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Horoscope For Sunday: December 3, 2023

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November may have sped by, thanks to Mars trailing the sun in Sagittarius, but December comes in more quietly, with the moon in the late degrees of sensitive and nurturing Cancer at midnight.

By roughly 10 AM EST, the moon will have ingressed into the louder and more extravagant sign of Leo, energizing us and filling us with confidence. The harmonious trine between the spirited sun in Sagittarius and glamorous moon in Leo will make this a positive day overall, especially for those with major placements in these signs.

However, with the sun and Mars still squaring off against Saturn in detrimental Pisces, there is a strange conflicting energy between what we know to be true—and what we wish to be. Use your critical thinking skills and maintain a healthy level of skepticism when reading any news articles today.

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Mercury further complicates matters. It will sit at the critical 29th degree of Sagittarius until 9:00 AM EST, amplifying our urge to speak up and be heard—even at the cost of alienating ideological opponents. The Jupiterian themes of culture, religion, philosophy, and geopolitics are likely to be on everyone’s minds today. The overall energy is less combative than passionate, but heated arguments and misunderstandings are still possible.

By late morning, this tension will be relieved when Mercury moves out of the sign of The Archer and sits at 0° of Capricorn, where it generally creates a more beneficial energy for business and getting things done. If things feel out of sorts in your office first thing in the morning, or you can’t get yourself motivated to open your inbox, you’ll feel much more prepared to take on the grueling and tedious tasks of the day by noon.

What is going on in the cosmos for you personally, based on your rising sign? Your mileage will vary depending on other factors in your birth chart, but it should look something like this.


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Early this morning, you’re unlikely to want to leave the comfort of your bed, so if you have the option to WFH, today is a good day to take advantage of it. Don’t feel too guilty if you struggle to get going this morning. Midway through the day, you’ll feel much more motivated, both physically and mentally, as the moon enters your fifth house of creativity and pleasure. If you’ve been struggling to communicate with others who don’t share your views, you can anticipate a breakthrough moment this morning. You will be feeling the happy Leo energy as you head into the weekend, but Mercury’s mid-morning ingress into your tenth house of career and reputation will infuse a more severe tone to discussions you have at work and on social media. Balance self-indulgence with responsibility this weekend.


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After a few days of emotional sensitivity (and potentially reactivity), you’ll be pleased when the moon moves from emo Cancer to loud and precocious Leo, which rules your fourth house of domestic life and family. In true Taurus style, you probably have a house party planned for tonight—and it’s the ideal time for it. Before you get too excited, though, know that Mercury at the critical degree of Sagittarius will deliver a message to you loud and clear. You have one final chance to speak up about issues surrounding your eighth house of death, sex, and rebirth this morning, before the trickster planet ingresses into Capricorn. From then on, the focus will be on balancing your spiritual and philosophical beliefs with your daily work habits and structure. You might receive some somewhat uncomfortable news that forces you to do inner work over the weekend, but don’t let this dampen your otherwise positive mood.


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The day starts out with a strong focus on your interior world, especially money issues and your personal values. But by the middle of the morning you’re likely to feel more like yourself; once the moon is in your third house of excitable Leo, you’re going to feel more communicative and lively. Expect the unexpected when it comes to your loved ones. Whether it’s a romantic or business partner, you’ll receive some communication that knocks you temporarily off-balance before Mercury moves out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn. Some of you will receive promotions—or your partner might suddenly come into money. Others will get engaged and begin the strenuous process of planning to merge resources. Whatever the case may be, you’ll be thinking about the unavoidable topics of death and taxes as you head into the weekend. It might be a good idea to spend some time alone, processing everything that has recently happened.


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You’ll wake up feeling like an open wound, with everyone’s emotions projected onto you as you try to process your own. The moon leaves your first house and enters your second midway through the morning, giving you relief from the pressure and putting the focus on your finances and values. You’ll likely be feeling much livelier and more talkative by this time. You’ll be hustling hard this morning with a feeling of urgency driving you. If you need to complete a certain project, but ideological differences have been causing conflicts between you and your co-workers, you’ll reach a breaking point this morning right before Mercury leaves Sagittarius and enters your seventh house of Capricorn. Here, it does exceptionally well, creating a harmonious environment for colleagues and romantic partners to dialogue about difficult subjects. You might feel inclined to work late this weekend, as the energy is optimal for getting things done.


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Until midmorning, you’ll be groggy and disillusioned, but once the moon moves into your first house of physical vitality, you’ll be back to feeling like the absolute best version of yourself. Expect a sudden burst of energy, as though your coffee has just suddenly kicked in. Especially for those of you whose ascendant sits in the late degrees of Leo, the harmonious trine between your rising sign and Mercury in Sagittarius will bring diplomacy to any challenging conversations you might have this morning. In fact, you might be able to make the hard talks fun, with this energy centralized in your fifth house of lightheartedness, creativity, and children. If there is no literal baby fever going around your office, it might be a new artistic project that you’re excited to lead. Once Mercury ingresses into Capricorn, you’ll shift into ambitious mode, using your good mood to take charge. Combine your right brain with your left this weekend and see what you’re able to achieve.


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Your mood will shift dramatically halfway through the morning, when the moon moves into your twelfth house of illusions, self-undoing, and the unconscious. You might feel as though there’s not enough caffeine in the world to bring out your excitable Leo side this morning, especially with Mercury in your fourth house of home and family forming a trine to the Leo moon. The energy is all off today, pulling you in two very paradoxical directions: you’ll want to show up for people, providing a shoulder to cry on, but you’ll also desperately want to go home and crawl into bed. If you have the option to work from home today, do it; you’ll be able to navigate the workday on your own time, with an eye on these especially confusing transits. By the time the communicator planet of Mercury moves out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn, your fifth house will be lit up with creative impulses and the desire to seek all kinds of pleasure. Don’t overindulge. Instead, channel this energy into creating something pure and profound, dredged up from the depths of your subconscious. Rather than drinking too much, paint a scene from a recent dream.


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After a few days of your career being in hyperfocus, the moon will offer you a welcome reprieve. It moves into your Leo eleventh house halfway through the morning. While you’ll still be in the spotlight, it will be in a broader sense and your colleagues and friends will be standing alongside you. The burden will be taken off you as an individual and placed on the group. With Mercury in the final degree of Sagittarius in your third house, some critical experience associated with communication is sure to take place this morning. Some of you may make a presentation at work or sit a final exam. The pressure will be off early, leaving you in a pleasantly relaxed but serious mood. Now that this crucial moment is over, you’ll be ready to head home—but not to crash on the couch and binge Netflix. With Capricorn ruling your fourth house of domestic matters, you’ll be focusing your attention on more serious matters: cleaning out the attic, putting up the Christmas tree, and getting a head start on holiday party planning.


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From midmorning onward, the spotlight is on you as the moon in Leo lights up your tenth house of career, reputation, and legacy. Depending on the personal placements in your chart, you might find this to be a pleasurable experience or one that completely disorients you. With Mercury at the final degree in your second house of Sagittarius, you’re likely to be hyperfixated on money matters whether you want to be or not. At the back of your mind, you’ve probably been secretly worrying how you can afford presents this year if you don’t get a Christmas bonus, or how you’re going to be able to pay to get your car fixed before the new year. This energy will be amplified early this morning, with crucial information relating to your finances being delivered. Keep an eye on all your inboxes for news that could be significant. Whatever happens, you’ll spend the next several days and weeks taking your work more seriously, as Mercury in Capricorn transits your third house of communication, local community, and siblings. It’s advisable to start communicating your needs to those in positions of power, because they might surprise you with their compassion. Reach out to older relatives, too. They’ll be glad to hear from you this weekend.


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You’ll start the day feeling uncharacteristically moody and sensitive, consumed by the morbid and morose. It won’t last long, though; by halfway through the morning the moon will have left the darkness of your eighth house and entered the glorious light of your ninth, which is ruled by Leo. If you’re in higher education, you might feel newly invigorated or prepared for an exam you’ve been stressing about, and the stars are on your side today if you have an important test to take. Ditto for those of you who are in the workforce, trying to climb the ladder. For the past little while, the energetic and communicative planet of Mercury has been situated in your first house of identity, making you more quick-witted and capable than usual—and your energy has not gone unnoticed by your superiors. You might be surprised by a totally unexpected raise, promotion, or bonus this morning as Mercury begins its transit through your second house of finances and values. Capricorn rules everything business, so you can anticipate negotiations, but the outcome is likely to be positive. Depending on other aspects in your birth chart, you might find out you’re getting your dream job today. On the other hand, you might realize that the money isn’t worth it if you’re not happy in your current position—and quit on the spot.


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Early this morning, a lot of emphasis is placed on you and your partners, both romantic and business. You might not want to leave your loved one to go to work this morning, or you might find yourself feeling overly sentimental about them on the commute there. Send them a quick text to let them know how much you appreciate them and recognize that this momentary crack in your façade will quickly pass! This energy shifts dramatically midway through the morning, putting you right back into work mode, which is much more characteristic of you. As the moon ingresses into Leo—and your eighth house of other people’s money, debts, and investments. Like Capricorns are known to do, you will thrive under this energy, landing deals with clients and hustling hard—especially after Mercury moves out of the shadowy otherworld of your twelfth house and right into your first house of identity and physical appearance. You can anticipate a serious vibe to color this weekend, but you’ll feel proud of yourself for your accomplishments. Gather your closest friends and toast to your success.


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For the past few days, you’ve been all about the daily grind, but by the time the moon leaves your sixth house and enters your seventh halfway through the morning, you’ll be feeling more codependent. Whether your most important partner right now is the kind you marry or the kind you negotiate deals with, you’ll be attached to them at the hip today and feeling energized by the excitable Leo moon. You and your partner will appear more charismatic to others, especially for the first few hours of the workday; if you can, make a point of signing important documents before Mercury leaves Sagittarius. Your eleventh house of networking and social support will receive a parting gift in the form of a new friendship, client, or important invitation before Mercury enters your Capricorn twelfth house. This will bring a somewhat quieter and more intense vibe, and the tone of the afternoon and evening will be noticeably different. It’s the ideal night to pour a glass of merlot and listen to your favorite sad songs playlist. You might receive a spark of inspiration for a new work project while you’re journaling or dreaming.


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After a sluggish couple of days, you’ll be feeling much happier by the time the moon ingresses into your sixth house of routine, work, and daily rituals. The Leo energy will bring a spark of charisma to your interactions with everyone today: colleagues, strangers, and your favorite barista down the street. You’ll feel like you’re in the spotlight more than usual as Mercury hangs at the final degree of Sagittarius in your tenth house of reputation and career, and some of you will have one-on-one chats with your bosses today. Try not to stress about performance reviews, audits, and other such mundane events; by the time Mercury ingresses into Capricorn, your eleventh house of community, social bonding, and networking will be buzzing with activity. Don’t be surprised if your group chat is going off and you have multiple Sunday-night plans to choose from. If you do receive disappointing news about your job, you are almost certainly going to find another one right away. If you get promoted, you’re going to be celebrated all throughout your sphere. Go out tonight and raise a glass to yourself.

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