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Evil is one of the peculiarities that characterize human beings and that represents a true mix of attributes, some of which are difficult to recognize at first glance. Although it is often said that one is born bad, it is also true that, at least in part, being bad also depends on the situations one lives and on past experiences. On the other hand, there are people who more than others are inclined to externalize bad behavior and this often depends on the stars and the ascendant they have on each of us. Wanting to draw up an all-female profile, today, we will find out which are the worst zodiac signs and which ones have the potential..

It is important to remember, in fact, that each person is a case in itself and that being bad on paper does not imply being bad in everyday life. Each person can always choose how to react to various stimuli and which part of whether to prevail. As often happens, also in this case, the ascendant can make the difference being the part that concerns the emotions and the way of being. It is therefore advisable to check it more carefully than the sign of belonging.

How evil are you? Find out based on your zodiac sign

Aries – High potential for wickedness
If you are Aries, you already know that wickedness is a predominant trait of your character. Although you can be a great friend and a valid companion, the importance you give to what concerns you does not make you have any hesitation when it comes to winning. In battle, in fact, you are ready to draw every weapon and give your worst to reach the goal. Having you as a rival is therefore not at all pleasant, especially if the stakes are high. The more interest you have in the goal, the more ready you are not to look anyone in the face.

Taurus – Moderately Quiet
Your quiet disposition makes you a person who is not prone to wickedness and bad thoughts that arise only in extreme situations and when you feel overwhelmed by the situations or people around you. Among all the signs of the zodiac you are therefore among the most peaceful and pacifist, always ready to say a good word if the people around you argue. This makes you an excellent confidant and a friend to whom many approach in search of advice or serenity. The same one that you emanate thanks to your nature and your way of carrying.

Gemini – Bad Only on Paper
True, you may often have bad thoughts about people you hate or try to intrude on your life. However, these are thoughts destined to remain such and all because your way of being is so in the making that you can change modes easily and without too many problems. In life, what you care about most can only be realized by yourself, which is why you are not very interested in others and their lives and when you happen to deal with it it is generally out of curiosity. This allows you to remain quite detached with the emotions. The important thing is that no one decides to put a spoke in the wheel in your life projects. In those cases, in fact, the wickedness could become real.

Cancer – Potentially very bad
Yes, although yours is the most romantic sign of the zodiac, wickedness runs free in your veins. Your being often self-centered and distrustful of others pushes you to live constantly on the defensive and often think really evil thoughts about the people around you. For these to become real, it is enough that a wrong or a lack materializes in your eyes and the damage is done. From that moment you become the worst enemy you can have and your desire to excel over those you suddenly consider an enemy is such that you lose your clarity, showing you things under a key that is often different from the real one. In short, a lot depends on your moodiness but, of course, having you as an enemy is something that will never please anyone.

Leo – Evil when it comes to looking after your interests
Although your desire is to appear good and kind to everyone, the truth is often different and comes mainly from your need to always be the center of attention and your thirst. successfull. If you believe you are in danger, in fact, you are able to draw your weapons immediately, without showing any mercy for those who in your eyes are the opponents to be killed. Being successful in a business is the thing that interests you most and for which you are willing to take any step, even the one that can lead you to destroy forever the relationships you have with other people. The important thing, after all, is to win.

Virgo – With latent wickedness
Although you are essentially a reserved person and unfamiliar with excesses, when you step out of your bubble of self-control you are able to show unparalleled wickedness. Anger and frustration are able to enact an unparalleled thirst for revenge, capable of leading you to literally enter into war with others and everything to affirm your reasons to the world. Knowing that you are on the right side is in fact your constant worm, what leads you to lose sight of everything else, often making you uncomfortable and difficult to manage, even for the people closest to you.

Libra – Potentially Peaceful
For you, wickedness is something negative to keep well out of your personal sphere. Appearing as a mix of elegance and wisdom is in fact the thing you care about the most and for which you are willing to put your very existence on the line. Of course, things change if people around you disagree with your points of view. In this case, you are ready to close the bridges without giving even a warning. For you, therefore, one cannot speak of malice as much as determination to ensure that everything always and only goes according to your plans. Basically, you have a form of selfishness that you express by ousting others even before the arguments or fights can begin.

Scorpio – With a nastiness similar to a time bomb
Basically you are a person full of feelings and with a great desire to live in harmony. In interpersonal relationships you know how to give a lot and at the same time require a lot. Your wickedness is therefore latent but always ready to come out. Like a time bomb you seem to mark the time according to your mood and the stimuli you receive from the outside. Thus, it will take very little to see you explode and change from friend by skin to sworn enemy. If you feel betrayed or little considered, in fact, the change begins within you and only when it is too late to intervene do you tend to show it to others, bringing out anger and thirst for revenge to which it is usually difficult, if not impossible, to counter. Moral of the story, better keep yourself good and never have you as an enemy.

Sagittarius – At peace with yourself
You have no room for meanness in your life. Sure, you get angry like everyone else but this prompts you to simply choose the people to surround yourself with. To anger, you prefer indifference and greater concentration on your life projects that are never few and that allow you to always have an excellent outlet to feel your best and to smile at life. Your wickedness is therefore practically non-existent and even in the worst moments, those in which even you end up giving in to anger, everything runs out in a short time, quickly returning you to the serene person free from predominant emotions that you are.

Capricorn – With a mild and well-hidden badness
Your level of badness is very minimal and when it appears it’s just dictated by a need to get something for yourself. We can therefore speak of an egoism that sometimes goes beyond the needs of those around you, leading you to act in a manipulative way in order to get what you want. That said, you are usually someone who tends to give yourself to help others, especially if there are important relationships at the base.

Aquarius – Selfish but never evil
Your zodiac sign leads you to be extremely selfish and focused on yourself more than others. Badness, however, is quite another thing and usually barely touches it, leaving it to others to act to do harm. For you, what matters is to always have your spaces in which to express yourself and feel comfortable with yourself. The others are just a side dish and for this reason you prefer to dedicate moments of serenity to them rather than those of anger. When you have your bad moments, the thing you prefer to do is in fact close in on yourself, leaving out the rest of the world to return to emerge only when you feel emotionally ready.

Pisces – With a nasty daughter of too many renunciations
Your sign is famous for empathy and unconditional love. These two qualities, however, often lead you to put yourself in the background, dedicating every precious moment to others. Your total absence of selfishness therefore has an outlet in moments of pure anger where frustration risks leading you to say things that you will surely regret and that are capable of hurting much more than a blade. This, however, is also the only way to be bad that you have and only by learning to give yourself something more will you be able to put aside this source of hatred that more than others ends up hurting yourself, throwing yourself into a vicious circle without end.

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