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Find out how you are seen by co-workers and what your relationship is with them.

When it comes to work and relationships between colleagues, the subject is always a bit difficult. While on the one hand some tend to get along in love and agreement or never step on their feet to live in a situation of serenity, on the other, there are those who cannot help but show off. , seeking how they can stand out above others and become leaders. The possibilities in the workplace are so many that it is often difficult to understand how others perceive us and what the real relationships between colleagues are. For this reason, after having seen what the month of December will be like and how each sign lives Christmas, today we will try to understand something more about the relationship between colleagues. So, perhaps, after returning from vacation, we will even be able to bring improvements to the work, making it a more comfortable and tailor-made environment. As always, it is preferable to also check the profile of your ascendant to have a complete picture of the situation.

How is your relationship with colleagues? Find out based on your zodiac sign

Aries – The fought
At work, you tend to want to prevail over others and compete with anyone who tries to be better than you. This, in addition to making you a potentially dangerous colleague if there is an air of promotions around, can help make the tension quite charged. If most of the signs are admired by your energy and the desire you have to emerge, there are some you need to pay more attention to such as Capricorn and Leo who, like you, are very attentive to work and who nurture your same ambitions. . A little better with Scorpio but only if you don’t openly challenge those who belong to this sign. For the rest, a few more smiles and a little collaboration with those who are behind or in need of help can give you that extra gear, such as make you an esteemed as well as a feared colleague.

Taurus – The tenacious
At work, you can put all your tenacity into play which, although not always evident, is part of your zodiac sign making you a reliable person and able to achieve the goals you have set. For this reason, you tend to always have a good relationship with colleagues, especially with those who need a person to lean on and who, in addition to being a point of reference, also find someone to let off steam with or to ask for advice. At work, the ideal colleagues are Pisces who love to deal with kind people but are not lazy in what they do. Virgo natives are also well disposed towards you as they are attracted to your precision at work. On the other hand, some problems could exist with Aquarians who are sometimes a bit slow and not always ready to follow all the rules,

Gemini – The brilliant one
In the workplace, you stand out like a few others because of your gab and you’re always knowing how to make the right jokes at the most suitable moments. Those who work alongside you see the days go by more easily and for this reason, they always look for your company both inside and outside the workplace. Perhaps among the various zodiac signs, you have some problems with the zodiac signs of Pisces, usually more reserved and therefore not inclined to indulge in chatter. On the other hand, those of Leo may envy your position considering you a threat. Those of the Aquarius sign, on the other hand, will find in you an excellent company, especially for your ability to be over the top, a quality much appreciated by the natives of the sign.

Cancer – The Emotional
Needless to say, your reputation for being an emotional person also follows you in the workplace. Added to it is your need to make friends with colleagues, something that some may welcome but that others, such as those of Capricorn, taken as they are from work, may not see as a positive thing. Nevertheless, if you manage not to overdo it with excesses of emotion, relationships at work will be quite relaxed, even allowing you to gain more personal relationships with which to interact even outside of work.

Leo – The Boss
Your nature stands out in a particular way in the work environment, making you appear for who you are, that is, a person who aims for successful roles and who, more than anything else, wants to take on the role of the boss. This makes you constantly at odds with the natives of the Scorpio sign who you tend to perceive as rivals due to their spontaneous way of shining. The relationship with the other signs is a little better, but only if you don’t exaggerate too much. Sometimes, your ambition and the need to get noticed and to excel over others leads you to clashes that you could easily avoid.

Virgo – The super worker
In the workplace, you are seen by everyone as a hardworking person and eager to get better and better results. For this reason, you tend to get along particularly well with Taurus and Capricorn who, like you, always aim to improve their goals. On the contrary, you tend to clash with signs like Aquarius and Pisces. The former because they are often too disinterested in what they do and the latter because their ways are too different from yours. A little empathy could help you broaden your overall vision to bond more with colleagues, thus obtaining better results from any collaborators, all in a certainly more serene environment.

Libra – The Diplomat
The calmness inherent in your character makes you a person that others love to have in the workplace, especially for asking for advice and for having sincere opinions. You have the reputation of being a diplomatic person, able to reduce clashes and avoid unnecessary conflicts between colleagues. This then makes you the colleague everyone wants, especially when it comes to getting advice to improve their career. Born to get along with all the signs, you have some difficulties right with Aries and Leo, usually not inclined to dialogue because they are too busy with themselves. But that’s their problem, isn’t it?

Scorpio – The Fussy
At work, as well as in life, you are a very fussy person. This can create dislikes on the part of those who, on the contrary, do not like to work too hard. While, on the one hand, you tend to get along with signs like Taurus and Capricorn, on the other hand, you always have some difficulties with the Aquarius natives who in your opinion are not always inclined to accept your advice. That said, at work, you don’t usually make a lot of friends but you manage to have relaxed relationships as long as no one tries to step on your toes, in case you know how to respond. A few more smiles and things will get even better.

Sagittarius – The pain in the ass
Although you are fairly loyal at work, sometimes you tend to be distracted and overdo the controversy. Two ways of doing things that are in contrast with each other and which can therefore lead any colleagues to dislike you. Better to use in your favor the sympathy and the ability you have to make the moments of work more fun. This way you will surely have more success. Leave the controversy to others. There is an excellent feeling with the natives of Libra who like to put everyone in an agreement and will know how to help you create better relationships with colleagues.

Capricorn – The ambitious one
Your precision in the workplace is often interpreted as a desire to move forward and surpass others. This can be considered true because if there’s one thing you don’t lack, it’s ambition. Having said that, however, what interests you most is certainly being able to do the job better, always giving your best. Among colleagues, you will surely find the sympathies of Virgo and Taurus who like you are very active in the workplace. With the others, there will be work instead, especially with the signs of Cancer who have a completely different vision from yours.

Aquarius – Collaborative
For you, working is important but always secondary to your need for serenity. For this reason, you always try to create a peaceful working environment in which you feel perfectly at ease to give your best. This is sometimes seen as a proactive attitude while others can appear as an attempt not to work, which obviously can annoy some colleagues such as Leo natives who dislike those who get along too well with others, wanting to be always at the center of attention. Better, therefore, to evaluate each move well to make the right ones based on any colleagues you are dealing with.

Pisces – The one you can count
At work you are just like in your private life, an empathic person who can always be counted on. Eager to help those in difficulty, you always have a kind word for everyone and can’t stand those who are too busy with themselves. For this reason, you risk not getting along particularly well with signs such as Virgo and Leo. Conversely, you are more likely to bond with Cancer or Scorpio people. What matters is to always make it clear that being kind and helpful does not mean that others can take advantage of you because when you want you have the determination to sell and in some cases it is appropriate to show a taste.

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