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Each of us at one time or another has found himself in the unfortunate situation of having to struggle to achieve something. Often similar situations occur at work, other times, however, they concern everyday life. In any case, the result does not change and the only way you can get the better of someone or get something you need or want for a while is to fight, using every possible resource and putting all the energies at your disposal are at stake.
In these cases, of course, not all of us respond in the same way. There are those ready to take the field and do battle, those who prefer to avoid direct clashes, and those who only get involved if forced.
While the way we react may depend on personal experience, in most cases, it depends on the influence that the stars have on us. So, after having seen how to make Christmas more beautiful and what is the biggest vice we have, today we will try to get to know each other better and to understand if we are born warriors or not. To get a more precise picture it is advisable to check the profile of your ascendant.

Are you a real warrior? Here is the opinion of the stars

Aries – Definitely yes
Your need to excel overall makes you a warrior always ready to take the field. Of course, you normally prefer to win easily, perhaps right at the table and without having to lift a finger. If circumstances require it, however, you are ready to assert yourself and do your best to achieve your goal. Your determination is so great that often it is even aggressive, but almost always managing to get the better of it. Just be careful to choose the right battles for which to give yourself, thus avoiding wasting energy on others that even if they tease you like challenges, in reality, they would not lead you to achieve anything important.

Taurus – Only if the situation requires it
As a lover as you are of the simple life and moments of relaxation, the idea of ​​having to fight for something you do not like at all. On the other hand, if it is the only way to achieve your goals, you are more than willing to give it your all, demonstrating tenacity and seriousness above the norm. Thanks to these qualities you can almost always get the better of it, taking home the goal and feeling gratified by your skill in obtaining it. What matters is that all this use of energy happens infrequently, or your psyche would not be able to withstand the stress it usually brings.

Gemini – Particularly if provoked
You’re not a person who likes to fight for things. The world is so full of goals to achieve than getting stuck on a specific and difficult one seems to be a waste of effort. If someone dares to provoke you, however, the warrior in you immediately comes out and asserts herself. In that case or for real exceptions that represent the needs that are important to you, you are willing to go all out and you can be so convincing that you throw others off with a single glance.

Cancer – Almost Nothing
Fighting is not your thing. On the one hand, because you don’t like confrontations with people at all, and on the other hand because you lack the long-term motivation that would give you the strength to keep your purpose and motivation high. Of course, if someone touched what belongs to you you would know how to defend yourself but, more generally, you prefer to let it go and watch how things go. Much better to seize opportunities on the fly than to go to war to get one.

Leo – A lot, especially if for yourself
If it’s about fighting for everyone’s attention, you’re always ready. Being the center of attention is very important for you and the mere thought gives you the strength you need to carry out any kind of battle. A modus operandi that you carry on even at work where you always give your best to demonstrate what you are worth and to make a career, aiming higher and higher.

Virgo – Particularly when someone turns against
you. If on the one hand, you prefer to live on your own without paying too much attention to others, on the other hand, if someone shows that they disagree with your thinking or your way of acting, the desire to prove him wrong is enough to make you super combative. Your skills as a warrior, therefore, come out when someone questions your actions or dares to provoke or challenge you directly. In this case, often even before you think about it, you find yourself already on the warpath and ready to assert yourself at any cost. A way of doing that should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis because if at times it can prove useful to others it is just a useless waste of time.

Libra – Not at all
Fighting is not really for you. Much better to try to get the desired results with only the use of reason, hard work, and a lot of patience. Even if provoked, you always tend to let it go and this is because you do not like clashing with others, nor do you like to see yourself or feel yourself in situations of anger. Of course, if someone dares to step on your toes, you know how to defend yourself but it ends there and above all, as soon as possible. After all, you’re known for being able to get people together usually on opposite sides, so why shouldn’t you do that for yourself as well?

Scorpio – Absolutely a born warrior
Your warrior spirit is so strong that it is an integral part of you. Whatever the situation you find yourself in, it only takes a little to enter war mode. Which, when it happens, makes you so aggressive that it leaves little hope for anyone who decides to go against you. Your need for justice and vengeance is an addition to your fighter disposition, making you a real tough nut to crack that many fear to the point of preferring not to face. Luckily, you can also be sweet and caring or you will always end up alone at war with others.

Sagittarius – According to the circumstances
Your way of varies a lot according to the situations in which you find yourself. For this reason, it is often difficult to define yourself. What is certain is that you are a person who loves to win and who knows how to fight for what he considers important. If provoked or in situations that require it, therefore, you know how to recall your warrior nature which, otherwise, prefers to remain latent, letting you manage to hurry with your usual joviality and with the cheerfulness that often manages to dilute situations as well. otherwise tense.

Capricorn – Especially at work
In everyday life, you don’t like to fight but you know how to do it well when it comes to working. In this case, to assert yourself or to reach the goal you have set for yourself, you are ready for anything, even to make war on whoever is in front of you. A detail that those who know you well already know and that often leads you to win even before you have decided how to face others. Just try to distinguish the various situations well and not to make enemies where you would need allies instead. Sometimes, letting a few battles win can give you the right supports in the event of a war.

Aquarius – Not at all
Fighting is not for you. If you want something you give your best but it all ends there. You need to stay away from others leads you to do it more when there is a hint of tension in the air that could easily be avoided by limiting aggressive ways. An attitude that you know how to put on as many times as needed and that makes you a peaceful person in the eyes of all and always ready to withdraw so as not to enter into conflict with others. The only exception? If someone dares to touch you in life then it is possible that even before deciding what to do you will already find yourself on the defensive.

Pisces – Only For What Matters
Your empathy and love for others lead you to always try to find valid alternatives to confrontations. This applies to all situations other than those where something or someone you care about is being threatened. In that case, you are ready to do anything to defend your own and you do not look after others as right as it is when you are fighting for something. Only when the war is over and won, do you tend to get remorseful, thinking about how you could have acted differently? The council of the stars? Try to enjoy your victories, especially because, beyond what you think, your behavior towards others is always better than what they would have had for you.

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