancer. This season feels like a lot is on your plate, but take today to give your mind and body the rest they need. The Moon in your 12th House of Subconscious and Secrets opposing the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in your 6th House of Wellness can be overwhelming, but you can’t pour from an empty cup. Also, pay attention to any dreams you remember tonight—they could be trying to tell you something.

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Leo Horoscope: 11/30/23

If you want support, Leo, then ask for it. Your friends love you but aren’t mind readers—they want to celebrate your wins with you. The Full Moon in your 11th House of Friendship and Networking is also pushing for you to check in with your crew and see how they are holding up, and your words and support could be exactly what they need.

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Virgo Horoscope: 11/30/23

Your hard work is paying off, Virgo, and today could be the chance to hear it. Whether it’s from your employer or gaining some respect from others about the work you’ve been doing, it’s worth letting people commend you for where you are and what you’re doing. It’s possible you could be feeling some pressure to change paths, especially if your current job isn’t the most conducive to home life, so it’s also worth contemplating if this is the role you want to stay in or opt for something else.

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Libra Horoscope: 11/30/23

Today, you’re feeling more adventurous than usual, Libra, and it’s worth following that bold streak. The Full Moon in your 9th House of Travel and Higher Education opposing the Sun in your 3rd House of Local Community and Communication pushes you to try something new—whether signing up for a new class or taking a little road trip somewhere you haven’t been. Sometimes, we need to shake things up!

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Scorpio Horoscope: 11/30/23

You’ll likely be in your feels today, Scorpio, but it’s worth the investment. The Full Moon in your 8th House of Intimacy and Shared Resources is placing your focus on the ways you’re connected to others and what everyone involved brings to the table. You could experience some money coming in from another person or have some vulnerable dialogue that gives you some much-needed closure. You’ve never been afraid to go deep, so don’t hold yourself back now.

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Sagittarius Horoscope: 11/30/23

Today could be a great time to define the relationship, Sagittarius, especially if you haven’t already. With the Sun, Mars, and Mercury in your 1st House of Self and Identity, you are feeling more assured in who you are as a person, and you know who you want in your life, so if you haven’t let others know their importance to you, take today to do so. If you’re feeling extra bold, today could be a great proposal day—whether that is engagement, moving in together, or simply making things more exclusive. If you’re single, let your friends know their value in your eyes—it never hurts to say something.

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Capricorn Horoscope: 11/30/23

Today may feel a bit off, Capricorn, but it sets you up to implement new routines and habits that could benefit you greatly. With the Full Moon in your 6th House of Habits, Routines, and Wellness, you can see your structures doing more harm than good—it’s time for an overhaul. Trust me, it’s worth taking time to see what needs mending instead of powering through.

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Aquarius Horoscope: 11/30/23

Ready for new inspiration today, Aquarius? It’s everywhere you look if you can keep your mind open. The Full Moon in your 5th House of Creativity and Pleasure pushes you to create or connect, whichever one you’re craving more. Don’t hide yourself from others because you’re nervous—people want to bond with you if you give them the opportunity. Additionally, children and legacy may be heavy on your mind today, but take a deep breath—things are falling into place when they are meant to.

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Pisces Horoscope: 11/30/23

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You may want to cozy up and stay in tonight, Pisces—and that’s okay! If you don’t feel the need to work on any cleaning or home improvement projects (holiday decorating counts!), take the time to relax where you’ve been putting down roots. You could also benefit from a convo with your family, especially if your career has been stressing you out—they could have some advice to clear things up.

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