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Horoscope For Sunday, January 28, 2024

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down from the high of the full moon, we awaken to the moon still in the sign of Leo in the very late degrees. The lingering effects of this potent lunar event will remain, causing sleep disturbances and emotional intensity, but the moon will ingress into the more practical and grounded sign of Virgo by 2:12 PM EST.

Not long after, it will make a close opposition with Saturn in Pisces, restricting our emotional worlds and presenting challenges to productive work. The best way to harness this difficult energy is to prioritize the most important items on your to-do list. Saturn offers mastery over our emotions, providing support for material achievement.

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At 4:58 AM EST, Mars and Mercury in Capricorn align in an exact conjunction at 17°, a powerful “fame degree” that amplifies the potential for sudden, surprising news that spreads fast and reaches a wide audience. If you have something important to say, schedule your social media posts to go live at this time—and watch the magic happen throughout the day. Expect politicians, world leaders, celebrities, and influencers to face scandals today, especially regarding their financial and business dealings.

Whichever sign rules your ascendant, you will be impacted by today’s astrological weather. Read on to learn what’s coming, based on your rising sign.


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For the first half of the day, the moon occupies your fifth house, drawing attention to your romantic and creative life. Make your date-night plans this morning and get to work this afternoon, when the moon ingresses into your sixth house and encourages you to get all the most important tasks on your checklist done. The Mars-Mercury conjunction in your tenth house will deliver seismic news about your career and reputation. Some of you will receive word you’re being elevated to a much more prestigious position in your company. You might wake up to an email in your inbox from your dream brand offering you a deal that will make you seen by millions. However, make sure you read the fine print. You will likely need to tone some part of yourself down in order to make this work, even if it just means making some sacrifices regarding what you post on your public Instagram profile. Remember, you’re representing something bigger and greater than yourself.


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With the moon in your fourth house for most of the day, you’ll be focused on beautifying your home environment and having pleasurable time with family. You might feel motivated to bring more color and excitement into your home, so if you get the chance, take a trip to a local furniture store—or click around on Wayfair—to see if anything catches your eye. The moon will ingress into your fifth house this afternoon, putting greater emphasis on fun and creativity. This is an ideal night to experiment with a new recipe or have a paint-and-sip night at home with your partner. Mars and Mercury will be conjunct in your ninth house, inspiring existential and philosophical discussions and bringing news from afar that you might not expect. If you are expecting to hear back about a foreign work visa or grad school application, today might be the day of reckoning. Check your inbox—but don’t stress yourself out.


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Today the moon finishes up its transit through your third house, bringing potential ego into your communication with siblings and local members of your community. Watch out for misunderstandings. Your pride can easily become wounded under this energy. Get your errands done in the morning when you’re feeling more active and alert; by the time the moon ingresses into your fourth house in the early hours of the afternoon, you’ll be feeling like it’s just about time to pack it in and head home. Take care of what needs to be done around the house this evening. You’ll be in the mood to organize and de-clutter. Meanwhile, Mars and Mercury are forming a conjunction in your eighth house, bringing all things taboo and secretive to the surface. You may receive unpleasant news surrounding your partner’s finances, or you might be shocked to learn you’re receiving a sudden windfall of money yourself.


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The moon will complete its transit of your second house this morning, so you can anticipate more focus on money matters. If you haven’t already, you’ll likely receive important news regarding your finances—for better or for worse. It’s either time to crack down on paying off your debts or hustling for a promotion at work. Whatever the case is, you’re likely restructuring your relationship to money and what you truly value. By early afternoon, the moon will have moved into your third house, placing emphasis on communication and writing. If you have emails gathering dust in your inbox, sit down and circle back tonight. The Mars-Mercury conjunction is happening in your seventh house, so your relationship to others is going to be highlighted in a big way today. If you’re single, your best friend might confess their feelings suddenly. If you’re happily partnered, you might be knocked off balance by an uncharacteristic and disruptive argument. Try to keep your cool.


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The moon in your first house has stripped back your mask and revealed your biggest insecurities about your appearance and personal identity. Now you’re learning how to navigate this brave new world. For half the day, you’ll be hyper-focused on your looks, but by the time the moon ingresses into your second house, you’ll turn your mind to money—and, perhaps, how to make your glow up come to fruition. If you have to make changes to your budget in order to afford the frequent blowouts and acrylics, you’ll come up with a practical plan. Meanwhile, Mercury and Mars are forming a conjunction in your sixth house, meaning your work environment could suddenly get rocked by unexpected changes. The drama is likely to kick off today, even if you’re off for the weekend; be prepared to mediate some surprising hostility in the group chat.


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With the moon in your twelfth house for much of the day, don’t be surprised if irrational fears have you more anxious than usual. Your subconscious desires, needs, and phobias have a way of coming around whenever this transit occurs. If you’ve been struggling to sleep for these past few days, you’ll be relieved to know that when the moon ingresses into your first house early this afternoon, you’ll feel much more lively and ready to take on the challenges before you. You’ll be more attractive and alluring to people this afternoon, and others may open up to you emotionally. Don’t allow them to take advantage of your kindness. The Mars-Mercury conjunction falls in your fifth house, driving innovation in your creative sphere and bringing news related to a new project—especially if it involves writing or communication in some way. You’ll feel as though you’re in control of making your vision a reality.


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The moon has taken its time highlighting your eleventh house, but it will only hang out there for half of the day today before drawing a close to your social-butterfly era. The moon will shift into your quiet, solitary twelfth house in the early afternoon, giving you space to decompress and unwind after a wild few days of networking and being “on.” This is your time; do with it what you will, whether that’s binging a new true crime documentary or just taking a long nap. The Mars-Mercury conjunction in your fourth house will bring news surrounding family disputes, but they may not relate to you specifically. Always the peacekeeper, you will be tempted to sit this one out. You don’t have to take sides unless you feel strongly one way or the other.


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The spotlight has been on you for the past several days, but the moon is finishing up its transit of your tenth house. You might feel overwhelmed by all the attention you receive this morning, whether it’s good or bad or simply neutral. By the time the afternoon arrives, you’ll be granted a support system in the form of your wider network of friends and colleagues as the moon moves into your eleventh house. You’ll feel as though you can blend into a crowd, taking some of the pressure off you in particular. Meanwhile, the Mars-Mercury conjunction in your third house is about to shake up the way you communicate, especially to people you see every day. Neighbors fighting, siblings at each other’s throats, and rude baristas—you can manage it by remembering that their anger is purely a projection and not a personal attack.


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For the first half of the day, the moon is illuminating your ninth house, amplifying your desire for learning and spirituality. This is the time when some of you will commit to joining—or leaving—a new religious community. Others will go back to school or decide to take some time off to travel the world, broadening your horizons through literal immersion in different cultures. The moon shifts into your tenth house in the early afternoon, placing you under a direct spotlight and highlighting your unique abilities. The Mars-Mercury conjunction in your second house of finances is likely to offer you a jolt of good financial fortune, whether through a savvy investment, a side hustle, or a promotion at work. Your superiors have been watching and are likely to reward you for your hard work. Congratulations are in order!


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The moon is completing its transit through your eighth house, closing out a chapter you’re likely ready to be over: you’ve been confronting the harsh reality of death and taxes, and you’ll be feeling the lingering effects of this morose energy for most of the morning. By the time the moon ingresses into your ninth house later in the day, you’ll feel brighter and more inspired to bring what you learned in the darkness into the light. Use this as an opportunity to dive into a spiritual practice, buy a plane ticket, or sign up for winter classes. You’ll be craving anything that helps you learn more about the world, and you’re going to be bringing your best self into every room you walk into with the Mars-Mercury conjunction in your first house. Take action and be forward, even if you feel like asking for what you want is a huge leap of faith. Big risks can bring big rewards. Be cautious that you don’t come off too eager, though; your ruthlessly competitive side can sometimes be your downfall.


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With the moon in your seventh house, some of you are breaking up, while others are taking the next step in your relationships. Congratulations are in order for some of you, who are getting engaged or married today. The focus will be on your partner, and what the two of you can create together, until early afternoon, when the moon ingresses into your ninth house of foreign lands and spirituality. If you’re off to your honeymoon, have a great time and absorb as much of the local culture as you possibly can. If you’re not partnered in a romantic sense, this might be the day you choose to move forward with a business partner, taking a risk that requires faith and opportunities to grow and expand. Meanwhile, Mars and Mercury form a conjunction in your twelfth house, reminding you to take care of your mental health before you face burnout.


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The day starts out with the moon in your sixth house, making it an excellent time to catch up on deadlines and assignments so you can clear the rest of your weekend. Wrap everything up by early afternoon, when the moon moves into your seventh house of close relationships and puts the focus on your lover, best friend, or business partner; they will require more of your time and you will feel emotionally equipped to carry their burdens. You will likely have strategic and constructive conversations about your future, both as partners and individually. It’s unlikely you will face conflicts, especially with the support system provided to you by the Mars and Mercury conjunction in your eleventh house. Your entire social network has your back, offering mediation and helpful advice if you need it.

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